Dirty Pour Acrylic Experiment

Good evening, welcome. Please help me welcome some new followers, and then we'll get to the dirty pour acrylic results that I told you about earlier.

Nancy of artful notions
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OK..a couple posts ago I mentioned a technique I had seen on Cathy's Card Spot with a technique that I'd never heard of. Now Cathy does fab cards, so I always love her work. Then while visiting my friend Loll I saw another example of this technique. Well, why hadn't anybody told ME about this? Cause their cards  sure looked amazing. Of course I go to youtube and type Dirty Pour Acrylics and spent the afternoon watching videos  (it was a rainy Sunday afternoon anyway!) Finally called the Mr in, had him look at one, and said "you think we could try this?". He used to be a pretty good painter, and on occasion can get pretty creative - more so than I. Only linked the one we watched, but there's lots of videos available. Some are better than others.
Gathered some supplies, (like canvas, pouring medium and silicone liquid). One afternoon when we didn't have other obligations, and again it was a dreary afternoon, we headed for the basement airbrush table, and started to work. I have bottles of craft paint from long ago hobbies, but you can use just about any paint I believe. Don't think you need the pouring medium, water would probably work, and the silicone isn't mandatory either.  We had some little condiment cups that had been washed out very thoroughly; I poured  bubblegum pink, a pale blue, a bright yellow, some gold and finally a pearl white in each of 5 small cups. I didn't want large amounts of mixed paint left if this didn't turn out to be something we liked. Added the Liquitex pouring liquid, stirred with a craft stick. Didn't seem thin enough to pour easily, so took a pipette and added some water slowly, stirring all the while, until it felt like it would do the pour on the canvas. Mixed all these paints into a large Dixie drinking cup. The video instructions said it didn't matter the color order, but we added the white last, and it did sink right to the bottom. Then Mr. slowly added some of the silicone in drops. The silicone makes the 'cells' or the little blobs you can see on the canvas. Then slowly poured some of the Dixie cup contents and watched it spread over the canvas, drip down the edges.

What resulted was pretty much as the video shows....BUT as the lady in this video used an offset spatula to move the color around, Mr. decided to try that. Only he used the flat craft stick. Basically this scraped rather than moved paint.  Should have used one of the embossing paste knife spatulas....the stick sort of just muddied the we didn't have a speck of green that shows. Also I may have gotten the paint mixture too thin, as there are white spots in the canvas, and the canvas was not covered very well either. I've been advised that we can apply gesso over this, cover up, and try again.  I wanted to share the results here first. It's messy - so wear gloves. I think this could be lots of fun, but I have no idea what to do with the finished canvas! Another idea that Loll gave me, was to smoosh a thick cardstock in the drips left in the pan...which I tried with some watercolor paper that was handy (it isn't working great for water coloring of late, so try something else!) Basically I got pretty much a muddy look, but might be something I can die cut.
Oh yes, preparation of the work surface: Used a Dollar Store thin shallow aluminum baking pan, set the canvas up on 'legs' made from other small condiment cups (like applesauce comes in) - so that it would drip. We did do a little tilting to spread the paint too. As I said, it was not too bad, until we started getting mud. If you see the little 'spots' along the canvas, that is from the silicone oil. It dried faster than I expected.
Ok...that's it for me! Still working on Easter Cards. Best get crackin'. Ya'll enjoy the rest of the week and thanks for popping by. God Bless & Hugs.  Come again when you have time.


Christmas Card Club - Christmas Flower

Welcome, and today is Challenge #6 for our Christmas Card Club. This is a group of ladies who make Christmas Cards and post every 2 weeks. Today's challenge theme was selected by Rachel who picked Christmas Flowers.

I decided to use a Stampendous cling poinsettia stamp, and work with watercolor again. Stamped and embossed with a new Brutus Monroe Ultra Gilded Gold. I'm very pleased that it seems to be very similar to my favorite Ranger Queen's Gold, which has been discontinued. Got out the Arteza water color pens to try. I had used Koh-I-noor mixed media paper which is supposed to be good for watercoloring. Well, folks, my water color skills are not great, and this paper pilled for me. Also I didn't find the Arteza pens to be quite as easy for me to blend as the Zigs. (not that I'm great with Zigs either!) Finally got out some distress inks and just touched the water pen to the surface and then tried to fix the hard edges on my work. Here's the result:

I didn't even bother to put this on a card. Was very tempted to just toss in the trash, but thought I'd share it here - yes, it's a wart. I keep trying with the water color & get so discouraged that it never looks very good.

Next effort - and once again tried the Arteza, thinking maybe my first image was too complex so I'd use a very simple shape. Used the same colors as above.

This image did color a bit better than the first attempt, but I still had to use the water pen direct to the Distress Ink pad to get good coverage. I had put layers of water color on the petals, but as it was starting to 'pill', decided I best go to the ink pad. This was done on 140# watercolor, and I didn't have a lot of water on the brush. Guess I was just going over the area too much perhaps. Die cut a red side fold card base to create an aperture. Die cut the image, then made a green frame. Once this part was adhered behind the aperture, cut another frame, used WOW embossing pad, then the Brutus Monroe Gilded Gold EP. This looked  pretty good, BUT as I was adhering the frame over the aperture shape with glue that is not supposed to leave anything showing if some of it seeps out....well, you could see a smudge on the paper. What to do? Had a purchasedt Christmas card (some of my relatives who don't save cards but give them to me) started to fussy cut some poinsettias to hide the boo-boo. One fussy cut led to another...and there it is. You ever start a card, that no matter what you do, it seems to get worse?!
Almost ready to pull out the copics, as time was getting short. Decided to give the water color one more try. Found another image, used water color paper, Distress Inks. WOW embossing ink, Brutus Monroe EP, then put a light blue wash over the embossing. My first wash effort made some of the gold embossing flake off, so got another piece of W/C card and did the above process again. This time I was very careful to keep the damp brush off the embossing as I was doing the wash. Then used the Distress Inks (2 greens for the leaves, even though you can't see the shading) -- Barn Door and Festive Berries for the flowers. Die cut, and the die made a frame as it cut. Used Brutus Monroe Gold to emboss the frame. Used a PTI cover plate to emboss the white background, but it doesn't show up in the photo.

I don't know if #3 was the charm, but I do know I was getting tired of trying to do watercolor, so that's it! It might be a while before I try to watercolor anything again. I get frustrated, and then after a while, I want to give it another go. I just don't like to admit something has defeated me, when I really want to be able to do it...and do it fairly well. I know it takes practice, practice, practice! Sorry for the long post. I'd be interested in your efforts if you struggle with this technique too.

Do check out the fellow team members whose blog links are on the right hand side bar. Have a wonderful afternoon, and my blog candy winner has contacted me. I've been finding some other goodies to tuck in, and hope to mail it early next week.

Hugs & Blessings.


Happy St. Patrick's Day and Winner!

Hi, and let's do the important stuff first:

Random Generator picked a lot of people. When I checked that number & went to the blog, there was no  blog candy picture posted. Or, the number was for a person who had not visited in a long time so obviously no posted candy either. For other numbers, the blog had not been updated in many, many months or years, so again, no visits or pictures. A few followers don't have blogs, so I knew they couldn't post a picture, and that would not have prevented them from being a winner IF they had visited. Just about decided to forget about the picture requirement, (which didn't seem quite fair to those who _had_ posted the candy picture) and finally got a blogger name who had the picture in the side bar AND has visited regularly.

#166 - Lisa of A Mermaid's Crafts
Lisa, please contact me with your info by next Saturday, March 24, so that I can get these goodies mailed to you! And thanks for being a follower, and having that picture posted. (Comment moderation is on, so no one should see your private info).
Now for the last of the St. Patrick's Day cards. One is for the Mr. ( he's not Irish either! The only green he likes is the spending kind and cute frogs too)..

When I saw this cute little set, I just had to order it. These little Stamping Bella Irish chicks made me happy and were a hoot to color. There are lots of snippets from other cards on these 2 - and now all the stamps, papers, and green stuff have been picked up and put away for next year! (aren't you glad?!) On to Easter - Bunnies, eggs & Jellybeans.

Last one for the year. This may be a CC Stamping image called Teddy, but I can't remember. I can look it up if someone wants to know. This last one was for Mr. and he liked it.

We tried a little play last week doing dirty pour acrylics. I'd seen a couple bloggers whose work I love show this technique, of which I'd never heard. Youtube searching  commenced, and after looking a quite a few, had DH come in an look at one. He agreed it would be fun to try, so I gathered the supplies, and finally on a rainy afternoon, we gave it a go. Can't say we had stellar results, but it was fun (and messy). I'll share the results of our canvas when I get a chance to photo it.

In the meantime, congratulations to Lisa, hope you will contact me by March 24 (next Saturday) so I can mail the package to you. Thanks to you all for stopping to visit today, and Big Hugs.



CAS Christmas Card - Holly

Good Morning and welcome - it's another sunny Friday here at this house, but we are expecting rain a bit later. Right now, the laundry is washing (mattress cover - which takes forever to dry, and then bedsheets); DH has gone to breakfast with Bro #2, and I'm having my coffee and some delicious fresh bakery cheese bread. Yummy - won't you come and join me?

There's a new CAS Challenge going on, and I've been trying to get a card made, in between the St. Pat's and Easter cards I needed. Saw a video that looked interesting so pulled out the DOX and worked on a background. Here 'tis.

First, here's the Youtube link: Patina Rusted Cards.   I pretty much did the same inks as Karen did, but I added in some Spiced Marmalade when smooshing the blue.

- DOX Vintage Photo, Walnut Stain, Broken China, Spiced Marmalade using 140# water color c/s
- Tim Holtz Sizzix Mixed Media Christmas Thinlits 661602  (For the Holly a snippet of package cardboard was used)
- S/Binders SPBS4904 Scored & Pierced Rectangles
- Rangers Queen's Gold EP for the Holly (2 coats) and the sentiment, which was from a clear Hero Arts Christmas set
The CAS Christmas Challenge is open until March 24, so hope to see you there with some CAS Holly!
Will be doing the 6th Blogaversary Candy draw very shortly and announcing the winner. Watch this space!
Hugs & come again when you can.