A Happy Birthday Poinsettia

Good evening, and thanks for stopping by for a little visit. We have a dear friend from our days in Florida, who is going to be 100 years old on Christmas Eve. This sweet lady has since been moved out to California by her son, so that he can better look after her, but aside from most things age-related, she is still sharp although due to some falls in the past, she moves about with a wheelchair. She loves to read, watch tv, goes to craft & social functions at the living facility where she resides. So what to make for this special lady? We even looked at Hallmark as I wanted something very elegant and beautiful for her. I was quite disappointed, as all of the cards we saw were humorous or just not suited for this milestone occasion. So, thinking...well, it's Christmas AND her birthday, she likes flowers...poinsettias, right? So here's what finally evolved, and I will say right up front, it looks much better IRL than it does in the photo.

- A Penny Black poinsettia background was stamped using versamark, heat embossed with Queen's Gold.

- White cardstock was die cut with a Tim Holtz Mixed Media die (which I thought I had in my stash; then when I went to pull it from storage, that was not one of the 2 mixed media sets I have! Murphy's Law!) After this corner was die cut, the piece was embossed with a Tim Holtz poinsettia EF.

- A stampendous poinsettia image was stamped with versamark, heat embossed with Queen's Gold, and colored with copics (carefully, as the nibs don't like the embossed edges). I did 2 sets of this poinsettia, adhered one layer. Then on the 2nd layer, used a stylus to raise up the petals on some leaves. Looking pretty good, until I tried to 'deboss' the center, and stylus poked through! Grrr! So first thought of Nuvo drops, but then decided to drop some glossy accents into the center, then add some of the tiny, tiny gold beads (forget what these are's not prills). Of course these little things just go all over, but I managed to mound them up and it dried overnight.

- Sentiment was heat embossed with the same gold on heavy weight vellum. I was going to add 100th between the words, but did not have any number stamps that looked appropriate with the size of the sentiment letters. Inside it references the milestone, and I hope she will enjoy knowing this card was made just especially for her. We've always thought a great deal of this elegant & refined lady and don't get to see her since she moved to California.

Some lovely cards were added to the Cards by Friends page tonight. Are you as intimidated to send your cards to fellow card bloggers as I am? But we sure do get a bright lift to our day to receive them from these sweet people. I have a few more, but haven't photo'd those as yet.

Have a wonderful week, and hope you can find some relaxing time. We aren't real sure we'll make our trip to Florida for Christmas. DH had a procedure to shatter the kidney stone on Thursday, and we're not 100% sure that it's successful. He's done pretty well, but still seems to have some pain at night when he lies down. Still watching to see if anything passes...just didn't feel it was the thing we should do to take a 12+ hr drive, perhaps encounter a problem while away from his doctor and his records. So we're just a little 'down'...but all things happen for a reason.

God Bless. Hugs too.


Christmas Card Club - Gifts

Good evening and welcome. It's a very brrr-ish evening, and has been a cold day. Had some more snow this morning, but it quit falling, and about noon, the sun came out very nicely. Watched some icicles melt off the bird feeder, and was even brave enough to attempt to add a little food to one of the trays. I held onto deck rails just in case, as I could see the iciness on the snow that was still there. Was very careful, as I've slipped on black ice some years ago, and tore up a knee.

Today is the last Christmas Card Club Challenge of 2017. Our sweet Rita selected Gifts as our theme. Took a bit of deciding on which way to go with this Gifts theme. Recently got a pretty nativity ornament and thought of that at first, as of course that was ever the most wonderful Gift of all. Stumbled onto a House Mouse stamp which I've colored before, and decided to go with that. Here 'tis.

Stayed with the lighter shades when I colored with copics and used some glitter paper to cut out the oval front layer. This is popped up on dimensional dots. The die is a rectangle which cuts a frame, the oval, and an oval frame.  The snow under the mice feet was made with Crystal Stickles, then sifted some Martha Stewart Chunky glitter while that was wet. Just colored the Santa Mouse fur with a white pencil and didn't try to add any flowersoft to this.

Die cut some more gifts from glitter paper.. and will just put the sentiment inside. Done!

Thanks for all the good wishes for Mr. He's had a quiet day. Hope tomorrow is a repeat. Just trying to remind him to drink lots.

Another couple of cards added to the Cards by Friends page, which I hope you have time to enjoy.

My fellow team members' blog links are on the right sidebar. Take a look at what they've shared on this fun challenge theme.

I'm very behind in returning comments, but I promise, I'll do my best to catch up ASAP.

Thanks for stopping in, have a blessed day, and Hugs.


Thinking of You

Hello again, back with a couple of the snow pictures and a card that had to be mailed today. I'd done the apples to put on a Thanksgiving card, but decided the image would work well on this mica background. Just learned that one of my cousins has a brain aneurysm, and fortunately she got medical attention when the symptomatic headache started. I'm reading more & more - or hearing about folks - who develop intense headaches. These are people who seldom have headaches...then get a very severe one, that doesn't go away with aspirin or Over the Counter stuff like we all use. Then if the blood pressure is checked,  it's elevated. This cousin knew what had happened with SIL, so got a fast appointment to learn there's a problem. She will be getting it repaired next week. I know she's frightened, so thought perhaps a card might cheer her, to know prayers are being said. One of my brothers said "We're all falling apart". True!!!

- The background was made using Saffron Mineral Burst as a wash on 98# mixed media c/s. Then sprinkled some of the red brusho crystals over it. I was careful, as I didn't want to lose the lovely golden color of the mineral burst. I tend to get a bit carried away when I'm sprinkling the crystals, as it's such fun to watch the colors bloom.

Used a pretty EF with a pattern at top and bottom, just for a little dimension. The apples have some WoS on some. This image was a boo-boo. Had colored an image, die cut it, and was trying to sponge an antique looking edge around the diecut. Well, that just made a big mess. Cut out that basket, but stamped another one and colored, die cut. Used the messed up one behind the re-done one, and used a stylus on both images to create a little lift to some apples. IRL it looks nice. Doesn't show in the photo.

- Stitched fish tail banner with the sentiment, remembered to tie a ribbon before adhering to the cardbase, and it's done, mailed today.

Here's some Snow pictures of our surprise today.

Thanks for the feedback on the font size change. I do appreciate all who took time to let me know their thoughts.

Added a pretty card to the Cards by Friends page, which I hope you will take time to enjoy.

Hugs & have a great weekend. Thanks for visiting. I'll try to catch up visiting over the weekend.


Hi - Just popping in quickly to say we are having an unexpected snow fall. I had an appointment this morning, then had to hurry home to take DH to the urologist. On the way home, it was raining, which had been predicted. Temperature was dropping some as well. At first I thought "Gosh, that rain looks weird", then realized, it's sleet! Well just a few miles down the road it's "is _that_ snow? By Golly it IS snow". By the time I got to our subdivision it was really coming down, huge flakes. We didn't think it would lay on the ground as the ground was too warm, but here at 5:45, we have white covering the ground. I expect once the temps drop further tonight, there will be ice about. I took some pictures, and when I have time I'll post.

Another reason for the post: One kind blog pal commented the font in black was difficult to read (Thank you! I appreciate the feedback). I tried a couple other colors that didn't seem to me to be any easier to read, so I did make the font size larger. I'd appreciate some feedback as to whether this helps to make the reading easier. I didn't change the font (another option) but just the size. The font is the arial font I've been using, but I'll try another one if it is still hard to read.

Ya'll stay warm. I'm off to get a warm shower as we were out in the chill, and we don't need colds on top of the other stuff. If Mr. doesn't pass the stone (and he may have 2 - in different places..CAT scan shows one in the urethra, but the xray he had today shows one in the kidney) - anyway, if nothing passes by Thursday...he will be admitted for outpatient surgery. They do something called Shock wave something or other which will break up the stone in the kidney so he can pass it. This is as long as the stone is visable on an xray. If it moves, and they can't see it, they have to go upwards - UGH! - with a camera and don't know if they extract it or break it up. Didn't ask a lot of questions as the patient was cringing a lot! Either way he'll be put to sleep, but I guess the afterwards might be worse if they have to search for a stone.

Hugs & stay cozy tonight.


Birthday Rusty Truck

Good evening, and hope it's been a pleasant day where you are. I hope all my USA friends remembered it is Pearl Harbor Day.

Here at our place, we are dealing with Mr. having a kidney stone (at least we hope that's all it is). Been having a problem since Friday; thought we were seeing his urologist Tuesday afternoon, showed up at the wrong office (a scheduling error by the staff), only for a specimen. Rather aggravated by the seeming incompetence. But it happens. Anyway, early next morning, we had to make a run to the emergency room, as he was in such pain. Had a CAT scan, got some pain relief via an IV drip of some powerful stuff. So got on my TLC hat once again. Hoping he can pass it, so no other procedures will need to be considered. As yet, no stone.

Some weeks back, we were in a Birds & Bloom store, and Mr. saw a neat birthday card. He liked the sentiment, showed it to me, and said "Can you make something like this?" I knew we had some truck stamps, so "yes I can do something like that". The actual card had sort of an old Model T (like the Tim Holtz one) colored as this truck is.

Here's the result:

- Think this is a PSX stamp. First I stamped the truck, colored it sort of like the inspiration card, then tried to mask it in order to create a tree background. Well, that was a big bust! Looked terrible. Fussy cut out the truck; on another c/s stamped different tree stamps from the stash (some were Stampscapes, others were a 3D Spellbinders trio, and a couple of other trees in different sizes using different shades of green). Positioned the truck and saw that I needed some more trees to make the scene look right. Just kept stamping on trees til it looked ok with the truck.

Once everything was in place on the tree background, added glossy accents to the windows. Right before taking the photo, I thought "I should have emphasized the holly berries more", but it needed to get mailed. I'd used some red glitter pen on the berries, but it doesn't show all that well. An old C/B folder which reminded me of the toolbox pattern on so many pickup trucks was embossed on the mat.

This is for our very best friend, and I think he'll like it. The inside sentiment says "But we're still runnin' ".

Do please have a look at the Cards by Friends section. A new card is up, and we received another beautiful one this afternoon. I'm so thankful we have so many lovely people who share their thoughts and skills with us.

God Bless, and if it's nasty weather where you may be, stay cozy. Hugs.


Backgrounds, Tree, Snippets

Happy Sunday afternoon. We're having a gorgeously sunny & most pleasant afternoon after an overcast & rather gloomy day on Saturday. Today I'll share a couple so-so cards, finished from salvaged bits (snippets) and  boo-boo.

Here's the first - the boo-boo

- Background created from mica products(Mineral burst, color burst, pearlized sprays) using #140 watercolor paper. This was the first try with the liquid mineral burst, and I was quite happy with the results here.

Used several sizes of snowflake dies and glitter paper to layer the medallion. Cut the Penny Black die from the same paper, but letters of this die were very tricky to handle. There's 3 layers, and each layer was difficult to get adhered together straight. After it was placed on the background, it didn't look at all as I wanted. After looking at it, took a gold gel pen and outlined around the words, and decided 'that's it'. I hated to toss the pretty background.

Tried this as a square card, and it didn't look right. Used the 5.5x4.25, added a border of gold glitter paper top & bottom, and some SU sequins to cover the join. This is one that may stay in the stash box and get cannabilized for something else. Not real happy with this die either...too fussy to have to work with (for me anyway!) It's a very pretty font on the die though.

- this one is the Snippets one! The tree was cut from a ?Hero Arts? die that cuts the tree shape and the little branches, which are then lifted out from the surface. Used a mica created background for this, then rubbed some Nuvo Mother of Pearl mousse around before lifting the branches. The Nuvo MoP. had been closed properly, still has the inner seal, but it had dried out quite badly. I'm wondering if spritzing a little water into the container might rehydrate...anyone have any thoughts on this? I'd only used it once before, but it's been a while. I had a problem with the small pots of Inca Gold old formula some years back.Wondering if the mousse is going to give me similar problems. It does give a nice sheen though.

A snippet that had a circle die cut from it, was handy and another piece that had some embossing paste....used the cut out as a stencil atop the paste piece, and sponged various shades of dark blue to create a night sky. I was trying to create a way to use the tree, as that was the jump off point for this card. Added some white gel stars. Torn paper with Sparkle n Sprinkle Twinkling Clouds spread over liquid glue to create some snow drifts. Decided to add 2 little Art Impression birdies, and the sentiment. Done!

Now for just a couple of the Thanksgiving cards that got made, but not mailed in time.

The next 2 were sponged DOX & embossed background. The image is an old Art Impression cling that I have always enjoyed coloring.

Still have a couple more Thanksgiving cards I may share, where I was experimenting with the Whitewash technique.

Thanks for joining me this afternoon. Hope that you had a good weekend, and ready to tackle the  seasonal rush that is beginning! Hugs & Prayers.


Dry Embossing Christmas Trees

Good afternoon, and thanks for stopping in. Hope you've been having a good day, and enjoying whatever it is that you might be doing.

Here's another background card from playing with Ken Oliver Mineral Burst and other products, using mixed media card stock and a Sizzix 3D embossing folder. This time the background dried overnight, was dry embossed with this folder, then  spritzed some different mica sprays over it. I'm trying to teach myself to keep the sprayer about 18" or more back from the card surface. I've been finding if I spritz, let dry well, then emboss, the piece still doesn't feel the 'hardness' to yield as good an emboss result.

Had some bits & pieces from previous backgrounds, so they got pulled into use for this card too.

The Impression Obsession die cut tree was cut from a snippet of created background. Used the foam tap that comes in a 'line' form (rather than the squares). Cut into skinny pieces to be able to pop up the tree. Colored the tape with a copic so it was not so visible from the side. I was trying to position the tree trunk between the raised letters, so it's not evenly placed; hence the sentiment out to the left side. Hoped to create a more balanced look. Thought this worked with the embossed sentiment. The sentiment was cut from 3 layers of snippets, and is from an Echo Park die set. Snippets were just big enough for the die to fit - the 2 back layers were from a messed up Halloween scene. Goes to show, those little bits come in handy :-).

Ya'll have a wonderful afternoon, big hugs.


Spiral Christmas Tree for Rudolph Day

Waay Haay! Finally, have a simple card ready in time for Rudy Day. In case you don't know about Rudolph Day, it's hosted by the very fabulous Scrappymoi (Maureen), is open every month from the 25th to the end of the month, and the only rule is that the card have a Christmas theme. Pretty simple, yes?

Have been playing with some products, making a few backgrounds if I had a little time and was in the mood. So today's card is the product of those efforts. Found a Sizzix 3D EF at the local Hobby Lobby, had a coupon, and well, you just couldn't not buy one, right?

Background made from sponging DOX in blues and lavenders, with some iced spruce to tone down the colors just a tad. Sprayed some pearlized water over this and dried overnight. (A tip: Do the embossing and _then_ spray with the pearlized stuff...; tried that next time and that seemed to work better for me)
One caution on these Sizzix 3D embossing folders: Check the sandwich with _your_ machine, as it would be easy to break the machine. After a few efforts and the machine felt 'too tight', I just opened  the tabs on the multi-purpose platform, put the EF down with no bottom plate; added a shim from some saved die backing (like you get the S/Binders dies on), added the top cutting plate. It rolled through with no forcing and I still got a nice impression. It was not the sandwich suggested on the Sizzix package.
Impression Obsession Swirl Tree die cut from another play piece made from Ken Oliver Mineral Burst, colorburst crystals and pearl spray.
Sentiment from an Echo Park word set, cut from the same tree paper... used some snippets from other spray pieces to make 2 more layers to add dimension. Added Glossy Accents after this was adhered, then sprinkled some white glitter over the wet. It's quite bling-y after drying. Did the same on the star as well.
Very simple to do with pieces handy. So now I'm off to join some lovely folks over at November's Rudolph Day Challenge.
Didn't include links to products used, but if you are interested, will happily try to provide the info.
Thanks for joining me, and have a wonderful blessed day! Hugs