Hello again...another post tonight. I had taken a picture of my current, very fashionable foot gear, and decided I would post it here. Now I hope no one wants to run right out to buy one, just to be au courant (is that the way to spell that?) Anyway, this is the lovely boot I've been wearing the last few weeks, and have 6 (almost 5!) days to go. I do take it off when I get in the shower, can step - very carefully - as I enter our shower. (Removed when I go to bed as well).  I am still sitting in the chair as long as I can when in the shower, then stand up, while holding to our safety bar (one of our good ideas when we built our current home). I try to keep most of my weight on the other foot. DH keeps telling me I need to tie the tennis shoe, but it is easier to just leave the tie loose, making sure no shoestrings hang out to trip me up. I am sort of a klutz-y person anyway, and the boot is about 5 pounds of plastic and some felt inner lining.I'm not at all graceful walking with it!  It is not all that uncomfortable to have on, but now & again, feels like it is rubbing a raw spot around the ankle area. My incision is right in the middle of the heel. There's no redness when I look, and I'm wearing a sock, so it's not against bare skin. My niece works in an orthopedic office and said what I'm probably feeling is nerve trauma from where the heel spur was removed. It's still quite swollen, and the more I'm up walking around, the more it swells by the end of the day. I try to remember to sit down and prop it up during the day. As I feel more 'athletic', it's easier to get busy with something and forget I need to do that. So just thought I'd share my fashionista report with you. HA HA HA & LOL. When I retired, I threw away dress clothes, wear jeans & t's as much as possible. Weddings, funerals, and that kind of thing --- well, you can't get away with jeans for such functions. BUT...anything else...denim is my name!!! Thanks for the visit. Hope to have a card to share tomorrow.


  1. Hi Mary, OMG, that looks so uncomfortable. So sorry you are dealing with such a cumbersome boot! Ugh... Just saw your note over at the Outlawz, and dropped by to follow you. Hope you will follow me too! My blog is: Would love to get to know you better! Your cards look beautiful! Hang in there with the Outlawz. The longer you hang around, the more sense it will make. Just keep trying! As for linking up a card, it will become second nature once you do it a few times. Take care, and feel better soon - hope to see you at my blog soon!

  2. Ouch...Mary, though your boot is quite fashionable...I do believe I shall pass on getting my very own. Won't it be nice to get rid of it? I can feel your pain, I have my foot and leg issues and it's no fun. Good luck on the drawing....You still have lots of time to enter....Have a great week...

  3. Popping over from The Outlawz as I'm about to update the blog list there. Did your lovely footwear period end today, or do you have to wait until tomorrow? Either way, I hope your foot and ankle are feeling better!

  4. I sure hope this thing took my comment! :s


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