Good morning & welcome to a new follower! That blog candy is getting closer folks. I'm having a problem (hopefully just with blogger) this morning. I have a card to share, but I can't seem to get the picture posted. I store the images on my hard drive, and insert the image using the 'insert image' button on the toolbar of the blogger page. Today when I click the 'insert image' button, I can see the add jpg, png,gif that I usually see, but nothing is happening. I can't get the browse to location so I can select my picture. I can go to Picassa, but I don't store my pictures on Picassa. I did at first until I read somewhere that you are only allowed 'X' amount of free storage, so I moved all the linking of pictures back to my hard drive. It's been working fine so far. Anyway, this morning....I can't seem to insert my picture. Been trying for a bit, logging off, logging back on, and I'm not aware of changing anything in my pc setup. Just thought I'd go ahead with this post and ask if anyone else is having the same problem???And what did you do so that you can go back to posting pictures? I have some errands & dr's appointments today, so I have to get up & start getting ready to meet the day. I'll try back later....I DO have a card to post today. Also did a bit more organization, and have a couple pictures of the mess I'm trying to corral as well. Hope someone has a couple of fix-it suggestions for me! In the meantime, have a wonderful Monday and thanks so much for stopping to visit. Hugs & Blessings.


  1. sending you an e-mail ASAP with fix it instructions. hugs Mrs A.

  2. Happy New Year Mary. Sorry l am not gifted when it comes to complications with blogland, hope you get it sorted x Susan x

  3. I'm no help...I did hear blogger was having hiccups yesterday...perhaps it is tied in to that. You could send them a message on that help line...they do get back quite quickly!

  4. I had the same problem over the weekend and the only thing I could do which worked was to update to Google Chrome, which I did and everything is working fine now.
    I was actually tearing my hair out with frustration and while I am not a person to venture into change I decided to go for it and I have now to get used to Chrome but if it works then I will have to get used to it.
    Good Luck

    Kath x

  5. I emailed you my friend how a temporary fix for this problem. From what I can tell it is a blogger issue, not sure if it is something new or just a problem. Hoping it is just a problem! lol

  6. I'm having that trouble, too, Mary, and so are others I know. I learned how to insert the photo by clicking over to the HTML tab, so email me if Mrs. A's fix didn't work for you. I've heard it is because Blogger is forcing all of us to make the move to Google Chrome, which I resent. Unfortunately, they have all the marbles in this game, so we have no say.

  7. Ditto what Darnell says about switching to HTML to insert the picture, then back to "Compose" to continue. I haven't been able to upload pictures since last week. I do hope they fix it. If Mrs. A has something new to share, please share in a post for all of us!
    Good luck.


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