Hello again. I barely squeaked by with my commitment to post again today. Been a busy day. I had mentioned on a previous post that I had been experimenting with making a rose using a punch. Saw this on a Youtube, and it looked 'do-able'. I've tried to make these roses before, even took a class where we did just a bit of it. Mine always look 'wonkered' or clumsy.  I had the punch that the lady was using to make this rose, so I punched out the required amount of pieces, watched the video about 6 times...and set off to try my hand. Here's the result of my first effort. Not totally thrilled with it, but I think I can do a better one if I try again. It's better than I've achieved before - fer sure.

 Here's the link to the particular youtube I found:

I punched with a red lightweight Bazzill, then used some pan pastels to daub on some shading at the petal edges. Put the rose together, tried to shape it. Then I spritzed some Dylusion spray on it, then a bit of Gold spray.  (which obliterated my shading). This was made with the medium size of the punch shape shown in yellow.
The yellow shapes are from a smaller size, and I hope the smaller rose will be more usable on a card. I really like to see these flowers on cards, but I've never succeeded in doing any that I felt I wanted to put on a card. And of course, it will have to be one that is hand delivered! These dimensional embellishments are too costly to mail.

I know this is probably old hat to a lot of you.  I was excited to even get one done that I didn't throw in the trash!! Come again when you have time; as always I love to read the comments, and hear what you think! Sleep well, and hope to see you tomorrow. Hugs


  1. Looks fabulous for a first effort - and I'm sure is fabulous for a 100th effort too... Mxx

  2. It looks fabulous! You did a great job on it. I watched the video and it looks easy enough. I think I will try it. TFS!

  3. From the photograph, Mary, it looks beautifully perfect to me! I love the gold sheen that you have captured on it!! (As far as "old hat," oh dear, I guess I'm way behind as I've never tried my hand at flower making yet!)

  4. Hi Mary, what an absolutely stunning rose! It is gorgeous. Well done for persevering because it was worth every minute of effort. Gorgeous!! Hugs, Anne x

  5. Gorgeous flower! Especially for your first try. I think it looks wonderful!


  6. Wow Mary I think you did a fabulous job on your rose!! I will watch the video and see if I can do it too. I have made some and love making the spiral ones. I love them on cards too, but you are so right, they have to be hand delivered!! Hugs!

  7. Mary, your rose is wonderful!

  8. I'd be very thrilled with it! SO pretty and looks absolutely perfect! I'm so glad I'm not the only one that has to watch a video so many times before I ever even start on something! LOL! This is really pretty.

  9. Hi Mary. Your rose is beautiful. Thanks for the link to the tutorial. I watched it ... and now I'm itching to try making one myself! :) Loll xx

  10. Great job on this rose, Mary! I've tried the rolled roses and failed miserably! I'll have to check the video out although I don't have this punch.

  11. ah Mary well done on your rose - confession time I have the die but never ever made one - just shocking isn't it??

    .. ok am going to write these things in my must do when looking for what to make with cards use things I have not used before from stash!! TFS Shaz in oz.x


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