Recycle envelope
Hi, and thanks for popping in. Here's a recycle envelope I thought I'd share. Some time back I posted a card made from a Penny Black stamp I won from just leaving a comment, which you can see here. This was to be DD's Christmas card. Since the image was large, and I didn't want to crop any of it, the resultant card was much larger than any of my envelopes. I happened to spot one I had saved from a 'purchased card', thinking...maybe I can use this as a template when I get my cards too large. Aha...tried DD's card in the envelope, it fit perfectly. Well, it had my own name written on the front, so how to hide that? And it was sort of a 'non-Christmas color' as well. I had retrieved some of our past received cards thinking to perhaps use some images from them, so they were handy. Decided to diecut the Santa & sentiment from an old card, and pop on the front to hide the 'old recipient name'. Still not sure about the envelope color...then I looked at the card, and it has pink-y colors in it....SO problem solved. I LOVE it when that happens to me, don't you? Hugs.


  1. Great recycling, and a perfect solution! Hope you have a wonderful chrsitmas x

  2. Oh you clever little sausage Mary - cool idea! Hugs and Merry Christmas, Di xx

  3. Oh yea, I love when it all comes together! lol I love pink for Christmas as much as I love the traditional colors! And your idea of using another card image cut out to "cover" the name was perfect!!! You are a clever gal my friend!


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