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Good evening & welcome to some new followers. How delightful see your faces appear in the following list. Once I'm at home again, I'll give a proper shout-out and try to list your blogs so that Carolina Cards' visitors can pay a visit.

We had an easy ride south Sunday from South Carolina down to the Tampa, Florida area where our DD lives. Traffic was not terrible, and we didn't encounter any road construction or slow-downs as can frequently happen on the route that we take south.

Left 30F & windy temperatures at home (and the wind made it feel much, much colder) to arrive in mid-60 temps, but still very windy. Today was quiet, overcast and the waterway outside DD's house, was very choppy. No dolphins playing today, and very little boat traffic on what is usually a very busy waterway. DD had a business meeting during the morning, but when she came home, we went out for a while to have a lovely lunch. The restaurant has an Italian grocery in the same building, with some luscious homemade bakery items - not the sort you can find in a typical bakery, but strictly the kind of Italian desserts that you just drool over, and can't decide which to select. We brought some home after eating our lunch. The place was terribly crowded as well, so I can't begin to imagine how it will be on the day prior to Thanksgiving.

Stopped at a couple places for errands on the way home (dog food at 2 different places for one thing!), and it was nearly dark when we got back to the house. I don't like the early darkness of late fall & winter. I understand we're to get a cold front moving in, but can't complain...just saw on MSN weather that there may be an icy rain at our home!

Just wanted to pop in & say Hi this evening. No cards to share. I brought some copics and stamped images to color, but also brought some dvds I've been wanting to view; I can  watch those on the laptop while everyone else watches tv. So goodnight, and I'm going to try to get around to pay some visits. Thanks for stopping tonight, and Hugs from me to you!


  1. Mary, glad you arrived safe and sound. I don't like the early darkness, either. It depresses me. It was sleeting here this morning but turned to rain. The temp is 34 now and a very cold rain. The weather man said we may have a few snowflakes tomorrow, but nothing to worry about.
    Have fun and a wonderful Thanksgiving with your daughter.

  2. Glad to hear that you are having what sounds like a swonderful time. Enjoy your movies and hope you get some lovely colouring time...nothing more relaxng!
    How nice to have 60 degree weather. We have had minus 4 overnights and heavy, slippery frost. I don't walk to the school if it is icy...DH drives up and we walk them in on the level ground...No icy hills for this gal...

  3. Be safe, and have fun :-)

  4. Glad you made the drive safely, Mary! Enjoy your time with DD and if I don't make it back here by Thursday, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! I'm glad you are out of that storm area! Hugs, Darnell

  5. Good Morning Mary. Glad to hear you had a nice time in Florida. It's very cold here now, but again it's what we expect living in Scotland. Hope you enjoy some. crafty time now that your home. Have a Good Day. Hugs Rita xxx

  6. Mary I am so happy your drive to Florida was safe. At least now you can rest and enjoy that quality time with your DD and enjoy the Holiday together. Sounds like you had a very busy and fun day. If I don't get to talk to you before Thursday, Have a beautiful and blessed, Happy Thanksgiving my friend. Love ya lots! Take it easy!

  7. Wish I was there too - we've a thick frost this morning! Enjoy your stay in the Sunshine State!


  8. Glad you are having a good time. Sorry for my absence but my computer has died and I am having to borrow John's when he is not using it. I feel totally lost without it - how sad is that!! Hugs Christine xx

  9. Have a lovely time with with your DD. Weather is very cold here in the UK. Temperate fell to -1c last night and it is -2c outside this morning. Enjoy your videos. hugs Mrs A.

  10. Glad you had a safe enjoy your family time!.....xxxxxx

  11. Oh how lovely to have some warm weather, glad you arrived safe and sound. Hope you have a wonderful time. Hugs, Anne x

  12. Glad your trip was uneventful and safe. I think you left at the right time. I think there will be people spending Thanksgiving at airports on the east coast. Could get really bad from what the weather people are saying. Have a wonderful time with your daughter and a nice Thanksgiving. Enjoy your copics. They blend beautifully.

  13. Oh I wish I was in Florida Mary we have been so many times and just love it!! it's our favourite place. Have a great time and lots of huggles Sue xxx

  14. So glad that your travels were uneventful Momma Mary! I am glad that you are there with Dana safe and sound and enjoying your stay. Yes, very cold here too, rain today-no icy stuff yet, but might come later tonight. Not good. Give me rain, give me snow, but don't give me mixed stuff, ice or freezing rain!! Yuck! Hugs to you and yours Momma Mary!! Happy Thanksgiving too!!!

  15. So glad y'all are having a good time in Florida - and wish I was with you! It's just COLD here!!! Brrrrrr......Have fun!

  16. Hi Mary, hope you have sampled some of those delicious goodies from the Italian store :) Have awonderful time in Florida x Susan x

  17. Enjoy your time with your DD and have a great week ahead!

  18. Enjoy your time with your DD and safe travels!! I would love to be in Florida, away from these cold temps!! I hope you and your family have a happy and wonderful Thanksgiving!!

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  19. Hi again Mary! Thanks for the tip about the Joanne velvateen paper. I will pick some up on Black Friday...well.....if I get to Black Friday that is.

    After all my careful planning, it turns out that our friend decided not to go and didn't book the hotel. And didn't tell us. I have been asking for months how much I owed her...always got the brush off... I am so beyond mad!!!

    DD and I are still going down but most likely only for Thursday evening and early morning and then home...she is bummed too and can't get back into the swing of it. And I fell!
    I am barely managing...sore back, sore neck and shoulders.

    he leg on one of their dining room chairs broke and SIL had repaired it. They forgot to tell me not to sit on that chair till the glue dried. I sat and the leg screws buckled and and down I went...hitting my neck and shoulder on the back of the island on my way down.

    Thank goodness for painkillers!

    DH is in Vegas for 4 days so not quite sure how I am getting the kids up that hill to school...I may just call a taxi!


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