Good morning, happy Monday, and welcome. Had a phone call that our installers are picking up the windows, loading the trailer and heading to our house. Hooray. Hope they get a lot done today, as it's supposed to get colder in our area as the week progresses. We were told it would probably be a 2 to 3 day installation for 22 windows & one replacement door. The windows will be on our main floor - so on one side of the house, the guys will be able to stand on the ground, the deck or the front porch. On one side of the house, they will have to be on a high ladder. One window is in the attic room, which to be accurate, I should say is a 3rd story, so if they have to be outside working, they're gonna be real high up!!! We're not sure if they will have to be inside the house or if they insert the window from outside.  We were going to pick up some stuff that might be in the way if the work is done inside the house, but decided to wait until they get here, let them tell us what we need to move. We also have window blinds and valances on most of the windows, so are not sure how much of that has to be removed...if they remove it, or if DH must.

OK, here's the card share for today:

- 3D Mbossibility Shell Beauty folder on cream card base, enhanced with DI Antique Linen over the raised areas very lightly. This folder gave a really deep emboss, but I didn't see any places where it cut through, even though this was Recollections paper, not very heavy weight. I was pleased at how well this one embossed.

- Stamped a couple of shells as the front seemed very plain, and I liked the shells placed on the front. I used a snippet of Xpress paper for 3 shells (only used 2 of them here). Colored with various shades of copics in pale yellow, pinks, blue violet & pale browns, trying for a shell that looked like what we used to find on the beach in Florida. Cut the shells out, then I had the idea to spread a pearl colored Liquid Pearl over the shell to create the glossy shine of a real shell. I liked the effect, but I got more product on the shell than I intended. Spread with my finger, but the LP dried fast, so it was hard to smoothe off as much as I wished. It also emphasized the pink-y tones I had used, and I'm not sure I like this against the cream & tan of the card base. Before the addition of the Pearls, the shells had more of a brown tone when I had placed each against the card.

A small sentiment may go in the center of the embossed shell when I use the card, or I may leave it plain, and put the sentiment inside.

Have a wonderful Monday, thanks for visiting. Hugs from me to you.


  1. Another amazing embossing folder, Mary! And the contrast of the added shells is gorgeous! Good luck with the windows. May they finish quickly, cleanly and perfectly!

  2. I love these M-Bossabilities and have been eyeing this one at Michael's for a while. You are right, they emboss beautifully. I really like your added shells and the pretty.

    Good luck with getting all the windows and door installed. When I've had windows done, they worked from the outside.

  3. Hi Mary. What an amazing embossing folder ... that is gorgeous! And I love it done in cream.

    Good luck with the window install. Will be so nice when it's all done. And good that they are coming before it gets too cold. We are having new windows installed as well. Just ordered them and the installer came to measure on Saturday morning. Ours will be ready for install some time in January - hopefully not during a cold snap! Loll xx

  4. Holy Moly! This is PRETTY!!! That is one embossed beauty and love the addition of those shells! Sensational!
    Have fun with all the window guys there! Sure hope you don't have to remove all the blinds, etc....but probably will! Sounds like your home will be a hive of activity for the next couple of days!

  5. wow, LOVE that shell embossing folder, it's uber cute and detailed!! It's a shame they couldn't come out today to do the installation, hope it's not too cold when they finally show up!! Get your winter knickers on! lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  6. Hi Mary, I have this ef on order, due any day now I hope. The colouring of your stamped shells is amazing, they look so life like, so to speak! Hope all goes smoothly and quickly with your installation, Cathy x

  7. Wow that embossing is fabulous! Is that one of the new 3D folders? Looks like it :) Good luck with the windows, Shirleyx

  8. One "speshul" folder, and card love it!!

  9. The embossing here is so rich and dramatic compared to many others! It's a beautiful creation, worthy of framing!! good luck with those windows!!!

  10. This is a stunner, Mary! Putting the touch of Linen on it was inspired! Good luck with the window installation! I hope it goes smoothly. It will be so nice to have that done! Hugs, Darnell

  11. Wow Mary! This is gorgeous. I would be tempted to put the sentiment inside so as not to fluff up the front as it is so beautiful.
    Good luck with the windows.

  12. Wow Momma Mary, this card is simply gorgeous!! I love the embossing folder-looks like sand with the shells in the sand and those other shells you colored-another wow!!! They look real!! Love the colors you use to color them. This is where I would have problems-making something look real. lol This card is so amazing!! Hugs!!

  13. Oh Mary, this is gorgeous and your shells look so real. I thought this was a photo when I first saw it x

  14. Love this folder! I haven't used the Mbossibilities folders yet although I do own a couple of them...perhaps you will insire me to pull them out!

    Love anything ocean themed so this one is a beauty in my eyes!
    The shells look wonderful, you are too hard on yourself!


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