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EDIT: A very savvy blogger left me a comment suggesting I try changing the pop-up comment setting to embedding (she had tried & it fixed the problem at her blog). She also left a 2nd comment, just ignoring the Word Verification, and I got both comments. So I just changed the comment setting from POP-UP to EMBEDDED, saved. I am not seeing the WV just now. Hopefully this will help anyone else who is having this aggravation today. (as one blogger put it "blogger playing Silly Billies". I loved that! I was saying something not quite so kind). Just for info, here's how I changed the settings, if you experience the problem, and don't know where to change it. Go to Design (at the top of the blog where you select New Post), Settings (- on the left side), Posts and Comments. Look for Show Word Verification - make sure it is OFF. For Comment Location (about mid way on the page) - I changed the Popup to Embedded. Be sure to save your changes! Hope this will help anyone else who is having the problem today. Thanks to Berni C (Chasing the Dream) for suggesting I try this!

Good afternoon. A very sweet blogger let me know that suddenly Word Verification is set to On for commenting. I did NOT set this to have verification turned ON. I've gone into the settings, and turned it off again, made sure I saved the settings, but I can see that the aggravating thing is still there. I've done this multiple times using Internet Explorer as my browser, saved it. I've gone to Chrome as a browser, with the same results. I do not want to aggravate my lovely readers with having to fight Verification to leave me a comment, as I know exactly how aggravating & time consuming it is to have to do this, when you're trying to comment on many blogs.

If ANYONE has any ideas as to how to fix this, I'm hoping I'll get some responses! I've googled "how to set word verification off" to be sure I'm doing it properly. (Thought I did know, but when the above didn't work, I started looking for help). One thing I read said perhaps something had changed on your computer. Nope, nothing has changed in the last few days that I know about. Not added any new software or changed any settings either.

Please bear with me until I can get this fixed!!! Many thanks. And so happy that you liked the Christmas lights..


Sue said...

Maybe if you did a System Restore it would solve it.

Have you had any updates? I find updates always mess things up. sue

Kathyk said...

I noticed the same problem with a blog I run too!

Let's hope we can find the fix ... settings confirms word verification is set to OFF on mine though!


Chasing the Dream said...

Hi. Just switched to “embedded” instead of the “pop-up” style and no word verification.

Chasing the Dream said...

I just left you a message and did not enter the word verification. Let's see if you receive two comments from me. This is one with the word verification

Christine Harrop said...

I haven't noticed that word verification has been on so obviously very recently. Blogger is doing some very weird things. The Follower button has disappeared from every blog I look at and I know that is not really the case, but I am unable to get it back. Hope you manage to resolve it. Hugs Christine.

Irene said...

Hello Mary

I'm having the same problem, I thought it was Blooger playing silly billies.


Irene said...

Hello Mary

I received your posts, and thank you for your help I'm now going to change my settings.


jimlynn said...

Mary, I've heard that if you do the embedded thing you could possibly get a ton of spam comments! May want to keep a check on that. didn't have to change a thing actually! If you go to someones blog and the word verification pops up (like on mine) don't even bother to type in anything and hit publish and it will still publish!

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Mary, my blogger has started this nonsence too, thanks for the info, hugs Kate x

mamapez5 said...

It has been there on every blog I have visited tonight, and some of those were people who have specifically asked us not to use it, so I know they would not normally have it. What has happened? Kate x

Carol L said...

Thanks for sharing this easy-to-understand fix for the blogger buggers! I have such a love/hate relationship with blogger and it never seems to end. What an unwelcomed surprise for Monday morning eh?! :)

KT Fit Kitty said...

Thank you for the info, Mary! I changed mine to embedded this morning and I just hope the spammers don't come back. I had a ton of silly news reports in my comments last week and then had lots of fun deleting them! Let's hope Blogger gets this fixed! I read on Lynn's blog about not having to type in the words, so that's a big help.

aussie aNNie said...

all done fixed so there blogger ..xx

Maxine D said...

It's happening all over - I am encountering it on blogs that never (usually) have it.

Brenda said...

So that is why I keep having to do word verification on all the blogs that never had it before?! Thanks for telling us how to do it Momma Mary. This is just so weird how it wasn't on and that it is. Blogger is playing silly billy with a lot of people!!! I have no clue if it is on mine or not, so I guess I'd better go check. Hugs, Brenda

Redanne said...

I had the same problem as many others too Mary. Thanks for the solution, will go and try it now! Hugs, Anne xx