Happy Birthday, Our Darnell

Good morning...Happy 4th of July to those who celebrate this USA holiday, and also a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to someone who is very special to all of us in Blogland...Miss Darnell. Darnell celebrated a birthday on July 2, but I didn't have a card ready in time for that day. There's a big card party going on over at MASKerade where you can send a Cyber card to Our Darnell. So I got busy with a new die. I've been seeing a technique all over the internet - and liking - embedding a positive die shape into a negative die shape.  Decided to try this new die, and probably was over ambitious. Took me a couple of tries to get it right. Here's the card, then I'll tell you about my adventures in achieving the final result...

- Die is by Hero Arts, Palm. As you can see, the little fronds are a bit fiddly. The new die cut like a charm...but it was what I attempted that caused me problems.

Sprayed #90 Canson Mixed Media paper with Dylusions greens, yellows and some gold - let it dry. Did the same with another piece using Dylusions reds, tangerine, yellow, gold and then a rich copper. Was so pleased with the dried results...fantastic marbling. Die cut both pieces. Here's where the fun began. I had been reminded of a UTEE technique when I saw this tutorial over at Always with a Heart. Decided to try this technique with the Palm die cut...embossed it 3 times and got a lovely sheen to the piece. Also managed to drop the die face down on the floor with the embossing powder on the 2nd try. Didn't hurt the die cut, but I got the gritty embossing powder all over the floor. OK, it was looking good, and I was just feeling so pleased. Then..comes inserting the die piece into the negative, and no way would it fit! Evidently the embossing, heating, etc. altered the shape just slightly enough that it would not fit into the negative space - which had some sticky tape behind it so that the die would adhere. ERGH! You will remember I've told you that I worked many years at a nuclear power plant, with retired navy guys, right? Well, some of my old vocabulary was revisited when I saw what I had done. I will try the technique again, but methinks it will work better with a 'bulkier' die piece, not one with lots of little fiddly bits to try to fit down.

OK, back to the drawing board, where I sprayed another green background - then a red one. Let those dry naturally to get some nice marbling. Of course my 2nd efforts were not nearly as pretty as the first time. But...I soldiered on. This time no heat embossing, and the die cut fit into the negative piece just like it was supposed to! I had seen this die used in a card on one of the Hero Arts designer's blogs, but I can't remember which blog, so I can credit the designer (of course it was not MY original idea!).

- Sentiment die is a snippet from piece #1 mess up, and the S/B diecut that is behind is from messed up green #1. On a brighter note, the palm diecut from Red #1 is still good, so you'll see that on another card, along with some more of green #1 in the space that was not die cut.  If you look carefully at the colors on the sentiment, you'll perhaps see the differences in the colors from #1 effort & what #2 looked like. Ah, the creative process....

So I'm off to link up at MASKerade and then over to the Snippets Playground, since I do have couple of snippety bits on here.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Darnell and America!!
Ya'll have a great day, and come again when ya can. Blessings. 


  1. It's absolutely gorgeous, Mary!! The colors and marbling are so beautiful!! I had to laugh at your adventures with the embossing powder...I know it wasn't funny to you but I've had things like that happen so often, I sympathize!! Have a safe and happy 4th of July weekend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. Mary, I really like this card. May have to try that technique myself. Have a wonderful & safe 4th.


  3. Wow this is stunning Mary..was chuckling about the embossing powder have a great 4th of July weekend huggles Sue xxxx

  4. Wow, Mary, love these rich colors! I'll bet you'll find the perfect card to use the embossed leaves on!

  5. Beautiful card Mary. Happy 4th July. Hazel xx

  6. Wow! got a bit lost on the process, but love what you've achieved lol!
    Happy 4th July! xxx

  7. Stunning colours, fabulous card.

    Kath x

  8. This is beautiful Mary. Three layers will have added to the thickness and that's probably why you couldn't fit it back in the shape I think, but it really doesn't matter as it is totally gorgeous as it is. Darnell will so love this card. I hope to make one in the next few days. x

  9. This is gorgeous Mary, I love the leaves and the colours
    Kevin xx

  10. I was really laughing about you getting that die all done and then dropping it on the floor! LOL! Sounds so much like me!!! I love the final result though! So beautiful and really like that die you used.

  11. A beautiful card for a beautiful lady! Hugs, Anne xx

  12. Wow, Mary! Stunningly beautiful! LOVE it!

  13. So glad you persevered Mary as the result is stunning - and you have the makings for more cards!! ;-).
    P.S. - I know what you mean about the language - I slipped this week and not only was my final position inelegant, so was what came out of my mouth - oops!

  14. What a wonderful card for Darnell! I love the graceful fern against that vivid colorful background! It's a very festive and beautiful card for Darnell!

  15. Well I can't imagine how beautiful the first one was because this one is just gorgeous Momma Mary! Yes, they look like ferns or palm fronds to me and a little fiddly to boot. But you did good with them and I love how this card turned out! Yay, you did it, I so love how it looks when a die is inlaid into the negative space. Hugs, Brenda

  16. Oh, you did a great job with this card, Mary!!! Good thing you didn't give it all up after the first attempt, hey!!! Lovely bright colours and a beautiful die!! Love your end result!!!

    Have a lovely weekend!!

  17. Well I adore this card Mary, but what a lot of fiddling you had before you ended up with this. Hope you kept the embossed die cut? Or was it wrecked trying to fit it into the negative? This really is such a lovely technique!

    Hugs, Di xx

  18. Beautiful! Love the colors

  19. Wow! Mary, this card and the colors really pop. I love it...good job. Darnell is guaranteed to love it, too.

  20. Great technique described here. Funny how the best laid plans can go sideways!

    Your card turns out fabulous as always and is a wonderful birthday card for Darnell!

  21. This is well worth all your effort, it looks 3D and the colours are fab, LOVE it.

  22. Oh, my sweet friend, we don't allow no trauma in the craft room! What a boogery shame! It's a good thing you had those special blue sailor words in your vacabulary to make you feel better!

    I'm very proud of you for continuing because this card is certainly stunning even w/o the embossing! I love ferny greenery and how bright and colorful this card is!!

    You have SPOILED ME ROTTEN, Mary!! I love my cyber card that you've linked to the surprise party (thank you for doing that), and LOVE my Happy Mail today of another gorgeous, I mean, GORGEOUS birthday card AND a brilliant 4th of July card!!

    Next week I would like a card for Happy Bow Tie Day, please! lol! I just made that day up but one of my coworkers had a calendar that had all these obscure (and for reals!) "days" on them. There's probably a website that lists them all. Who comes up with these things? Oh, wait, that could be a job for me!

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend and thanks again for all the love and compliments! Right back atcha, my friend!! Mwah! Darnell

  23. I see from Darnell's comment that she loved this gorgeous card you've made for her birthday! It's brilliant in many ways. So bright, so happy, and so perfect for Miss D.'s birthday. Glad you could link up to the party. Bev

  24. A fabulous card and love the vibrant colours -the result was worth the adventure in making it lol
    carol x

  25. Wowzers - fabulous colors!


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