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Good evening Sweet Bloggers, and thanks for surfing in for a little visit on a cold winter's night. The title for the DeeDee's Digi card that is shared tonight is so very appropriate. As this is being typed, our outside temperature at 9:30PM EST is 23F. Brrrr. This morning at 4am, it was 15F, and I heard that it got as low as 8F. Pretty cold for this area just now. I am well aware that many of our USA states are much colder, and the wind chill factor makes it dreadful. Haven't seen any Euro news but expect my UK pals are seeing it frostier than we are. I'm so thankful that we have a warm house to shelter in, because when we get so cold as now, my thoughts always go out to those homeless who have to hunt shelter from the freezing temps and pray they will find a safe place out of the cold.

The first part of this post is an insurance rant, so if you don't want to listen :-)  - skip down to the card! Since we got back, I've been tied up with trying to get started with our new medicine company's plan (and I guess I best not name the company! As of right now, I'm so frustrated I could just spit! Folks I'm being polite here!). Monday I spent 2 1/2 hours on the phone with 5 different reps, who kept referring me to another representative. For simple questions at that. Each new call required at least a 20 minute hold, and most of it was 30 minutes. The last person said "I can't answer your questions, but I'll have someone return your call within 24 hrs". (12:30PM 1-5-2015). At 10am this morning - 1-8-2015, the phone rang, and woke me from a sound sleep. (yes I stayed up late watching Netflix and hunting for some craft bits). Another 2 hours spent with a nice representative. We may have made a tiny bit of progress, but the bottom line was: I wanted the forms to send in new prescriptions for the year. Each company we've ever had, sent blank forms, we sent in the  new physical prescriptions from our doctor, and got our medicines. This company is insisting that we give them our doctor's fax numbers, the insurance company will send out the form, which the doctor must complete and refax. DUH???A busy doctor's office is going to be eager to do this? I don't THINK so!
After today's 2 hour marathon, our doctor's office was closed for lunch, so as soon as I could get through to someone, called, explained my dilemma. Of course our nurse has to return the call. Well, she did (and she's a very sweet lady too!) and I went through my spiel, her first comment was "Horse -"  and I won't type the rest of it, but bet you can guess. Which is my exact thought as well. She said they have other patients with this company, and the company can just send me the stupid form, let me send in the prescriptions. We need to get this resolved, get our new supply. The reason we changed companies: our old company discontinued 2 of our tier 3 (translation: expensive meds!) medicines. We were concerned if we had to switch to another medicine, it would not be as effective (been there, done there, & our health suffered). After Monday, I told DH that I think I've made a very bad decision - which we can't change until next year's enrollment. So thanks for letting me vent!! Now onto the card - as I really DO need to chill mentally!

DeeDee's Just Chillin which is available at a FANTASTIC SALE price just now! If you like this little winter bear, don't wait too long. DeeDee found a way to keep her shop open - and still be in compliance with the new VAT rules. You can read about it here,  But I urge you, if you like these images, please do try to take advantage of some really excellent prices.
- Just Chillin was precolored, printed out, die cut with a Sizzix die set purchased with a coupon from the local Hobby Lobby. The tiny sentiment - part of the digi set - was cut with the smallest tag die in the set.
Copic shading was done on the image, some flocking added to the white bits, but doesn't show well in the photo, and Diamond stickles dropped on the snowflakes. Of course I had to find a place to add some WoS. (his boots and hat & scarf non-white trim)
Had seen a Joy fold card done recently by my pal, Carol L. so when this little guy was ready to card up, thought I'd give that fold a whirl. Thanks Carol and Brenda for the inspiration. (Brenda inspired Carol...see?)
- Front DP was from a 6x6 pack found on my travels, and is almost - not quite - tissue weight. Glued it on both sides of the white card base fold. The inner dot paper is from a DeeDee digi set Mix It Up. Had just a snippet of that left from an earlier project, thought it looked good with the snowflake DP, so printed out another sheet of it. Just love having digi paper available!!
Die cut the inside sentiment with a S/B Fleur de Elegance. Added a few stick on snowflakes, and Voila, finally finished a card!
I have to give some shout outs to some lovely new followers, but will do that in my next post. That Blog Candy give away is getting close, people! Also added some lovely cards that were in our collected mail, and have quite a few more to share, but not tonight. Hope you have time to check out the Friends Card tab at the top.
Do  check out the DeeDee's Digi sale, enjoy some wonderful inspiration by the talented Design Team. Stay warm tonight, wherever you may be, and God Bless, Big Hugs.
PS...I will do my best to catch up on blog visits to all you sweet folks who have been so kind to visit this past week.


Donna Hanley said...

Wow, I don't think I've ever seen this image, but I love it. You did such a nice job with it. I keep telling Carol that she inspires a lot of people and you proved me right. Have a wonderful night.

Maxine D said...

Oh Mary - so glad our health/medicine 'system' is so much simpler than yours here in N.Z. :-). We are blessed here with the way things work.
Love your card - the colours are gorgeous and the embellishments perfect.

aussie aNNie said...

Great card and colours as well..don't mind the design and cute image...hope this finds you Happy :)

{The Journey is the Start – my personal blog}

Kath said...

A fabulous card - I love the cute image and the colours you've chosen.
Kath x

Sarah said...

Fabulous card Mary, love the image and the colours are fabulous. That sparkly snowflake is a lovely touch too. I had to giggle at your rant, my Mum has similar problems with her medical insurance as she has multiple issues, which thankfully, have never caused problems when she is travelling. Thank goodness for the NHS in the UK though. I'm guessing the "horse......" is perhaps something that comes out of the back of Surprise!! xx

Petra Swart said...

Hi, Mary, I honestly thought that it was only in our part of the world that one sits with such frustration and pure bad service as you are having with the medicine people!!! I understand your frustration (we had the same kind of frustration with the bank before we went on holiday) and you have all my sympathy!!! Hope everything will be sorted out soon!!!
As always, you've got a darling little image on your card!!! I do like his striking and very beautiful green and blue outfit with the touches of white!!! Love your choice of dp and the sentiment is so darling!!!!!! The colors are really beautiful!!!
Stay warm, my friend - as our winter aren't nearly as severe as yours (snow only on the very highest mountain tops!!!) I can't really imagine what it's like, but it sounds as if it's really bad!!! Cuddle up in front of the fire with a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows!! Hope it warms up soon!!!
Have a great day!!

crafty-stamper said...

Beautiful card and love the fabulous colouring of the cute image-hope you have calmed down and are feeling chilled now
Carol x

Pippa said...

Yet another fabulous card Mary. I was so pleased when Deedee found a way to stay open that I did a happy dance! Going into the EU (Common Market as it was back then) was the worse thing the Uk did and I just do not understand why our politicians are so keen to stay in it! Sorry must have caught the ranting bug from your post! I hope you manage to sort out your medical suppliers, that is one nightmare we do not have over here - yet. I hope we never do because between us we have enough pills and potions to set up a pharmacy! (Mine is congenital so not a lot I can do to help myself with it!)

Carol L said...

I've missed this little guy in Deedee's store, but he sure looks cute all bundled up for winter! I love the colors and patterns on this pretty card, and the tag is a perfect card front!
I hear you on the insurance! My hubby's generics went to tier 3 and we had to switch too. It's a nightmare for seniors with this medicare stuff to go through year after year :(

Carol said...

So cute Mary, gorgeous colours and great design. Hope the insurance saga sorts itself out soon for you. Carol x

Sue said...

Hope you can get everything sorted with the insurance company.

Loving the card.

Hope you are having a fab Friday. Sue

Pat said...

This image is so cute Mary and love the papers and the pretty shaped card too. Sorry about your medical insurance problems and hope you get it worked out satisfactorily. The temperatures here have been up and down but are not too cold at the moment. We did have several days over the Christmas period when the daytime temperature hovered at freezing and it went down to about minus 4°, but mostly it tends to stay at about 45°-55°F which is OK for this time of year provided there are no cold winds. Most of the year I think your temperatures probably remain quite constant, so can understand you feel it when they dip somewhat. Hope it doesn't stay cool for too long! x

Patricia said...

Hello Mary,
Love your card, great image and design.
Hang in there you'll get things sorted soon.

Patricia x

Brenda said...

It has been cold everywhere Momma Mary!!! Most of the country in fact except for a few western states. It's amazing how this cold has settle so far south too. I don't remember this happening when I was a kid or in my 20's, 30's, or 40's. It could be because I wasn't into the weather as much as I am now. lol Insurance is a hassle big time but it is something we have to have. It makes me sense to me why it was such a big hassle to get them to send you the forms. You would have thought they would have been delighted to send them to you! And what doctor office has time to fiddle with the papers that are fax to them?!! It just blows my mind anymore! I sure hope they send the forms to you. I always had the forms too and had them ready to go for my doctor when a med was prescribed or needing refilling. Now they do it a different way and I just say I need more refills. Your card is adorable Momma Mary! I love the color combo and the "S" fold base. The papers you used are amazing and I love them. Your bling snowflakes are awesome and I love the SB dies you used. That little bear is awesome, I need to go and get this cute little guy. I love the sentiments as well. I didn't inspire Carol's card, I just told her the name of that card fold. lol She, you and many other's inspire me!!! Stay warm Momma Mary!!! Hugs, Brenda

Redanne said...

Your card is beautiful Mary, I love the wonderful image you used and those snowflakes you added are beautiful! Hugs, Anne xx

jimlynn said...

I really don't think I've ever seen that image before - how did I miss it!!! LOVE your card though and that pretty, pretty color. The die you used on the inside is to die for!!!

Hope you have something finally settled with the insurance company now. You just gotta love the medical field all the way around!


Lisa said...

What a beautiful card!! That little bear is so sweet!! I love the fold and papers!! So sweet and fabulous!!

I'm so sorry about your insurance woes. I hope it gets taken care of soon. I had some policy changed and I only had three options to choose from and for all three, not only is my doctor not in the network, but I can't even go to the main hospital here!! My only option is a very small hospital on the verge of closing!! Gah...I hate insurance companies. Okay, my rant's over ;) Have a wonderful weekend :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

cuilliesocks said...

OMG Mary what a palaver your having, sounds a horrendous way to do things which are very important ans it's your health we're talking about here. We have been so lucky here in the uk having The National Health Service, and I am forever grateful that we do as I more than likely couldn't afford all the medication I'm on. However, thanks to a succesion of Tory and Tory like governments goodness knows how long we will have the NHS as the government is cutting funding left right and centre and are aiming to privatise the system. This is just one of the reasons Scotland wanted Independance. There you are, I've just had a rant too. The whole thing makes me quite angry at the politics involve, in both our countires.

As for your card, well it is just gorgeous. I do love your colours and that sweet image.
Hope you get things sorted out soon, hugs Kate x

Jacee said...

This is lovely Mary, love your design, the colour and papers, lovely and the image is super sweet, love it!
Hugs Jacee
Simply Paper Card Design

hope you'll soon get things sorted x

pam said...

Hi Mary, fabulous card design, love the cute image and colours.
Hope things get sorted soon.
Pam x

Kathleen said...

Rant away Mary and I don't blame you, our NHS is in a state but thank goodness we don't have to go through things like this, although sometimes trying to get through to the Doc's can be a long hold.
Gorgeous card and a grey image, love the style and the papers.
Very, very wild and wet here.

Kath x

AJ Bodine said...

Aw, super cute image and sentiment, love the bold colors! We are sure getting the cold here in upstate SC, but none of that fluffy white stuff!

Kim Heggins said...

Mary...this is just too darn cute. I love your sweet little guy all bundled up.

Mrs A. said...

He is one cute bear. Love those colours and your design of card. Your medical insurance fiasco sounds horrific. Hope you can get it sorted out . We are battening down the hatches here in the UK. Expecting heavy winds over the next 4 days gusting up to 113mph so the weather men are predicting. Time to stay indoors I think.
Hugs Mrs A.

Diane said...

Oh Mary sorry to hear about all the hassle with the insurance company. I hope it gets resolves soon. Burr indeed stay warm.

Love the design, image, die cuts and fun paper.

Hugs Diane

Sheila H said...

I'm sorry for your insurance hassles, Mary. Those darn companies tick me off, too. Your card is adorable. The fold is fantastic. As always, you have impeccable details and embellishments.

JD/ Jill said...

Your card is lovely! And YES! It's bitter cold here too. I'm ready for
Hope you get your insurance things straightened out...(I can so relate to what you are saying!)

Greta said...

Such an adorable card, Mary! I hear you about the insurance. Fingers crossed the change we made this year for hubby doesn't turn out to be a terrible mistake.

Barbara (C) said...

Hi Mary - I love fold of the card it lends itself beautifully to the design and papers you've used. Have a great weekend. I'm off to go to my Besties Workshop - decorating a coaster set in a very wet and windy Kent (UK).

Barbara (C) said...

Hi Mary - I love fold of the card it lends itself beautifully to the design and papers you've used. Have a great weekend. I'm off to go to my Besties Workshop - decorating a coaster set in a very wet and windy Kent (UK).

scrappymo! said...

Love this card designand special fold!

Adorable image too...

3/4 packed now...the stacks of boxesare driving me crazy. Time to pack the garage tomorrow and then bring in the boxes we have left and make a decision if we have enough or need to get more still. I am thinking more still, as I have sort of allocated a certain amoint for the food and the freezer food...but DH of course is sure we have enough!

Faith A said...

WOW what a lot to go through for Health, so glad the UK is easier, it's go to the GP IF you can get an appointment - NO I won't rant here, I do it daily LOL.

I love what you have done with Deedee's image, a great die cut with the sentiment too and great DP's.

Brenda in IN said...

This is a darling image and the cutest card. I love the two different papers inside with the snowflakes. I can commiserate with your frustration. I don't think employees are properly trained. That's why we are shuffled from one person to another, because no one knows the answers. I wish you the best of luck to solve such a simple thing as having a form sent. Hang in there. Our temps are below zero with terrible wind chills. All we can do is stay in and craft!

Desire Fourie said...

This is so cute. Loving the green and blue.
Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

mamapez5 said...

I´m sure glad we don´t do our medecines like that! I hope you get it sorted properly soon.
Your card is great. That´s a pretty frame on the sentiment, and a bit different from most I´ve seen.
It is chilly here at night but we still have glorious sunshine in the day time. Fortunately there are no weather extremes just where we are. But 8ºF sounds pretty chilly to me, so wrap up well and keep warm. Kate xx

rachel said...

Hello Mary - I do hope you're feeling a little more chilled now - it does sound like a crazy circumstance and I hope that things are sorted soon. Thanks for your kind words - we are doing okay and I do hope that Shaun would be proud of us. Your card is fabulous! Really brilliant! Big hugs rachel xx

nwilliams6 said...

Wow! Your insurance story is scary! I hate dealing with any company that keeps transferring you and makes you wait. Hope you get it all straight soon. Your card is super cute too - I love that sentiment and the image is cute, cute, cute. Hugz and I hope you stay warm!!!

Janis said...

Mary, thank you so much for visiting my blog recently. I appreciate your kind comments and you becoming a follower!! I am your newest follower, too. :)

So sorry to hear all the runaround you are getting with the meds. This is just soooooo wrong. Keep at them till you get satisfaction.

Thanks for sharing your gorgeous card. I love the colors you chose and that image is adorable.
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com

Janis said...

Forgot to mention, Mary, to be sure to check my blog to see where I introduce you on the post I'm putting up tonight!!
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com

Desire Fourie said...

This is just so cute. Adore the bling snowflakes and the gorgeous blue and aqua colouring.
{Doing Life – my personal blog}

Loll Thompson said...

Hi Mary. It's so hard to switch companies ... things never go smoothly. We have trouble with this sort of thing up here as well. On some meds, only certain brands (more generic) are covered. It's really upsetting. Hopefully it will all be straightened out soon for you.

On to your chillin' card ... such a cute image and your colouring is always stellar. Beautiful layout and design with pretty colours and mix of patterned papers and embellishments. Great card! Loll xx

Liz said...

Sorry to hear the hassle you've been having with your insurance.

Love your gorgeous card - such a lovely fold too. xx

Kathy D. said...

I can't remember where you live but here in the U.S. that is how prescriptions are done....fax or computer request is sent to the doctors and they respond. The doctors office seem to like that it is all computerized now. Interesting to hear how it is done else where.
cute card!!
Kathy D.
Deedee's Digis Sponsorship Coordinator

Bonnie said...

Love the fold, the bundled up bear and the sentiment! Love it all, my friend!