Embossing Paste and Copper Frantage

Hello and welcome to a scheduled post. Today's card has been finished for a while, but has been weighted down due to curling edges! The card front is a heavier water color paper. Started off with a Tim Holtz Scribble stencil, mixed up some white embossing paste with acrylic inks. Then think some watercolors were puddled around (smooshed) to create the top colors. (gosh, it's been so long, I don't honestly remember what created the background, but pretty sure it was watercolor of some sort).

Once again, tried my hand at frontage**. This stuff is a copper flake type of stuff, think it's made by Stampendous. On the stenciled area, dropped the flakes into the still damp paste, and then once this had dried, used some versamark over the top area, dropped some more copper flakes. Used a heat gun from underneath to try to adhere it. Something I must be doing wrong, cause this stuff just doesn't like me. Finally put out some glue, used tweezers, dipped the flakes into the glue, onto the card. The stuff is still falling off! What has stayed put, looks ok I guess.
**Edit: For the sweet commenters who suggested trying to heat the frontage from underneath, I did try that. (and  have with other efforts). Also very gently from the top, with the heat tool a distance away, moving and not staying on one spot. I just can't seem to manage to get the stuff to stick. This particular one was more of a 'flake' than the chunkier powders I've tried that are labeled frontage. But it was _supposed_ to stick when heated, according to the directions on the jar.

Butterfly has been floating around in the Crapalanche for a while, and it had been colored with Zig watercolor brushes, after being embossed with clear EP over black inking. Added some Bronze irResistible pico overe the body and on the wings. Doesn't show well in the photo, but IRL it looks quite nice with the copper flakes.
A die sentiment was covered with versamark, embossed with a WOW copper EP. While still warm from the heat gun, applied more versamark, EP, heat...Did this 3 times to get a very textured and dimensional appearance to the die cut that I liked.  Rounded off the corners, and called it done. Then put under a stack of acrylic stamp blocks to press out the curling watercolor front.  This will probably become a birthday card.
Ya'll have a grand day. Sharing a couple photos of the bathroom project...the demolition crew showed up Tuesday, in the rain. We'd had lovely days, so of course it's Murphy's Law, that it would rain on the day this tear out would take place. A bathroom window had to be dismantled in the pouring rain, so that the crew could toss the debris into a waiting dump truck. I could just envision them having difficulty replacing the sashes back in the track, and me being stuck with an open window and it raining. Pleased to report the crew were efficient, professional, and despite having to track in through the wet, left the area pretty clean. Hope the rest of this project will go as smoothly as this part did!
Come again when you can. Blessings.

The wood stuff was something from another project that was going to the dump. Our stuff is just the old marble walls and the glass blocks. Hopefully in a few weeks, I can share pictures of the finished project (fingers x'd!)



  1. I really like this card-I love the background and the shading. I have still to work with flakes(the crafty kind...already work with a couple of flakes). The bathroom will look grand! Can't wait to see the end result

  2. Beautiful texture and colours on this Mary, love the way you have done the sentiment, those flakes look wonderful.

    Glad to see your bathroom is clear of mess, now the good stuff happens? Look forward to seeing your finished room.

  3. Can't wait to see the finished bathroom but lov the glass blocks you took out.Great background on your card and beautiful butterfly-I am with you on the frantage front-I bought a set of five bottles ranging from the fine powder to bits like yours and I cannot get them to stick either the fine is okay but tends to look like an accidental spillage tbh and the big bits just fly off??? back in drawer!!!
    Carol x

  4. Beautiful card, Mary. Hope you like your new bathroom.

  5. The heaviness at the base of the card is just right such texture Great job . The other job I don't envy Construction is so stressful Will be happy for you when you post the end result .........Lis

  6. Beautiful card Mary, love the butterfly and textures, think I have those flakes in a few colours..not tried using them! not sure if Fran used to mix in with the Frantage powders!!! that should hold them on..
    Looks like your in a lovely when its done.
    Pam x

  7. Beautiful card Mary, I love the butterfly, cant wait to see the finished bathroom
    Kevin xx

  8. Your bathroom is going to look fabulous! Give it a little time and they'll have it all back in order before you know it - and you'll love it.

    Beautiful card Mary. Love the dimension on the sentiment with the multiple stamping of the Versa. As far as Frantage......I've never used the big flakes before. The other I just heat emboss from underneath (and then usually watch half of it fly across the room!!!)


  9. Love the stencilling in the background and the butterfly is gorgeous! Shame you have had issues with the flakes, I have not used mine yet but I wonder if Glossy Accents might keep them in place.... they do look lovely on your card.

    Looking forward to seeing the new bathroom now! Hugs, Anne xx

  10. I love your card Mary. The stencilling looks gorgeous as does your crapalanche butterfly. I love the black embossing with yellow colours. It's very striking. I know what you mean about the gilding flakes. It can ve very tricky to work with and when it get stuck on your fingers - I've been known to scrub my hands with a green kitchen scourer!

    The work seems to be going well. It's interesting to see the photos and I look forward to seeing the finished bathroom. I bet you do too. Hugs, Barbxx

  11. What a beautiful card, Mary!! The butterfly is gorgeous!! I love the background and the copper flakes!! I'm not sure what I would do differently to adhere've done everything I would have.

    Good luck with the remodel!! I can't wait to see the finished results!! Have a great evening :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  12. How many work on your background!But it come out really gorgous! The frantage looks great and just LOVE the dimension of the sentiment! Well done with the three embossing, and with the butterfly detal!!

  13. That's a really pretty card Mary, and a good heavy book works wonders to flatten those curly cards! The butterfly is gorgeous as well as the background! Good luck with that bathroom - you'll surely be happy when it's all finished!

  14. Well, I love it Mary! It might have given you some problems, but from our point of view it was worth it! What a shame your bathroom had to be dismantled, it looked lovely! Can't wait to see your new one when it's finished! Have a lovely evening my friend! Hazel xx
    My Card Attic

  15. So glad you persevered Mary - this is gorgeous - love all the copper, and the stenciled flowes are so very striking.

  16. Hi Mary, Loving the card. I've not heard of Frantage. Have you tried looking for videos on YouTube of people using it?

    I love the glass blocks in your bathroom.

    Hope you have a lovely card. Sue

  17. That is a really beautiful card Mary! Good luck with your new bathroom and I hope you love it!
    Xoxo Olga

  18. Beautiful card Mary!! I love the work with the flakes, I've never had much luck with mine. I love the butterfly, just amazing!! Wow, a bathroom overhaul, I look forward to seeing the finished project. If you have time, pop in on my blog today, I have a photo that I think you will love. hugs :)

  19. The card looks beautiful! Love the copper, butterfly and all the dimension uou made on it!
    With frantangle I learned that you have to heat it from under the card so it won't blow, but I haven't used it much jet...
    Hope the bathroom will look so good when they are finished! But that will take not more than a week normaly? Hope you can enjoy it soon!
    Hugs, Gerrina

  20. Fun card Mary! Can't help you on the flake part either! But I think it looks great just the way it is. Love the pretty butterfly too!

  21. Beautiful card Mary! The stenciled flowers on part of the card looks very effective. The coloring is beautiful & so are the copper flakes which I'm clueless about.

  22. Gorgeous butterfly and stenciled background, Mary! Love the dimension and texture the multiple embossing made on the Smile! Glad the demo is done. Now for the fun part!

  23. Hi Mary, beautiful card with fantastic background, the card in previous post is also a beauty. I'm sure the renovations are an inconvenience but you will enjoy your new bathroom. Take care, xx

  24. Mary, this is wonderful! Love the bright, bold colors! I also love reading your description. How creative you are with these products! I'd have never thought to use these products in such an imaginative way. Thanks for the inspiration!

  25. Gosh, I don't envy you the upheaval of having work done in the house! Your card is lovely, those bits of flake that stuck look really good - not overdone, and go so well with the embossed word. The butterfly looks terrific on the background.

  26. Really beautiful card. Love the colours and butterfly.

  27. Glad the bathroom work is progressing well Mary and another beautiful butterfly and such a pretty flake frontage with that really lovely stencil. x

  28. Beautiful butterfly and background Mary. The colours are so pretty and perfect with the copper accents. Does look like big flakes of copper ... have not seen that product before.

    Happy the demo went well. Hopefully the rebuild goes as smoothly. Fingers crossed. :) xx

  29. Wow this is fantastic Mary I really love the earthy colours and design
    lorraine x

  30. Pretty card - The only problem I have encountered with Frantage is that I have a heavy hand and tend to get too much on the card. Heat from underneath - have a hot heat tool - there seems to be a fine line between melting the product and burning the paper. You just have to go slow and watch it.
    I had surgery Wednesday so will probably fall behind once again!
    Are you taking out those glass bricks - I love them so much. Wish we had them here!
    Sandy xx

  31. The card is lovely and I'm sorry you had such a hard time. I just went and watched a frantage video on youtube to see what that is about. I have some of that stuff and never used it because I didn't know how so thanks for reminding me. I will try that next. The glass blocks in your bathroom are beautiful. What a shame you have to go through this.

  32. I haven't tried the big flakes yet, like the look, but sounds tricky to use... The card turned out beautiful, so well worth the efforts...

  33. Your card turned out beautiful Momma Mary, sorry you were having a hard time with it. It sure doesn't look like you did though!!! I've never used frontage, have looked at it on Amazon and I love what other people do with it, but just never ordered any as of yet. I hate to see that beautiful glass block wall go in your bathroom Momma Mary. But I know it has to be done, its just a shame. Hopefully this will go as painless as possible!! Hugs, Brenda


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