Purple Plum Tree
Thrift(Phlox) on low retaining wall

Our puny little redbud tree

verbena in mailbox bed
I was just outside taking some pictures of the beautiful blooming things around in our yard. Thought I'd share some of the pictures here. There is quite a bit of pruning work & yard work to get done, but I'd rather be making cards & playing on the computer! Hope you will enjoy the pictures.

Verbena by the front steps


  1. Your yard is beautiful! Nice pictures.

  2. Thank you. It's such a pretty day, I should be out doing some weeding & trimming. Allergy says "No, dummy, stay inside".

  3. Very pretty yard Mary! I planted Verbena and Dianthus so hoping in a year or two.... nice day here -- hoping you are having the same. Love your flowering trees too! Candee P


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