Good afternoon, and thanks for visiting. I am scheduled to have Achilles Tendon repair on 7/10 in the early afternoon, so I'm getting a post prepared now. I'm hoping to stamp up a bunch of images to color, as I will be totally off my feet for 2 wks, then on restricted walking for the next 4 wks. I am a klutz by nature, so crutches were out (I'd do even more damage!). I plan to bunk in our basement area, where all my stamp stuff is, a nice big screen tv with our dvr and all my old recorded movies. Also I have 15 stairs to navigate to get to our 'main floor', so the basement will be a better option post-surgery. Dr. said I could always bump on up the steps on my backside, to keep the weight off my foot! :-)

Got my kindle loaded with books, plus some 'real books' I've bought, not yet read. Nice big recliner to sleep in (won't be too easy to get in the bed with a boot cast according to the dr). DH carried a computer chair downstairs this afternoon, so if I can get from the recliner to the chair, I can roll myself to the bathroom. Taking my laptop downstairs too, so I can't think of any other playtoys I might need to amuse myself with. However, I won't be able to stand at the desk to make cards!!! (at least I doubt I shall!). I have a chair at the desk, but ...alas, I can't sit & stamp.  I have to stand. Weird I know...but true.  If the laptop works like it is supposed to, I can blog-surf. The keyboard feels so different from the regular pc keyboards, we fight a lot!!! KBoard usually wins. Also I'm not very dextrous with the touchpad on it, and have a USB mouse, but I need to think of what I can use as a solid surface to use on which to move the mouse about. After getting frustrated with the touchpad in the center of the keyboard, we bought this little mousie, and it works great. Anyway, I probably won't be posting much for a time...would appreciate a little prayer headed my way should you have time and think of it. I'm scheduling this post for the 12th, so I hope I get it done properly. Hope to see you in a few weeks, if not before. 


  1. OMGosh dear friend there'll be an e mail on the way shortly. Praying all goes well for you.
    Love and Big Hugs

  2. Hi Mary - by now you should have had the op. You kept that one quiet! Hope it all went well honey and that you recover well. Take care honey and I'll keep in touch by email. Your wonderful package arrived here and I'm totally thrilled, so kind, love and hugs, Di xxx

    PS I stand up to stamp too :)

  3. Hi Mary . . . wishing you a speedy recovery from your op and lots of happy hours reading/surfing in the meantime.

    Sarn xxx