Good evening and it's been a WON-derful day. First of all our daughter flew up last night from Fla. to accompany her hubby on a business trip to California. So while he was at work, she spent the day with us. They're leaving early in the morning, and will return on Sunday. Then she has to fly back to Fla on Wed. so maybe we can have Mon & Tues to enjoy her. I did get 2 outings today, one of which I got out of the car. Well, our area has really needed rain badly, and we woke up to thunder this morning. It has rained - either a gentle soak or a good pour - most of the day. When I decided to go out for lunch with DH & DD, it was just drizzly. I get in the car in our garage, so my slowness in maneuvering with this big boot wasn't a problem. DH pulled up to the restaurant door, and I was able to push the walker & hop-slide into the restaurant, since it has a fairly flat entry. So we eat, then we have to exit to the car. By now it's pouring. DH brings the car around,  DD gets the cardoor open, holds the restaurant door, while I slowly maneuver myself into the backseat. I got wet, but they both got drenched. I enjoyed lunch, but I sure would have reconsidered had I known the 2 of them would get so wet. DD had to leave to go pick up her hubby and go to their house up here. Our power went off. We have a natural gas generator that ties into our natural gas system in the area, so our main floor power stays on...for a minimum of things the air conditioning, the microwave, refrigerator, some lights. The basement was not set up for that as we wanted our main living area to be powered. Let me tell you, a basement, with ground level, small windows, gets VERY dark when no lights are on, and it's getting on towards dusk. After a little while of reading the kindle - which has a battery powered light - I decided I might try to navigate the stairs. Thought I could do the good foot, drag bad foot, but that didn't feel too cool, so I just sat down on the step, and bumped up...15 steps!!! The stairs come into our laundry room, then into the house proper. So at the top of the stairs, I grabbed the counter of the laundry sink with my left hand, and DH got underneath my arms, and hoisted me up. I propped on one leg, holding onto the counter, while he ran downstairs to bring up the walker. Now, I can sit in a different recliner...which was nice. Took off the boot for the first time. I slept in it last night, as I have to make many bathroom trips. Was concerned I'd either get up half-asleep, not think to put it on, or not be able to fasten it by myself. So it's been on, since the nurse put me in it yesterday. The dr. had said I can take it off when I'm sitting or sleeping, and I can take it off to shower. Well, then DH asks if I wanted to try to shower in our master bath. It's a big shower, but you have 2 'ledges' to get over to get into the shower. There's a 'drip pan' entry, then you step into the shower, which has a seat in it. (More on that in a minute). We do have a very strong safety bar in both our main floor showers...thinking ahead when we built this house. (Wish I'd thought to have a roll in shower!). Anyway, with much effort on DH's part, we got me in the shower, sitting on the seat. Now this seat seems pretty large, until I got my behind on it! I MUST have been a lot skinnier when we built this house 10 yrs ago! Felt like I was about to slide off it when it got wet, so I hung onto the safety bar with one hand, braced my good foot while holding the bad one up, soaped up with one hand. This shower has 2 heads, one of which has a long hose (for cleaning the shower, but it worked good for cleaning ME too!). DH got in & was gonna take his shower while keeping an eye on me. I could just picture me falling, him trying to help me get up, slide down himself, and then the EMT's have to come in to rescue 2 wet naked seniors! I got to giggling at the image, DH wanted to know what was so funny - and he didn't think THAT was too amusing either!!! Anyway, I'm staying upstairs tonight, and I was able to get back on my regular pc, instead of the laptop. Hope I gave you a chuckle at the mental imagery....See you again soon. Hopefully one of these days I'll be able to post some cards again. Thanks for stopping in.


  1. Hi Mary H,
    Thank you for directing me to the post about onion peeling on Darnell's site. You are right, it is so appropriate for me.

    I hope you are doing well, manuevering around in your "boot." I grew up in California, in the San Joaquin Valley. Where are you?

    Again, thank yo for the lovely comment and the inspiration!!!


  2. I went to look at your profile and see that you are in South Carolina (not CA). Another beautiful state!


  3. Hi Mary,

    I'm getting a chance to come by and catch up with you. But this last post, between the rain and the two of you in the shower, OMG, what a mental picture you painted!! I'm SO glad DH didn't fall on you, or you fall and cause him to fall ... did either of you even think to have a phone within reach during all these dangerous shower escapades??! (That info might have been in a post I missed.) I hope you do!

    I'm so proud of you for recuperating so well, and on time, and pleasing the doctor. And, as you say, I'm sure DH is happy too! It sounds as if you've whittled this onion down to just a wee bit left. Hurray!! Happy days will soon be here again!!


  4. Wishing you a speedy recovery, great to see the funny side of otherwise frustrating situations, the image of the faces of EMt's at wet naked seniors would be priceless!

    1. Hi Cathy, Yes, the mental image of their faces at having to get us up, was what set me giggling. It would have been SO embarrassing....Thanks for leaving a comment

  5. Gosh! No wonder you had a giggle at my joke! Though you sounded like you had fun(!) yourself!
    Get well soon and thanks for popping by!

  6. Oh Mary, I'm just sorting out your snippets link here - goodness knows why but it's sending me to somewhere unauthorised. It's easy to sort out but then I found this posting - sorry honey, I just laughed and laughed about the shower scenario. Isn't it funny the situations we get into whilst recuperating - but no way would you want to be rescued by emergency services in THAT situation :)) Hugs, Di xx


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