Hello Bloggers. Oh Happy Day! I got my cast off today, the dr. was very pleased with my healing. Now I have a plastic boot, which goes on with velcro. It feels heavier than the cast did, but perhaps that is just because it is something different. The cast felt heavy at first also,but I got accustomed to moving around with it, holding my leg up. I can put weight on the foot now, as long as I have the boot on. I can take the boot off when I'm sitting or sleeping. As yet, I've only taken a few steps with the boot,  holding onto the walker. I had to get a thick soled shoe (a tennis shoe) on the opposite foot, so I don't throw something out of whack, as I'd be very unbalanced in just a sock foot with the boot on the other foot. I did manage to get part way to the bathroom this evening, again holding onto the walker, sort of a hop-slide motion with my feet. Then I decided, "Oh better get me down in the walker", so I rolled the remaining distance. Next time, I'll try to take a few more steps, get a bit further. At least now when I shower, I don't have to bag & tape. The dr. said I'm ok to get in the shower without the boot on, but that's the only time I can have any weight on the foot sans boot. I'm so thankful I've done well, and I'm sure my DH is even more thankful than I, that this is coming to an end. I was told I could go up the stairs to our main floor if I felt up to doing so. I didn't this evening, and don't think I will for a few days yet. If I get upstairs, I may not be able to get back downstairs, and all my 'toys' are down here. DH would have to lug them all upstairs, and some of them he couldn't! So ya'll have a wonderful week, and thanks for visiting.

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  1. Hi Mary

    Well done you, progress in the right direction (including the loo, grin)! You're getting there Mary - gold stars for patience - it will be so worthwhile in the end. Hugs, Di xx


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