Happy Friday! Today was another outing day. DH asked if I felt up to a little ride to my favorite stamping store (Scrapbook Creations in Spartanburg, SC - about 45 minutes away from where we live). I expect my eyes rolled a bit, as I was surprised he wanted to take me 'shopping'. This lovely store also has a great cafe, so I suspect he really had an ulterior motive (not to worry about what to fix for lunch!). But whatever, I didn't wait to be asked twice. Scrambled to get into some regular clothes, as I've been wearing what I call a 'floater' type of garment while recuperating. Makes life much easier. We had a pleasant drive up to Scrapbook, and DH helped me out of the car, into the walker, then into the store. Fortunately it has a flat entrance so I didn't have to try to bump the walker up any steps. The store was holding a couple of things that I had ordered a few weeks ago, which came in while I've been incapacitated. I was happy to be able to pick them up, along with some shimmer sheetz and Elizabeth Craft rub-ons that I use for the Ritz Glitter cards. I was being super careful to avoid bumping into a display & spill everything as I rolled around in the walker . After a fast shopping trip in a small part of the store, we had a delicious lunch, drove back home, and I was quiet ready to get back in the chair & elevate my foot.

On Wednesday I received the most delightful package from my blogging friend, Candee, of She had a post about a super deal at her local A C Moore on Darice embossing folders. I had made a comment about how lucky she is - she's always finding bargains! - so she very kindly made a trip back to the store, and got some of the folders for me. It was very much like Christmas in July when I opened the package, and got to see all the goodies. I LOVE embossing folders. How kind is that for someone to do for you??? I was so pleased.

Anyway, I have 2 1/2 more days in the present cast, and I see the orthopedic doctor on Monday afternoon. Can't wait! So thanks for dropping in, and ya'll have a wonderful weekend. Catch you later.


  1. Great news Mary, an outing would have been such a nice change. And how kind of Candee - off to look at her blog right now :)

    Hugs, Di xx

  2. Sounds like the outing was a bit of a pick-you-up even though it took a lot out of you. And how lovely to receive a package from your friend Candee too. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Elizabeth


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