First Gelli Plate Print

Good afternoon Friends and it's been a busy week for us. Lots of medical appointments (for DH), go early, sit & wait. This morning was an 8am appointment to get some results of an earlier test, and guess what? We had the schedule card, but the computer did not list DH's appointment. Sooo...he had to be worked in 3+ hours later. Rather than sit around in a germy office, we left, had breakfast, came home and then returned at the new scheduled work-in time. The results were happily received, and thanks to all who were saying prayers for DH. I know those prayers were heard.

Before I go any further, let me say a big warm Welcome to 2 new followers:

Jacee of Simply Paper and Bea L. from Fall Foods. I hope that Bea's link will work for you, as I had a bit of trouble with this link. Bea is on Google Circles and I'm not able to access her blog that way. I appreciate both of you taking the time to become followers, and sorry I was so slow in introducing you here! Please do take time to visit these fabulous artists.

Also I would like to thank all who left comments on The Creative Blog Hop post. I got some very sweet comments and did those ever make me feel so good. I had 2 bloggers that I tagged, Brenda (Friends Craftin' with Friends) and Veerle(Veerle Her Little Card Corner). Let me add my 3rd taggee, Irish Cherokee (Love the Details). At first Cherokee didn't know if he would have the time to participate, but after my post was published, I got a nice email telling me that circumstances had changed enough that he could play along in TCBH. So here's just a little bit about Irish Cherokee (in his own words). Just FYI, his wife ALSO has a blog.

I have been married for 51 years on the last day of this month. I made an alter call early in my teen years and fully entered as a born again Christian in 1971. I have been devoted to the Lord ever since. I held most jobs in the building trades over the years including licensed plumber, maintenance man in a local bakery, various jobs in stores and temp services. I spent nearly 20 years in the telephone industry. I was a truck driver, lineman and installer until the breakup of this particular telephone company. At that point I transferred to another communications company as a systems installer and later was promoted to a managers job as a technical customer support specialist (essentially a systems trainer & trouble shooter). I was forced to retire due to pending company layoffs.  My final job with a major corporation was checking for errors, fraud and the overall correctness of incoming and outgoing monies. From there is mostly a hodge podge of jobs including 2+ years with various home improvement & department stores. At this point I had enough of the corporate world and just went on full retirement. Several years ago I started coloring for my DW Jill. In the last week of December of 2013, I started my blog Love the Details.

 All 3 of these wonderful bloggers will have a more detailed post on Monday, August 25, and you can find out more about how each of them started to develop their creativity, and what their lives are like. This has been such fun, and I thank each of these busy bloggers for graciously saying yes to being tagged. Ditto to the ones in line ahead of me, who passed along the fun.
I've had several things in the works, and here's one of them. My first Gelli print. I've been inspired lately by Pat(Colourful Card Creations) and Elizabeth (The Silverscrapper's Craft Space). Of course there are some other blogs on which I've enjoyed seeing Gelli plate work, but these 2 names are in my most recent access memory.  I had a little play the other afternoon after we had returned home from errands on a very hot day. Here's the resulting card:
- Background was made using the gelli; the leaf was made with alcohol inks and the silver side of a soda can which was die cut with a maple leaf. The leaf has been floating around on my desk for a bit, and when I was adhering it to the white background, realized a tiny tip had broken off. Hence the blue butterfly - which was a Dollar Store find. (A bunch of blue & pink plastic party favor type of thing). A dark blue copic changed the intensity of the blue, and dark gray colored the insect's body. The sentiment is a sticker & think this shall be a birthday card after I add the appropriate inside verse.
Here's some of the process pictures.
Paints used on the gelli plate

2 prints pulled. The white print was #2

This is all the supplies used. Underneath the prints is the stencil that was laid on the gelli plate before pulling the 2 prints. I could have done some more prints, but stopped here.  This is my very first play with the 6x6 gelli. It was fun, and I plan to do some more experimenting with this fun technique. I need to have some quiet time, however, when I am not feeling rushed or having to concentrate on other matters.

Hope you've all had a good week, and are looking forward to the weekend. I should have a couple more posts soon, as I've got some things finished ready to share. Just needed a quiet time to sit down and write up a post! Thanks for visiting, and apologies for a long post once again. I promise the next one will be short! Hugs & Blessings. 


  1. Hi Mary,
    I love your card. I've heard quit a bit about this gelli plate and seen some things made with it. I cannot buy it overhere. The only way to get it is to order in the UK. Love the maple leaf aswell and so special made out of a tin can. Hugs from Veerle xxx

  2. What a beautiful card, Mary!! The gelli plate background looks amazing!! I've wanted one for a while but haven't purchased one yet. You have inspired me!! The leaf and butterfly are gorgeous!! I'm glad the news was good with your DH!! Happy Friday :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. The gorgeous leaf looks like it was plucked from the tree! It's so lifelike and just stunning! The pops of blue color really are outstanding! Simply stunning and so perfect for the upcoming autumn season!

  4. Excellent card Mary. You sure did have fun with the Gelli. Nice job with the leaf and beautiful butterfly. - Jim

  5. I'm so glad that tip broke off because I LOVE that bright blue butterfly on here. The can leaves are so gorgeous and as far as the background.....stunning! A beautiful card Mary.
    Glad your hubby is ok!
    Can't wait to see Jim's (Cherokee) post now!


  6. Mary, I love that soda can leaf and the alcohol inks. Wow, it's beautiful. And, your background is fabulous, too. I think you have mastered working with Gelli plate. I must get mine out and play. I played around today trying to make a card but it just never worked out. I'll give it another try soon.

    Have a fabulous weekend. It has finally gotten roaring hot here and the humidity is unbearable.

  7. Another winner. Love what you created with the Gelli plate! Another thing for the list! Soda can leaves - amazing too! All around winner Mary. Well done!

  8. Love it Mary but you have put me to shame as I have had my gelli plate for over a month now and it's still in the packet...with dad being ill I must admit I had forgotten about my bag of stash I received from the hope I can be inspired by your creation and get my finger out head down, backside up and experiment.xxxx♥aNNie The Journey is the Start

  9. Your card is so lovely! You always amaze me with your zest for new techniwues and you seem to take to learning them like a duck to water.
    I am such a chicken about new things...I procrastinate and think and ponder the directions before I pluck up the courage to try!

    I look forward to ready more on Irish Cherokee soon!

  10. Hi Mary,
    you are very brave using a gelli plate.
    It frightens me no end.
    Love your superb card made with it.
    The gelli plate background is superb, and I love your soda can Maple Leaf.
    So glad all worked out okay at you appointment.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  11. So glad your hubby got good results.

    Loving the card.

    Hope you have a lovely day.

  12. I've heard the mention of the Gelli plate but need to look into it and see what it is. Love the background it created and that beautiful leaf! Glad you got a good report at the Dr. It can be very stressful and scary waiting for those results! Have a great weekend!

  13. This leaf is stunning. I must try a tin can creation. I don't know what a Gelli plate is but the background is really pretty. The card came out great. I'm glad hubby's tests came back well. That always gives you such a feeling of relief.

  14. I still haven't used my gelling plate but you have made me wanting to try mine!!!
    Wonderful card with such pretty colors.
    It's gonna be hot, hot, hot here today. Now we get summer!!!
    Sandy xx

  15. Absolutely beautiful, Mary. I've never had the courage to take on the Gelli plate... I think it's way beyond my skill level. But you've inspired me to give it a go. Thank YOU for that. Have a great weekend and see ya tomorrow!
    hugs, hugs, Asha

  16. Gorgeous card Mary. Have not tried a gelli plate yet (on my wish list) ... sure makes a gorgeous background. Love the colors of your maple leaf - so beautiful. Loll xx

  17. Gelli plate - nah! stick to my digi. Too frightened of things like that. You have done a beautiful job though and it is beautiful.

    Glad all is well with hubby.

  18. This is a lovely card Mary, and your gelli plate background is wonderful, it really came out well. Thank you for the shout out but you're a natural at this. What a great idea to use a soda can to cut the leaf from and it has taken the alcohol inks splendidly. Pretty butterfly too. Glad Irish Cherokee managed to join in the hop after all. x

  19. Beautiful card love the background and beautiful leaf-I have heard alot about the gelli plate but never seen one used will have to check it out
    Carol x

  20. You got some great results from your first gelli plate play. I have not succumbed to getting one yet but I do like the results I've seen around in blogland. I love the metal leaf as well. I have seen lots of projects using drink cans in magazines but it is something else that I haven't tried.
    Jean x

  21. What a stunning card Mary - love that leaf - it is so realistic, and the pops of blue complement the colours of the leaf perfectly. The gelli print is fabulous, and the perfect background.

  22. This is so beautiful Momma Mary! I love that butterfly and was stunned to learn it was a $ store find. lol Just goes to show you, you can find beauties in all places! I love that background you made with your Gelli plate, it looks so beautiful. I would not be brave enough to work with one of those Gelli Plates. lol I watch one video on them and said, "no way". lol You will do fabulous with it though like you do with all things new you try. I also loved reading more about Irish Cherokee! Hugs, Brenda

  23. No, no, no! Please do not tempt me with a Gelli plate! I've been wondering if I want one and your background is stunning Mary, absolutely stunning. Time to sit on hands and remember that I have more Brusho's and Pan Pastel's coming! Karen x

  24. I love your leaf. I cut dies from 'pop' cans once but i was afraid it would blunt my dies if I did it too often.
    I have also got a gelli plate, but i must admit it is underused. On my first attempt I made a huge pile of BP but most f them are still in a box!
    Kate x

  25. Absolutely beautiful, Mary. You saved the leaf in a lovely way :)

  26. You really are a clever and very busy girl, Glad DH news is good.
    xxx love for to day.


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