Recycled Birds

Howdy, and welcome. Remember I mentioned Rose Night and a tv show in a previous blog? Well here's some of the paper roses I'm trying to learn to make..on this recycled card. Which, by the way, was a computer generated card from a card program. Found this one when going through bunches of old cards as we've been decluttering. Liked the bluebirds and hmmmm....

- S/B Classic Square die for a portion of this card, which was made by a SIL for my birthday, many years ago. On the right corner dogwood motif, another section was fussy cut, so that a 2nd layer could be shaped and adhered over the base flowers.

- top fold base card was embossed with Couture Creations Fresh & Fun Collection, Petal Pleasures, then scored at the bottom edge.

- Impression Obsession sentiment stamp inked with Memento Wedding Dress Deluxe (white pigment) and heat embossed with Ranger Fine Detail Clear EP, diecut with a S/B label die. This is another card to have available for whatever occasion is warranted. The inside sentiment will determine what it's used for.

- roses from d/p 5 petal punch - 5 layers of punches. Stamens and leaves were from a snippet of previously sprayed paper using shades of Dylusions greens & yellow. The stamen punch was McGill spiky starburst type of punch. I get discouraged when trying to make these flowers - as I see so many lovely ones on blogs that I vist. Mine never turn out so pretty, but I keep trying to get them to look better. Maybe one of these days!

Thanks for joining me this afternoon. Big Hugs & hope you're having a lovely afternoon where you are.

Edit: Since this is a scheduled post and I'm trying to catch up on some other things, I'll just say that the Fish Camp was a fun experience. Seven couples from our subdivision drove down. My #2 Bro & SIL who live down the street from us - in the same community and know all the other couples much better than we do - rode along with us. It was a pleasant drive down the interstate and then on a little state country road. The restaurant was a huge tin-like building, quite rustic, picnic type table setting. Very clean & considering it was a Saturday evening, not crowded. But lots of patrons. Everything I tried from the buffet table was most delicious. And some excellent ice tea. I think all but DH - who is trying to lose some weight per his cardiologist - waddled out. He ate heartily, but not heavily - as did the rest of us. Yep, it was fried food! But not greasy or heavy tasting, and the batters were very light on the several varieties of fish, shrimp, oysters (which I don't eat) and oh yes, fried okra. Now anyone who doesn't know what okra is, ask & I'll try to explain another Southern staple. Best fried!


  1. Hi Mary, lovely card and a great way to recycle the pretty bluebirds. Your flowers are gorgeous. The fish camp trip sounds like so much fun. Elizabeth xx

  2. Mary, sorry I haven't been commenting for a few days with being on holiday I just haven't had time. Got to say I love your cards that you have posted over the last few days, also to days one. Your flowers are gorgeous don't do yourself down. Hazel xx

  3. I agree that okra is best fried! And yummy at that! Love these bluebirds, Mary! We had 2 baby bluebirds at the feeder this morning. They are still spotted and only their tails are blue. They were flitting about quite awkwardly and knocking the other birds off the feeder.

  4. So beautiful, love the colours.

    Your "outing" sounds wonderful and fattening, - great!

    PS Could you let me know the first book, so that I can start on that. Thanks.

  5. I think this card is lovely. It is so good to use old cards.

    I don't know what Okra is.

    Hope you have a good week ahead.

  6. This is gorgeous Mary love the flowers huggles Sue xx

  7. Beautiful card Mary, love the colours, the birds and of course your flowers. Nothing wrong with them.
    Your Southern "feast" sounds delicious Mmmmmm!!! I can almost smell it but would certainly love to "taste" it all.
    Have a wonderful week ahead.

    Patricia xx

  8. Really lovely card Mary and great re-cycled products, the flowers look great to me as I am afraid I have packed up even trying. lol.

    Kath x

  9. OH Mary...I think you have mastered flower making. They look so pretty on your card.
    That sentiment is wonderful...beautiful font and lovely in the embossed silver.

    Another great card Mary...

    Now, that fish camp sounds fab. I laughed when you said you all waddled out. How nice to go with neighbours and how nice to live in the same housing neighbourhood as your family!

  10. Me is birch trees. I have the single tree die and plan to make a stencil with it so I can do more tree backgrounds!

  11. I've never had okra! LOL Glad you had a fun time, and your card is just beautiful in that lovely lilac color! You've recycled well :)

  12. This is so gorgeous, Mary!! The bluebirds are beautiful!! I love the colors and flowers!! What a fabulous card!!

    I'm so disappointed today...I had asked my parents to tape Outlander, thinking they had Starz. Well they did - until they switched cable providers. So I didn't get to tape Outlander like I thought. So sad :( I hope it comes out on dvd :( I may have to reread the book just to get over it ;)

    Have a great evening!!

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  13. Hi Mary!! My email address is: indymermaid(at) :)

    Have a wonderful evening my friend :)

  14. Mary, your roses are gorgeous!! You don't need any help with those at all and yours are just as pretty as any I've seen! Beautiful card too and love the design on this. The placement of the sentiment is fantastic!

    LOL! I just fixed fried okra night before last! Yep, can't beat it! Your fish/shrimp, etc. buffet sounds yummy! I don't "do" the oysters either. Glad y'all had a good time.


  15. Hmmm that Fish Camp sounds heavenly. Your card is beautiful Mary, and I think you are being too hard on yourself as the flowers are very pretty.

  16. Gorgeous creation once again Mary, fab colours/sorry for just a quick response, tired... ♥aNNie xx
    [am home for a while been with dad all day, tried to get fluids into him via a syringe, he is not well at all :(]The Journey is the Start

  17. Hi there Mary,
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my vintage-men card. Much appreciated. I too could use another friend, so I'll be glad to become yours and I joined inn at your blog aswell. I'm really looking foreward to this new friendship. I have seen a lot of beautiful cards here and like me I can see you do not cling to one particular style but you make all kinds of different styles and techniques so I really look foreward for us to join in on this crafty road together. Lots of greetings and see you soon my friend. Hugs, Veerle xxx

  18. Awesome card!! Sounds like you all had a great time at the fish camp

  19. Your card and your roses are beautiful, Mary. How cool that you recycled the lovely birds. I like fried okra, which I seldom eat because it's fried. Other than that way, I only eat okra cut up in a nice pot of black eye peas and
    tomatoes - so good! I can't stand it whole or by itself.

  20. Mary, your recycled birds are really pretty and so are your roses. Flowers are so fun to make.

    Glad you enjoyed your Fish Camp outing and were able to 'waddle' out of there. LOL Have you ever eaten boiled okra? So slimy, but I do love it fried.

  21. Hi Mary,

    What a beautiful card. I love the vintage birds and the flowers you made are very cool!

    Hmm, I need to lose weight but the buffet sounds yummy. It's interesting that some batters are so light and not greasy at all. Then the flavor of the fish really comes through. Oh, I love fried okra. Even though I grew up in California. My dad was from Alabama/Georgia and my mom came to California from Oklahoma as a child (in the early 40s). Pickled okra is pretty good too!


  22. Super cute card and a really good idea, should do this with my Christmas cards I've received

  23. This is just gorgeous!! :) Beautiful birds :)

  24. What a beautiful card Momma Mary! I love those beautiful bluebirds and your roses are amazing. You need to keep making them. I thought they were store bought, so you are doing great with them!!! Oh my now I am really wishing I was down there to go to the Fish Camp, my belly is rumbling over all that great food. Well except for the okra-I never liked okra. I guess when my mom and aunt but it in soup, that did me in. lol I've tried eating the fried okra again and still just can't seem to learn to like it. lol Hugs, Brenda

  25. Very pretty recycling and love the flowers -Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog
    Carol x

  26. Pretty card! I'm always drawn to bird cards...
    Mary, thank you so much for all the nice comments you have left on my blog...I've had a lot of catching up to do here. I have missed so many of the pretty cards that you have posted. I won't go into a lot of boring detail...but I'm having trouble with my It makes it harder these days to be on the computer...

  27. Beautiful card and I love those sweet birds, they add so much elegance to your card.

  28. Eating my dinner while I post this or I would be raiding the kitchen after your description of the food, Mary! and I do need to lose. The card is so pretty a. I like the way you framed those pretty blue birds and you are getting your handmade flowers down to a fine art!! The colors are wonderful too!

  29. Beautiful card - you are like old faithful, you keep going and going!
    Sandy xx


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