Spellbinder Delicate Doily Die

Happy Saturday and welcome. Anybody watching the Outlander Series on Starz? I loved the books - all of them. Just finished reading the latest one (Written in My Own Heart's Blood - or MOBY) by Diana Gabaldon. If you enjoy historical fiction, with accurate research and a good love story, these books are fabulous. I read the 2nd one in the series first, then hunted up the 1st book as I knew there had to be a 'beginning'. This lady is a fantastic storyteller, writes very believeable dialogue - not silly like you see in so many love stories, and her research is incredible too. Lots of history - and she takes a rather dubious premise of time travel and MAKES YOU BELIEVE IT! Anyway, I watched the 1st episode which our cable provider showed last week, but the official start is tonight. I was so pleased that the move is following the book fairly well. If you're a fan, I'd love to know what your thoughts are.

OK, here is today's card:

- a snippet of dp from the Colorbok Water Color theme 12x12 pack, die cut with the S/B Delicate Doily. Scored on the edges. Then embossed. Had it taped in 2 places as it was embossed, and the paper still shifted just a tiny mite. So aggravating, and I have the magnetic platform too, but didn't bother to use it, as thought the tape would keep it stable. Bright orange paper behind the openings. Tried different colors, liked the orange best. Happy colors I think.

-Impression Obsession cling stamp sentiment using Memento Rich Cocoa Deluxe (pigment) and heat embossed with Ranger Clear Fine Detail EP. This card is slightly smaller than I usually make, but this was the size of the snippet, so therefore..... It can be used for general purposes depending on what sentiment goes on the inside.

Thanks for joining me this afternoon. Hope you're having a terrific day. We're going to a Fish Camp with some neighbors this evening..about an hour away from where we live. Hope the food is good. If you don't know what a Fish Camp is, that's a southern term for a place where one gets fish (usually fried but can be fixed in other ways too), hush puppies (made from corn meal for those who don't know that term - again southern fried food)..and other side veggies. We'll get our cholesterol fix for the year. Big Hugs, and come again when you can.


  1. That orange is very pretty behind that doily, Mary. Your card looks full of wonderful sunshine. It is so rainy and having thunderstorms here now and all weekend. Yuck!

    Haven't seen the Outlanders...we probably don't get it. But, it does sound good. I like a love story and I really like a good mystery.

    This southern has never heard of Fish Camp but I sure do like hushpuppies. YUmmmmmmmmmmmmmy

  2. Beautiful happy colours for your stunning card, love it.
    Never heard of the "Outlanders" we might get in a few years time!!!
    Now all this Southern Food sounds so good. I love trying different foods when we are in the States. There are so many combinations. You could eat something different everyday in every State and never get to the end......!!
    Would be great fun trying though.
    Have a great weekend

    Patricia xx

  3. Hi Mary,
    what a very beautiful and sunshiny card.
    Love that doily cut out of the center, and the orange backing is fab.
    Hope you enjoy your evening out.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  4. This is gorgeous Mary. I love the doily and the colours are so beautiful.
    Will have to go and investigate Outlanders - sounds fab.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
    Hugs Sharon. x

  5. A very sunshiny card Mary. That is a very pretty die and it looks lovely with the orange colour showing through.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Jean x

  6. This is such a gorgeous card, Mary, I love the peep of orange behind the fab die-cut!

    I DID NOT KNOW that there are more Outlander books!!!!! I'll be downloading them onto my Kindle tonight!!

    Have a wonderful time at the Fish Camp, it sounds like fun!

    love Mags B x

  7. Love the orange and yellow, nice bright and Summery, love the die and hope you didn't have as much bother getting all the little bits out of it like I have just had with a snowflake die for my next RD challenge.
    Made a note of the author and will look for a download for my kindle to give her a go. Thanks for that.

    Kath x

  8. Love me some Hush Puupies but never heard the term fish camp!

    I was introduced to Low Country Boil when I was in Savannah! Mmmmm Mmmm Good! I have recreated it here at hime...once i fond the Old Bay Seasoning!

    Your card is gorgeous. Love the hot colours and the beautiful die!

  9. Gosh Mary, I am learning a lot here - Outlanders, Fish Camp and hush puppies - all new to me but at least I can comment on your beautiful card. I love that doily die and the orange colour behind is so summery and warm - I love it! Hugs, Anne xx

  10. This is beautiful Mary,I love the design and the colours.
    Kevin xx

  11. Great CAS card and love the intricate die and Happy summery colours -hope you enjoyed your evening
    carol x

  12. The orange is perfect with the yellow front! This makes such a pretty card! Outlander has been on my to read list for ages. I plan to get to it very soon. Think I'll get it on my Kindle since it's a big one. Glad the movie is following it closely.

  13. How cheery, Miss Mary! I have not read all the Outlander books yet, but do enjoy reading, especially accurate historic novels - but I'm an avid reader of just about any subject matter because I find the world so fascinating with all the scientific discoveries, the beauty of other cultures, the amazing thoughts, philosophies and challenges others have faced. It's such an honor to be traveling this world at this current time and place, and be part of the tapestry of life.

    You have been busy! Your happy birthday rose card is lovely. The watermelon Time is beautifully colored and assembled! Love the others, too, your nature resist, cute little critters (love the pengies!) and your Christmas cards, too! hugs, de

  14. What a beautiful card!! The die you used is so pretty!! The orange background is fabulous!!

    Oh my gosh, I LOVED the Outlander books!! I was so hooked on the series!! I have to tape the show on Starz...not sure when I can watch it but I can't wait!! I'm glad it's staying true to the books!! Have a great weekend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  15. Wonderful card Mary - so bright and cheerful. That meal sounds divine!

  16. Hi Mary - wowzers, what a beautiful card - I always love bright colors! So pretty and summery!

  17. Your card looks like sunrise, Mary - it's quite beautiful. You've used another fantastic die. You must have zillions of them - LOL! Have fun at your fish camp (something I've never heard of before)!

  18. Brilliant card, design, colours and it's just perfect as always I don't thing have ever not had a brilliantly perfect card Mary......blogger is having hissy fits again. My computer is running much better nice and cleaned being de fragged but it's blogger....xx
    The Journey is the Start

  19. That's a mighty pretty die cut on this card, and I love that it's backed with a bright color! Very pretty, and I hope you enjoyed fish camp too :)

  20. Wonderful card! Made me smile!
    So yeah, happy colors!
    I have read quite a few Diana Gabaldon Outlanders, I'll have to see if I'm caught up!
    They've been advertising the series here too! Going to make a card later, might have to see what's on TV!

  21. Lovely card. the colours are very cheery.

    Hush Puppies here(UK)are a make of shoe:)

    Hope you have a fab day.

  22. Beautiful card Mary that is such a cool die to use to I like the pop of the orange background. Just lovely

  23. The yellow and orange together is stunning - and so is this card! WOWSERS!!!! Fantastic!!!!

    Yes, I know what a Fish Camp is - and also those wonderful hush puppies! How y'all had a good time and remember.....a little fried food is good for the soul every so often! Besides that, it tastes wonderful!


  24. I love love your card orange was the right choice.

    Thanks for the book sound off, will have to look this up. Sounds really good.

    Enjoy your "fish camp"

  25. A really pretty die Mary and lovely summery colours for this quite CAS and beautiful card. x

  26. Sorry Mary, before I signed off I meant to say do have a lovely evening. I love all sorts of fish but DH mostly likes his well disguised or first choice is battered which of course is the typically English way. Anyway enjoy! x

  27. It's always a treat catching up with you, Miss Mary! I am drooling over the thought of what the Wisconsinites call Friday Night Fish Fry. SO GOOD!!

    Your cards are always so lovely! I think you have a real kanack for design and I appreciate how you come up with each idea!

    Good luck with the cabinet doors!! It's going to be so nice to have it done! Hugs, Darnell

  28. Stunning card Mary, love the colours and the die you used.

    Warm hugs

  29. Fun, bright and looks like summer to me :) Great colors Mary. Hope you had a wonderful dinner at Fish Camp! Loll xx

  30. So pretty, I love red and yellow together.
    Sandy xx

  31. I have not seen or read this book and movie you are talking about Momma Mary, but it does sound really good and I just may have to try and find the books. I don't think we have the Starz channel, but will check to be sure. I am so loving this beautiful card! The doily is amazing and so beautiful. I love the yellow watercolor paper and I love the orange behind it. Yes, very happy colors indeed!! Oh my your Fish Camp supper sounds so good and leaves me longing for a fish fry at my Aunt's house with the fish my Uncle catches. My Aunt makes hush puppies too, oh my I just have always loved them so much-of course my waistline does not!!! lol Hugs, Brenda

  32. This is a pretty bright and cheery! Nicely done!

  33. Wow...what a gorgeous card!


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