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Hello, Happy Sunday. As you read this post, I will be at my family reunion. This was one of the fast cards I was trying to finish so I'd have some posts to schedule. I have had some lovely Penny Black stickers (or stickeroos as my UK friends call 'em) for several years. I really never know how to use them to best effect - unlike my buddy Miss Pixie - she of great Playground fame. <g>. This sheet of stickers has been on my desk for some time, waiting for inspiration. In my quest to get things ready a bit faster than my usual slow pace of coloring & deciding how to make a card, I finally took the plunge. I love roses, which is why I bought this sheet of stickers (PB Vintage Greetings - 2004).

Without further babbling, here goes:

- cardbase is an olive green textured Bazzill

- Spellbinder Persian motif corners with Paper Studio gold textured paper; S/Binder Persian medallion cut in half, adhered at top & bottom of the sticker. This paper was a leftover snippet, and I just liked the colors with the vintage look of the sticker. The snippet paper was from a 12x12 pack of 'something'...

- PB Vintage Rose

- light green rhinestones

Not sure what occasion this card will fill; I have some birthdays, and family anniversaries coming up. If I can't get the anniversary covered in time, this can pinch hit, don't you think?

Thanks for visiting, and come again soon. Have a lovely afternoon. Hugs


  1. Your card is stunning Mary, love everything about it! Hope the reunion is going well. Hugs, Anne x

  2. Hi Mary,

    Oh, I love the card!!!! I hope you had a wonderful time at the family reunion. My relatives have been sharing photos on FB lately and I'm loving it. I'm thinking of starting a blog to try to get it all organized.

    I've been MIA for a while. No nibbles on the condo and I've seriously thought of just taking it off the market for a while. I think I'll extend my adds until the middle of June then if nothing happens take it off. We'll see what happens.


  3. I didn't realize that was a sticker Mary! lol I thought "man she did a good job coloring that rose!" I love roses too, ok I love flowers in any shape, color or form! This card is just beautiful my friend, I love the SB frame and let me tell you this card doesn't look like it was quick! I hope you are having a splendid time at your reunion!!

  4. Very well done, my goodness a sticker, shows what we can do with a lovely sticker and a bit of imagination.


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