Howdy Folks, and hope your day is going great. By the time you read this scheduled post, I should be in Washington, DC, trying to find the hotel. Have I ever mentioned that DH & I are both very directionally challenged? We got a new Road Atlas & have a GPS on the pickup. Bet we still get lost!

I did get 2 more quick Penny Black sticker cards finished. Alas, didn't have time to photograph, and it's very, very late (or I should say very early in the am). We have to head out for the family reunion pretty early (no problem, I'll sleep on the road...we travel together a lot better if I do that. Better for both our nerves cuz I'm a "OOOHH" type of  passenger.) I will just have to drag my sleepy self out of bed, throw some clothes in the luggage, pack some meds and the new machines..& off we'll go.

I just wanted to pop in quickly before shutting down pc operations to say Hi & Bye, see ya when I get back. Ya'll Playground folks, play nice now, ya heah? Hugs.

Edit: I scheduled this post at home, before I realized we would take the this post was written before the one I wrote about our road adventures (otherwise known as GPS challenged Crows). LOL


  1. LOL>..well, I hope you directionaly challenged people find your way safely to the reunion and have lots of fun! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  2. Good luck with finding a hotel Mary! And with DC traffic!!! I'm glad that you went after the bombings because they tighten down everything in DC too. I sure wish I could come up and meet you guys in DC, but I will be in the country doing what a country bumpkin does. lol Safe travels my friend, know that I am thinking and praying for you and Joe! Hugs!!

  3. Hope you have a wonderful time away Mary. Pleased to read below that you arrived safely.

    Love Jules xx

  4. Hope all went well with finding a hotel and travels are going safely and calmly. I understand being directionaly challenged...AS long as I am in my area "my neighborhood" I am good, outside of that, you would have thought I went into another country. Have a good time and hope to hear more and see some art work when you return.
    Happily Scrapbooking & Crafting My Memories~Sandra V.


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