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Hiya...and it cold in our area. (29F I think). Not as cold in a lot of the other places around the world, and I'm thankful to be inside where it is cozy & warm. Just finished a small bit of housework, and thought I'd take a moment to share a few more of the cards we received from some extremely talented card makers. I'll share their blog links if the creator has a blog.

Elaine's step card, which has a tiny tab on the back, allowing the card to be displayed to full view. The images are Art Impressions, and don't you love the bright yet icy colors she chose. I love these cute polar bears. The snowflakes are layered with a glittered flake behind the blue, but the photo doesn't show this well. And you all know how I love birds, and this little guy is adorable.

Next up is from Valery Anne (or Mrs. A as she's known at Pixie's Playground)..She's counts waterpistol marksmanship among her artistic talents too. (should that have been marksladyship???)

This is the cutest easel card, and you can see the flat view in center. We both just giggled when we saw the goofy expression on this critter. Loved those eyes too. Delightful card.

I've had some questions about what is the meaning of the term 'snippets' that I use on some posts. Well, in Yankee speak, we'd say "Scraps" "Leftover cuts" or something of the sort. In the UK, they are called 'Snippets', which I think sounds ever so much more fun. When I first started to blog, one kind reader directed me to the website Pixie's Crafty Workshop and suggested I submit a card.(the only requirement for the challenge is that one uses a scrappy bit - ie- snippet. Rules are very easy as is linking up).  It was the very first time I'd tried anything of the sort. Of course I managed to be a total mess-up with the process; Miss Pixie (aka Di or Diane- who does all the hardwork to maintain the challenge & offers some super prizes too) took the time to help me, explain how (and re-explain several times when I kept screwing it up!). She also generously gave her time to help me with some blogging how-to's...etc. So if you have never checked out this site, please, please do. There's so many talented folks who submit cards, projects & have really awesome blogs to browse. People there are friendly, so generous with their ideas & encouragement. It's just been a wonderful experience for me, and particularly in early days when I didn't have a clue as to what I was doing, but just needed to do something 'new'. So many people who visit there regularly have offered me such warm friendship, & many of these cards that I'm sharing - came from those lovely & wonderful card makers. So, as a New Year's treat to yourself, please take the time and visit for some fabulous inspiration--- & giggles too on occasion!

I hope to be back later with a few more cards, and I'm going to start posting a picture of the blog candy that I'd like to offer when I reach 200 followers. I've an idea about how I'm going to do it, and I hope you'll approve. In the meantime, have a super Saturday. If you're where the weather is terrible, I hope you have the opportunity to stay inside, be cozy & warm...and thankful to be so! Hugs, Hugs, Hugs. As always, thanks for the time you spent visiting here with me. MWAH!


  1. Hi Mary, Happy New Year to you and your family. Sounds like you have had a good holiday away again and received sopme lovely cards too x Susan x

  2. More cute cards!!! I'm going to have to check out those little bears at Art Impressions.....too cute. The card from Mrs. A is totally fun and cute too!
    Stay warm up that way!

  3. Both cards are lovely Mary, that sheep one is so funny - I love sheep so it really appealed to me! Hugs, Anne x

  4. Absolutely darling cards! I know you're enjoying them so much.

  5. The expression on that lamb's face is so precious. I've been that confused before. I love the crisp colors on the polar bear card too. Thanks for sharing the great cards you've gotten! Inspiration galore!

  6. Cute cards! Love that lambs face! Hugs...

  7. Those bears are way too cute. Glad you liked your card. Hugs Mrs A.

  8. Oh my goodness these cards are just to cute!! Love those cute bears with their bird friend and yes, I love the colors she chose to color them with!! I could see the sparkly snowflakes too, love them! I love, love the cute sheep, his goofy look is just to delightful! What fabulous cards these are and so delightful too. And you and Joe deserved to get them in the mail! Hugs!!

  9. I love the way the first card stands up and the way he tumbles. The sheep card is a hoot! Love that paper.

  10. Two delightful cards. That sheep is a hoot!


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