A Friend's Card - Easter Basket

Good afternoon on Good Friday. In our area, the day has been overcast and quite cool. My morning has been spent on the phone & sending documentation to the manufacture of our LG Refrigerator, which is 2 yrs old. This is the most expensive fridge we've ever purchased - bought because we thought it would be a quality appliance due to name brand and reports we'd heard or research read. WRONG! After many service calls in the past 2 year, repeated calls to the company, emails and any other way I could think to contact them, I got into a customer complaint forum after the recent last service call, and wrote up a very unflattering review. Saw another company contact email, so they got some verbage too. This morning, a fella called - basically trying to pacify me - which didn't work! Had we not taken the extended warranty, we would have been paying for all these service calls. He asked me to send all the service documentation that I have - which is a ton of it! - so I scanned & emailed. Then tried to call the phone number he'd given me to get back in contact. Guess what? When I get the customer service & finally get to a real live person, give them the extension, no one answers! Oh well...that's how my morning has been. We'll see if this last effort to get LG to be responsible for this Lemon of a refrigerator will do any good. And yes, I did use the word LEMON in my comments on the forum and in the email...which is why I suspect I got this morning's phone call. I'm usually not that explicit when dealing with this kind of issue, as I try to be respectful, but that's what we think of this refrigerator in the 2 years we've had it. The repeated service calls are for the same problem...the fridge part freezes our food; same parts get ordered, Fed Ex brings the wrong parts, we lose food each time, wait on a technician. Temporary fix, then it happens again.

On the bright side - and yes - there's always a bright side - yesterday we opened our mail to find this beautiful card I'm sharing today. It's from the very talented Brenda W. - who started blogging last year. We were so pleased that Brenda thought of us and shared some of her card skills with us:

Brenda W's card
I can't provide card specs, but I can say I really like the way Brenda has used the pretty Washi tape as photo corners. This is the first I have seen Washi tape used this way and it's so pretty. The eggs are very bright & cheery, and I'm really impressed with the basket shading. You will already know I'm loving the stitched die of the focal image. I really do like these stitched & pierced dies.

Thanks Brenda W, for thinking of us. It made our day. Please give yourselves a treat & check out Inkspired to Stamp for a most enjoyable blog visit. In the meantime, enjoy your afternoon. Hugs.


  1. Oh no, I'm sorry you're having to go through all this. It is the most maddening thing ever. Frankly, I don't see why we should need to buy an extended warranty. We pay a fortune for things and they should LAST a long time. Certainly two years........ugh!

    Anyway, your card is beautiful and I hope it helped brighten your day. You need it, I'm sure.

  2. Oh Mary, what a terrible ordeal you have had! Like you say it is a good job you got the extended warranty. Hope it gets resolved to your satisfaction soon! Love the Easter card you got from your friend Brenda, it is lovely. Hope the rest of the weekend goes well for you. Hugs, Anne xx

  3. It's so maddening when companies won't stand by their product. Their mindset seems to be if they ignore you long enough you'll go away. Ugh!

    The card is wonderful. That basket of eggs looks so real you could reach out and touch it. The washi tape corner borders is a clever idea. It is a nice way to you washi tape for sure. I'm gonna have to copy that idea!

  4. Oh dear Mary sorry your having so much seems nowadays that the warranty means nothing its shocking! hope you get it sorted soon..but your card as ever is gorgeous! lots of huggles Sue xx

  5. Brenda's card is super! Great design and coloring and I love the Washi tape corners, too! Thank you for sharing, Mary!

    I'm so sorry you are spending valuable crafting time dealing with your fridge issues. It's especially difficult for our generation to deal with this kind of carp because we remember the days of good customer service. Now it seems companies don't need or even want our business and don't care about bad reviews. I don't understand the thinking there. I wish you good luck with it and I hope your efforts pay off. I certainly applaud you for taking the time and not giving up. That's what they want, but I know you won't quit and you'll end up with a new fridge - or better yet, your money back so you can buy a different brand!! Happy Easter!! Hugs, Darnell

  6. Sorry to hear about your fridge ordeal Mary. Things are not made to last anymore. Hope they do something about it this time. Beautiful Easter card. Enjoy the Easter weekend. Hugs Rita xxx

  7. Great card from Brenda!
    Sorry to hear about your refrigerator woes!
    I really know how that can be, and of course It's hard to even get a 'real' person on the line!

  8. Happy Easter Mary. A beautiful card from your friend. Not good ref. your fridge, stick to your guns as we would say. The type of good should last for years, and really if the company make as good a product as they say it is why do they need to sell these warranties ? Good luck I hope you get it sorted. Hazel xx

  9. Hi, Mary, such a darling card from your friend!!! TFS.

    As for your fridge ...we had an LG washing machine once before and we had to replace it after only a few years (I think not even 5 years!!) and our LG video recorder also gave problems after a short while, so I'm back to my favourite brand, AEG. Believe me, AEG is the best - I'd rather pay a bit more and have something reliable, than paying less and having something that is going to give problems in a short while. Hope that you will have your money back in a short while to buy a new reliable fridge!! Good luck!! Hope that apart from all of this, you are having a lovely Easter!!

  10. Brenda's card is adorable!. Sorry to hear about all of your troubles with the refrigerator . I know one time we had bought something and tried to call the place we had bought it a got nowhere with it my husband filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint with the Attorney General .They finally called. That worked fast because now they have strikes against them.

  11. I'm so sorry that you are going through all this with the fridge Momma Mary. I know exactly what you are going through because we went through the same thing with our fridge. Only ours is a Frigidaire. The "repair men" they were sending out to "fix" our fridge couldn't fix it and they only fussed me for buying my fridge at Lowe's. I didn't appreciate being fussed at where I bought my fridge! Finally "their" repair men wouldn't come back out anymore, so they gave us a few names to pick from and we picked a place we knew was good. They came out and this kid of the owners worked on it several days ALL day long. But he got it fixed and we've had no issues with it since! I just think everything is being made so cheaply anymore and there are very few professionals left. After dealing with the "professionals" from the local business that fussed me for buying my fridge at Lowe's didn't think that one through because I wouldn't buy a single thing from them ever now. They thought if they wouldn't fix our fridge that we would be forced to buy one from them. Wrong!!! Anyway, onto Brenda's beautiful card! I so love her card!! I've never thought to use the washi tape as photo corners-love that idea!! Her basket is just lovely and I love how the colors she chose to stamp in. It looks like she has real grass in it!! That blows my mind! Yes, Brenda's card is gorgeous!! Hugs

  12. Hi, Mary! Love how you used the washi tape on your fabulous card - very pretty! Hope all "icky stuff" is soon over, and that happy days are here again! hugs, de

  13. I'm so happy you enjoyed your card. Your woes with the fridge sound like mine with the computer. It is not fun to have to deal with all that after spending your money on what is supposed to be a quality product. I'm with Darnell about customer service. They act like we are bothering them! Good luck and have a wonderful Easter.

  14. This is such a sweet card Brenda created for you !!

    Hope the customer service people at LG realize that customers should be their #1 priority !!

    Sending you a huge hug and wishing you a wonderful Easter !!


  15. Gorgeous card from Brenda, hope you'll get good help with the refrigerator.

    Hope you're able to enjoy the Easter.

    Warm hugs

  16. Brenda indeed made you a great card, and oh how I love those pierced & stitched dies too! I've never thought to use Washi tape like that, but it really does add a nice touch to the basket!
    Have a wonderful and happy Easter. Good luck with that refrigerator - isn't customer service an amazing experience in this day and age?! It's sickening how companies do NOT stand behind their products or service anymore - UGH!

  17. What a beautiful card!! Ugh - did not want to read your problems with LG fridge...mine is about four months old!! I'm crossing my fingers that it keeps running smoothly...along with the LG stove and two tv's!! One of the TV's I've had for like six or seven years and never had a problem. I'm so glad to have purchased the extended warranties just in case!! I hope you have a very happy Easter :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  18. Lovely card Mary, just popping by to wish you a Happy Easter and sorry for not visiting much recently - life is getting in the way of my crafting time at the mo x Susan x

  19. Aw! what a time of it you have been having, I hope you have told them you are open to the world and the world reads your blog, NOT good publicity. Hope it all works out for you soon.

  20. Oh no! That would drive me round the bend. I hate havingto deal with incompetence!

    This card you received is really pretty. The basket is lovely and I agree about the photo corners.

  21. Oh Mary that's stressful I'm glad you had an extended warranty your card is simply beautiful!
    Vic x

  22. I think you have told me before about the problems with your refrigerator --- bummer. I have had a packed house since Friday afternoon. All is quiet now.
    Sandy xx

  23. You gotta love customer service Mary, I hope they come through with the warranty. Makes for a stressful day.

    Hugs Diane


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