Candee P.'s Fall Card

Happy Friday evening. Hope that you have a wonderful weekend planned, or a relaxing one...whichever works for you. Our day was quiet, very pleasant. I got an afternoon nap, always a plus in my book.
Yesterday we received this oh-so-beautiful fall card, made by blogging buddy Candee P. of This scanned picture does not do the card justice. It is just so simple and elegant. I also notice I need to clean the scanner bed, cause there is no smudge on the left upper side of the card :-). Candee has the supply list for making this card at the above link. She does some awesome work, in between remodeling, getting ready for a craft show and out-of-state visitors. I was so pleased to receive this card knowing how busy she is right now...that she took the time to think about us here in the lower Carolina! Give her blog a look - I know you'll find something to please the eye. Thanks for visiting this evening. See ya later. Hugs & Blessings.

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  1. This is a beautiful card Mary and I did go check out Candee real quick and became a follower. I also have this stamp set and forgot about it, it is one of my favorites so how I forgot about it I don't know, but I'm going to be pulling this baby out and using it! lol


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