Hi again, and I have a question that I hope some of you experienced bloggers can assist with some info. I would like to add a little bit of a surprise when I get 50 followers. I don't know how to add the Random Generator I'd like everyone to be eligible for any surprises, not just the 50th follower.  I'm not disciplined enough to go through names to try & be fair about picking a name out of a Help, Help, Help!!! And thanks in advance.

We've had a perfectly gorgeous day in Upstate SC. It's been so refreshing to be able to open up the house and get some 'clean- unstuffy' air inside. Today was my last Physical Therapy, unless when I see the orthopedic guy next month, he feels that I should get some additional therapy. I know the exercises to do, so I can maintain these at home. Just don't have the oh-so-feel-good ice/compression machine to use at home. This is such a neat's a sort of flexible fitted brace that goes over the foot & ankle. It blows air over ice, so it's icing the area as well as a gentle compression. I'm still having much more swelling than the therapists think I should have. I am elevating my foot a lot, going much higher than I had been (as in 4 fat pillows!) and that does help a bit. I can get the swelling down some, but about 15-20 minutes of being upright again, the swelling is back. It doesn't hurt and I have good range of motion. So the plan is now, wait til I see the surgeon, and go with his recommendation. My best guess is he will say "do your exercises at home and ice". At least my days won't be tied to a therapy schedule. I had some really good folks working with me the past month, and I'm so grateful to have had this facility available for my recovery.

Now I'd best get up and start some dinner preparation! Ya'll have a good evening. Hope everyone is checking all the fun Christmas entries over at Sarn's Rudolph Challenge. There's some fantastic entries to enjoy.

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  1. Hi Mary, you will fine it here:

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