Iris Folding

Good morning. If you remember, I took a class on Iris folding some weeks ago. Today I've got 2 cards to share - of the 4 we made in class.

 This was the most complex of the designs we did & was the 4th card. I liked this one, but I don't like that the cardstock used as folding papers seems to make the front bow out as you can see here. I had some heavy books stacked on this one for quite a while, and it's still bowing. This will be a prototype. I learned a 'how to fix'  by getting some folds going wrong, and having to pull them up for a re-do. This caused white edges in some of the folded places where the tape had stuck. I took various copic markers to cover the white bits, just testing different shades of YG's until I got the places covered (well, pretty much anyway!). Something to keep in mind. These were the supplies we had available in the class, and I think basically, these were just 'snippets'. However, a good use of them I must say.

The wolf card is the one that got me enrolled in the Iris fold class. DH saw it when we were at Scrapbook Creation in Spartanburg, SC. It caught his fancy, and of course he said "You should learn to do that". Well, I did. The wolf is an image downloaded from the Silhouette store. Again, I had a bit of trouble with getting the folds going in the order they should be done. There were a couple of patchy places. The fix: Dab on some liquid glue, sprinkle on some sparkle glitter. Doesn't show here, but is very sparkly IRL. I have 2 more cards that I'll share later.

Hope you enjoy these, and perhaps give the Iris Fold technique a try. When I do more of it, I will be trying to use design paper rather than card stock. I think it would be easier to have as a flat front.

Thanks for visiting. Have a wonderful afternoon. Hugs


Rita said...

Beautiful creations Mary. I'm in love with the wolf one too. Another string to your crafting bow. Hugs Rita xxxx

The Crafty Laydee said...

Gosh,you did a fabulous job of folding on these Mary ;)
Both beautiful but the howling wolf with the moon behind is my favourite-it is fabulous!
Have a lovely day,Nessa xx

Brenda said...

Both of these are gorgeous MM! I don't see where either needed to be "fixed" at all! I think it was a good class, one I'd like to learn how to do as well, but not sure if I'd spend a lot of time making cards with the Iris fold. But sure do love it when I see it!! lol Hugs!

Di said...

Love these Mary! It's a while since I did iris folding but I did just use paper rather than card - that much I remember :)

Hugs, Di xx

Sandy Smith said...

Mary you are truly talented these are both amazing! I really love the wolf its beautiful! Your inspiring me to look into some classes. Hope you have been well. I have been a bit A wall lately. Getting the kids settled back into their school routine.
Big Hugs

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Mary, thank you for stopping by today. Had you not, I would never have found your blog. It's been FOREVER since I've made iris folds. I quickly learned thin papers are the best. In fact, even washi paper works beautifully. But card stock is far too thick, especially since you must fold it in half.

Now I'm off to check out your blog, too. BTW, I've never owned a Copic, but I like that you are a designer.

scrappymo! said...

Wow!!! These are so amazing! Loving thae intricate look of these. My MIL used to make a similar thing with fabric. She made them into egg shaped tree ornaments for the ChristmasTree. They were so pretty!
Best of all she made them colour coordinate with her room decor.

Both of your cards are just so pretty with this fab piecing and folding!

~ Jo ~ said...

Very nice cards Mary. I've always been interested in learning the Iris Fold technique.

Loll Thompson said...

Hi Mary. Fabulous cards and a wonderful technique. I made my first iris fold card a couple of years ago at Christmas, but haven't done any since. Thanks for the inspiration!!! Loll xx

Anjas-Artefaktotum said...

WOW that iris folding is awesome, specially the sea horse is glorious.
Big hugs Anja

Benzi said...

Super work, Mary. I've never tried this fold technique. Looks very interesting. The cards are fab and I especially love the wolf one.

Sandy said...

Wonderful cards Mary - I can't even fold a napkin!

Anne said...

These are fab! Both very stunning...I couldn't do iris folding...haven't the patience! Great job and so nice your husband has encouraged you!

Cathy said...

These look amazing Mary! I love the seahorse, the segmented folds look just right. Cathy x