Thank you #2

Hi, welcome and I'm back with another Thank you card for a neighbor who so kindly provided a delicious meal catered for the family. That's a Southern 'thing' for those of you who are unfamiliar with this tradition. Here in our area ...the neighbors bring food to family when there is a death or sickness. We have a good sized subdivision, and one neighbor coordinated who was bringing 'what' and on what day. I grew up with this tradition, but after living in Florida for so long, where nobody did this kind of thing, even I was amazed at seeing this outpouring of support. My next door neighbor waited a couple days after the main 'giving meals'  and then she had a delicious meal catered and delivered to my brother's house. Just makes you feel so humbled to know how your family is regarded. Both my SIL & brother are very well loved in here, knew everyone, and everybody knows them. It was nearly as big a shock to the neighbors as to the immediate family. If you have time check out this humorous video by Jeanne Robertson that details in a cute way this Southern tradition.

I also wanted to say a huge Thank You to all of you who sent me such lovely supportive emails. Meant to say that in the last post, and forgot! It meant so much to me, to sit down and read something kind, as we were going through the journey of letting go. As I've said previously, the wonderful people I've met blogging, have been By Far The Best Part of this unexpected endeavor I took 5 yrs ago! God Bless you all who cared!

- background was created using sprays and brusho-s. The flowers were previously colored piece using Tombow Watercolor markers - Direct to Rubber & spritzing, so was trying to get something complementary to the flower colors for the background. First time I think I've tried the purple Brusho, and there is no pink Brusho- only Rose Red. (Have the 25 color set, bought back before the price got so expensive!)  So lots of experimenting to get a pink shade :-). There's some white Brusho and white pearl spray in this piece too.

- a postage shape die cut the image, and a brusho snippet previously done was used for the mat. Needed some green to separate the image from all that pinky purple.

- embossed the background, added a lovely flourish that had been a RAK from sweet Jennie . Used copics to change the white flourish to a color that worked with the background. Used some Nuvo crystal drops to add centers to the flowers.

Simple sentiment, just trimmed, edged with color, and Voila! Got it mailed yesterday - finally!

Thanks for popping in, and God Bless. Hugs too.


Thank You .....

Good afternoon, and thanks for dropping by to visit. I'm sorry I've been MIA for a while, and equally sorry to say it's apt to continue for a time yet. I did want to post a thank you card for kindness by neighbors & friends...and after the card share a bit about what's going on in our lives. I expect you have been aware that my SIL's illness resulted in gentle passing shortly after she was moved to the teaching hospital in our city. Thankfully, all her children arrived in time - although she was in a coma, and we don't know if she was aware of anything. The service was heartfelt and lovely, with a wonderful eulogy given by her grandson-in-law. (well, if any service of this kind can be considered lovely!) What an outpouring of support my brother & his family have had from our really boggles the mind. People have been so very kind to all of us.

Still lots of things to be done & we're trying as best we can to help him adjust, do the things that follow this kind of situation. One daughter is local, but she also works. So we try to help with whatever he feels he needs/wants done. He's solo'd in the day a couple times, but said he is not ready to be alone just yet at night. We've stayed with him some nights - he wants to stay in their home, and a few nights, 2 of his granddaughters - very young adults - have come over to stay with their "Pawpaw". I've told him, he'll know when he is ready to be there alone at night.. I understand how he feels the loss more at night.

- a snippet from a box of long-ago colored flowers....a Stacy Stamp. Just die cut with a S/B Deckled rectangle, edged with DI mustard seed. Found some 6x6 papers, cut rectangles from the plain S/B rectangle set.

- background was stamped on DP in Memento Bamboo Shoot green with the same flower used in the focal image. Then embossed (and ended up with the wrong side of the EF, so this one got debossed!)

- Scalloped rectangle punch for the sentiment, and the card was done. Even with all the elements to hand, still took a while to get it together, get it photo'd, before mailing :-)

On a much happier note: We have been planning a big trip for a couple of months. The unforeseen events made me feel I couldn't go away just now. However, we've arranged (hopefully) for my older brother & SIL to come stay at our house while we're away, and at night, go stay with #2 brother. It's good to have somebody in the house anyway, and they live a some miles away from our subdivision. Don't drive at night (well, he doesn't drive as he has Macular Degeneration too - as #2 brother is dealing with as well). So that's the plan.

We are driving to Boston, then after a rest from the drive, fly from Boston to London with our best friend (the Yankee! Who happens to be in Spain just now with our DD & SIL. They flew from Fla, he left from Boston, and they met up in Spain). Boy, do we sound like world travelers. Really not!
From London, the plan is to take the train down towards Pt. Isaac, rent a car, and drive. I hope with 3 of us in the car, we can insure we stay on the proper side of the road. This has been a dream of mine for so long, and I figured it was just that - a dream. Nearly dropped my jaw when I heard DH on the phone back in February, "ask your travel person about setting up this trip". And he did, got all the flights, reservations planned. Then when we had the family emergency, I said I didn't feel able to leave. As long as my brother has somebody to look in as he needs it, then I can go. I'd love to meet up with lots of my UK pals. However, with 2 men, I'm not sure that would work. Both would be great about it, but -- this is a sightseeing trip for the 3 of us. We have so many things each of us wants to see, so I thought it best to not try to plan on meetups that might be tricky to schedule. We'll be in the UK for about 3 wks, then fly back to Boston. Be there for a couple days to rest, then drive back to South Carolina. I've been so excited about this for a couple of weeks...

I'm taking a little hiatus from the Christmas Card Club - just can't seem to manage what is going on at the moment with our family, & making cards, keeping up with our obligations, and trying to assist in another scenario. So I do hope you will all understand if I don't visit for a while. And I hope you won't forget me! I'll be back - God Willing. Just need some time.

Please do look on the Cards by Friends page. We have received some of the most beautiful cards from some of you. I can't describe how comforting we both found them, and how kind of those friends who had us in their prayers. Will share with the rest of the family in time; just now, they have enough doing the things that are part of a death, and try to just get through each day. We will--we are a close family, God fearing, and strong together.

I wish all the Mothers a wonderful & most happy day, that you can be with your children.
God Bless and thanks for being my friends. I'll have another scheduled post in a few days...and perhaps even finish up some tidbits...who knows!