Birthday, Anniversary, Blog Candy

Hi there. I had mentioned winning some wonderful candy at Stamping with Loll (and maybe you saw me doing the Happy Dance!). Well, it arrived Friday, along with a wonderful card. Just had to share it here...and thanks so much to the lovely Loll. The candy is much more beautiful IRL than even in her good photography!

Aren't I the lucky commenter? You bet! Loved the card as well.

I also would like to share a few more cards I've received....
A birthday card to Moi, from my sweet niece, Julie. Sure wish she lived closer to me, as nobody else in my family is into cardmaking. But...alas...that is life. I enjoyed receiving a handmade card on our shared birthday.

Last but not least, a really cute anniversary card from our blog buddy, Miss Darnell.

We both just loved this little fish with the goofy expression (sort of like the one I frequently seem to wear! ). What a sweet surprise. I just hope that the people who receive my cards, are as thrilled as I was (and we were) to receive these lovely cards in the mail. A handmade card really makes ME feel special.

So thanks to all who sent me cards. You know I loved each one, and they will be treasured & saved. God Bless. As you read this, we're on the road to Bean Town. Hope I can do some blog surfing while I'm away, as I won't be taking any craft materials along....So I can pay some visits I HOPE!  Thanks for popping by today.



Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, .....and this will be a scheduled post. As you read this, we are on our way up to Boston to celebrate the 4th of July. I wanted to share with you, a lovely card and cute gift that I received from Candee of Card Corner by Candee. Here's the pictures and I'll add the link for Candee's how-to for the butterfly.

Isn't this just the loveliest, most feminine card? I was so pleased & flattered that Candee thought of me, cause I know she is one biz-zee lady.
Here's the cute post it note holder she made and she has the instructions on her blog here.

So have a wonderful day, and I'm trying to get a couple more posts ready to be scheduled. We had this trip planned, then my brother had a problem. That put the trip on hold, and then he was released from the hospital this morning. DH made a command decision that we would leave in the morning (what a way to spend a birthday!), but that's ok. He agrees to a lot of my crazy whims, so I guess I can go along with this one!!! Hugs & Blessings, and thanks for checking in today.


July 4th

Good afternoon, and Welcome. So happy you were able to pop in today. We did our hospital run fairly early, and thankfully, my brother was released this morning. We were planning to take a trip up to Boston, leaving today, but that is on hold just at the by day...waiting to see how things go.

I'm posting a 4th of July card today...nothing elaborate.

The stars were made with a new MS punch that is supposed to do 3 different cuts. I'm not altogether happy with it. It does the main star ok, but then I have to fiddle with it, to get the more intricate cut, and I've yet to discover what the '3rd punch' is! The white overlay is the more detailed punchout. There's a lever on the handle that moves to change the cut of the punch. I read the instructions, moved it different places, and sometimes I'd get the overlay, sometimes, just another plain star! The smaller stars inside were made with different punches that I have. The sentiment was from a sticker pack, and I just cut mats for it with the scissors. The red star on the sentiment was white, covered in MS red glitter glue. The pattern paper is years old -  from the stash. Need to make an insert, and it's ready for mailing.

Have a wonderful afternoon. It's very hot & humid in Upstate SC at the moment. I watered some potted plants on the porches earlier, and it's difficult to breathe it's so hot. So thankful for air conditioning. Hugs and thanks again for joining me. Stay cool.


Christmas, Rudolph Day

Good evening, and sorry to be MIA for a couple days. We had a little bit of a health upset in the extended family, so we've been trundling back & forth to the hospital since Tuesday afternoon. Had some cards nearly finished, but no time to photograph while I still had some good light. I wanted to get this one posted, so I could participate in the monthly June Rudolph Day  at Stamping for Pleasure. So here goes:



Good afternoon, and I hope that you had a wonderful weekend - perhaps doing a bit of crafting or something else that you enjoy. I did some catchup housework, and yesterday we just relaxed most of the day. Very pleasant.

Here's a card using the embossing on vellum with the alcohol ink on the reverse side, as shown by Scrapbooking Made Simple in this video.  Since I don't have this vellum, I tried an experiment and liked the results (although it wasn't perfect!). I hunted up an Impression Obsession Cover A Card Rose Lace stamp, inked it with versamark, and tried to get a very crisp impression on the vellum. Then dusted this surface with Ranger Silver Pearl embossing powder, heat set it. It does tend to curl a bit with the heat, but I flattened it with some large stamps, leaving it to sit for a while. Then used watermelon alcohol ink to cover the non-embossed side as Stacy shows in the video. I was better pleased with this result. Placed the vellum over a previously folded red card base,(snippet) and liked it ok.

The border is the SU lace punch,(snippet) threaded with a sheer white ribbon, as is the triple bow trim. The label a S/Binder diecut with silver paper,(snippet) then cut again to get the red center (snippet). The Elizabeth Craft sentiment was cut from the same silver snippet as the label. This was a pretty easy card to get together. I think I'll just mosey on over to Pixie's Crafty Snippets Playground Week #78 and see if anyone is in the duck pond. Why don't you just come on along, and let's see what fun we can have???? As always, thanks for visiting! Come again when you can. Have a great afternoon, and lots of hugs.


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Gracious, I'm really running off at the mouth this afternoon!

I've been mentioning tv installers in a couple of posts, so thought I'd explain what was going on at our house. In our basement, we have what started out as a tv room for DH. When we lived in Fla, he kept wanting to get a 60" tv. We were planning to relocate, so I convinced him to wait til we got settled here in SC. Once we got our house built, got moved in (which took a while), he & one of my brothers finished off our basement, and made him a nice tv room, and he got his tv along with a surround sound system. (which fortunately I didn't get wet with my recent washing machine escapade..cause some of the wiring & speakers are in the dropped ceiling).


Hello again. I took some pictures of the punches I used in making the rose I posted earlier this week. (shown here)

I made the pink rose with the larger of these punches - which is a middle size of a set of 3. I used the smallest punch to make a yellow one (showed the punches pieces in the same post with the pink rose). This morning while waiting on another tv person, I made the yellow rose with a glue gun. (See this Youtube video). I like the size of the smaller rose, but it was a bit harder to handle the smaller petals. I did try to keep my petals staggered better in the yellow she shows in the video. I think if I keep practicing, my fingers won't feel so clumsy with the smaller petals. This is a more usable size for cards in my opinion. The bigger size would be ok on altered art, but I think a bit too 'heavy' for just a 4 1/4x5 1/2 card size.

Another Youtube I watched was an embossed vellum technique using alcohol inks at Scrapbooking Made Simple. (it's at the end part of her video).  I don't have the vellum Stacy used, but while I was downstairs with our tv installers yesterday, I hunted up some vellum to try an experiment. I used a damask stamp that was handy, inked it up with versamark, then used a Ranger Silver Pearl embossing powder over it, set with the heat gun. Turned it over to the backside, and used an alcohol ink (think it was stream) just like Stacy did in the video. Now my effort didn't look quite as nice as hers did, but I was excited at the result I got. This was not a real good quality or heavyweight vellum. I think it was from a pack of Paper Studio, purchased at Hobby Lobby. But I think it's a technique I can play around with, until I can get some of this Ruby Rockit paper.

Front side

Back side

I have one last picture of 2 flowers made from oversprayed paper when I was using Dylusions, glitter sprays, etc. This paper is a tissue paper - sort of like newsprint - that comes as packing/wrap paper in some of the online orders that I get. I save it to cover the desk where I airbrush, and when it gets too awful to continue using, I toss it. I saw a post here where Sandee had used some wax paper from lining her spray box to make a beautiful card. (Folks, I tried to find the specific post, but couldn't find that one, so just linked to Sandee's blog...she has amazing stuff to see!). So that gave me the idea to use my sprayed up papers to punch & make these flowers. Thanks Sandee, for the idea!
I used the SU scallop punch to punch out about 6 layers of this's just a tad more heavyweight than plain ole tissue paper. Then I pierced a center hole, placed a tiny brad to hold the layers together. I separated & smushed up each layer together, spritzed with some water until damp - not wet - and let it dry overnight. Then fluffed it up. I thought these turned out pretty. Colors are quite sparkly IRL, and I may spritz with some gold spray glitter.
So I hope you enjoyed this post, and maybe it gave some good ideas. Thanks to all these talented bloggers who give ME ideas. I'm a great copier, but not so talented when it comes to designing. If I know where I got the idea, and can get back to the blog, I will always try to recognize the blogger who inspired me! Ya'll have a grand afternoon, and thanks for visiting. Hugs

July 4th

Happy Friday Afternoon. Did you see me doing the Happy Dance? I went over to visit Stamping with Loll ( a wonderful place to visit...& I urge you to check this lovely site out, because you will see some fantastic work. Plus she has a section for techniques & tutorials as well). I had left a comment on a day when Loll was giving away some candy...and I saw my name! WHOO HOO! And it was one of our busy days that we've had here lately, so I had just sneaked a moment to blog surf. Boy, I'm glad I did, or I'd have missed that. Actually I was looking at a later post, which had a brayered vellum card, and just happened to scroll on down to see an earlier post. Talk about an angel on your shoulder!!! Thank you Miss Loll, and I will do my best to use the lovely candy on something worthy of it!!!'s my card for today:
Showed it to DH as I always do, and he didn't like it. The American Flag starts with a red stripe and ends with a red stripe. My idea for this was sparked by the starred blue paper - which had been a snippet that I put in a box when I was picking up mess supplies in the room, so that the tv installers would have a space to work. Hmm...already had a white card base, so scrounged around in the box & found another small red piece (snippet) that would work for the stripes. A square punch shaped the corner field of stars. I sliced strips of the red to fit the cardbase; no measuring so as to start & end with a red...actually I wasn't even thinking about it. (I had to be downstairs with the installers, and didn't want to appear to be hanging over their shoulders. So I busied myself at my craft desk). The colors were too bright, so I sponged some DI Antique Linen & Faded Jeans around the corners & edges). Still brighter than the worn look I wanted, so I airbrushed some Copic E53 over the red & white. The computer generated sentiment was diecut with a S/binder shape, with more DI Blue Jeans sponged while in the die. Added Viva Décor red pearls, 'cause I can't find my red, white & blue stars that I bought just to do this holiday! I explained to DH "It's just a card. I'm not being disrespectful to our Flag". He's a veteran, and he's still not too sure I ought to send this card to anyone. Oh well, win some, lose some. Ya'll have a nice day! Hugs 



Hello & thanks for joining me on a hot sunny afternoon. We've had television guys here working in our basement room, so I've been downstairs finishing up this card. Our family has a lot of summer birthdays, and this card is for Niece Julie, who shares a birthday with me- about 16 years apart. Julie likes Boyd's Bears, has quite a collection of them - stuffed, ceramic, porcelain. So when I saw this Boyd's Bear stamp, I knew exactly who it would be for.

- Boyd's Bear image, colored with copics. I added some Spica dots on her collar after I had finished all the coloring, background, etc. and then smeared a blob at her shoulder. Grrrr...nothing else to do, but fussy cut it out. I was so aggravated with myself. I've also added some Spica clear to the flowers, ribbon. Let that dry overnight, and when I was finishing up the card this afternoon, I added a bit of Glossy Accents to her eyes, nose and a couple of the flowers. The mats were cut with S/Binders Opulent Ovals. The bottom blue one is made with glossy cardstock and alcohol inks. (Oh yes, I watched another Youtube last night!).



Hello again. I barely squeaked by with my commitment to post again today. Been a busy day. I had mentioned on a previous post that I had been experimenting with making a rose using a punch. Saw this on a Youtube, and it looked 'do-able'. I've tried to make these roses before, even took a class where we did just a bit of it. Mine always look 'wonkered' or clumsy.  I had the punch that the lady was using to make this rose, so I punched out the required amount of pieces, watched the video about 6 times...and set off to try my hand. Here's the result of my first effort. Not totally thrilled with it, but I think I can do a better one if I try again. It's better than I've achieved before - fer sure.

 Here's the link to the particular youtube I found:

I punched with a red lightweight Bazzill, then used some pan pastels to daub on some shading at the petal edges. Put the rose together, tried to shape it. Then I spritzed some Dylusion spray on it, then a bit of Gold spray.  (which obliterated my shading). This was made with the medium size of the punch shape shown in yellow.
The yellow shapes are from a smaller size, and I hope the smaller rose will be more usable on a card. I really like to see these flowers on cards, but I've never succeeded in doing any that I felt I wanted to put on a card. And of course, it will have to be one that is hand delivered! These dimensional embellishments are too costly to mail.

I know this is probably old hat to a lot of you.  I was excited to even get one done that I didn't throw in the trash!! Come again when you have time; as always I love to read the comments, and hear what you think! Sleep well, and hope to see you tomorrow. Hugs

Thinking of you

Good Morning. Is it just me, or is this year just speeding by? We are nearly 1/2 through 2013. How can this be?!
Today my card is made from an LOTV topper I've had for some time. A UK blogger buddy kindly advised me when the store was having free shipping. I see these lovely toppers used so many places, and had been wanting some of these cuties. Finally had a chance to use it.  Here goes:

- image was sponged around the sides & corners with DI Antique Linen and Spun Sugar. I also used Spica pens to add a bit of sparkle on the flowers; a Clear Star Gel pen added some bling on the table & bench legs. I did not use my signature stamp on this one, since it was a topper.



Here we are at the start of a new week. Seems as though these days just fly by. I used to hear my parents talk about time passing faster, and wondered what the heck are they talking about? We all have the same 24 hrs in a day. I've reached an age where I understand exactly what they meant! When I was waiting to become 16, then 21, seemed like it took forever. Being out of school for the summer was a long, long 3 months. Isn't it strange how your perspective can change???

Here's my card for today:

- Die-Namite Rose die cut from red mirror paper (a snippet). This die cut beautifully, but since it was from thicker paper, I did run it through on 2 passes. Adhered diecut to white card stock with my favorite Easy Flow glue...just dabbing a spot here & there. Let it dry, then fussy cut around the outside of the cardstock. I decided to experiment with coloring to get an orange-y rose. I used copics from the yellow, red, orange family of colors, sometimes using a circle motion, sometimes flicking the colors. I think I succeeded in doing what I tried to do for the mottled coloring. I did find that alcohol markers will remove the color from the mirror paper. Didn't know that would happen.



Good afternoon. Happy Father's Day to the gentlemen at your house, and Welcome to Stephanie, a new follower from Jingle Bells. Thanks for stopping by to visit & become a follower.

The card today is one I needed for a graduation, & I've used this image before. Just changed up the colors to the school colors of the recipient.

- House Mouse image, colored with copics in the C & E family of colors; B0000, B000 used for background; diecut with S/Binders Label 2; black faux mat with the same die.

- Papers were from a K&Co. graduation pad found at Target.

- Elizabeth Craft die sentiment, (snippet) as was the white background for the sentiment, which was edged with Memento Tuxedo Black and a finger dauber

- tassel on the hat colored with Spica gold pen, glossy accents added to the tassel for shine.

I'm using a new Nikon purchased last week at Costco. I hope I can learn to use it properly and get my photos to show up a bit better. I was checking on Amazon to find the label die name, and when I saw what Amazon is charging for this die (which is an older one), I was sure happy to already have it.*
Edit: I was speaking of the S/B Labels die when I commented about the price. I saw it for $42. on Amazon. Wow!

So have a lovely afternoon, and as always, thanks so much for coming to visit. Hugs. 



Happy Friday Afternoon. Welcome to Joan, a new follower. She has some lovely pictures on her blog, and I encourage you to check out this site when you have time. Such an intriguing blog name as well. Thanks for joining me, Lakeslady!

It's been beautiful in our area today, but warm & muggy. Been trying to do a little housework & have some errands to run in a few minutes. Recently Miss Sandy issued me a challenge to do a tag. Well, I'm not really 'into' tags...mainly because I never know what to do with 'em, if I did one. But I thought I'd give it a whirl when I found some tags (while looking for something else that I never found!). So here is the result:



Happy Thursday, and hope this morning finds you rested & ready to enjoy a day of doing something that makes you happy. (Perhaps it is even crafting! LOL). At the moment, we have a lovely, sunny day but the weather folks predict some thunderstorms to roll in later on today. We have errands to do and a possible meeting with a craft friend for lunch, so it should be a fun day for us.  Yesterday we met high school friends (Lordy, I am going back a LONGGG way!) for lunch, and that was most pleasant. In another post I'll tell you how we re-connected with these friends that we used to double date with in our 'heyday'.

For the card:



Good afternoon. Thanks for visiting today, and welcome to some new followers. I'll list their names & links at the end of this post, and hope you'll surf over to see the lovely projects they have posted. Here's my card for today:
- image is an old PSX stamp, colored with copics (some time ago). I used some Glossy Accents on the flowers and a few of the leaves. IRL it is quite shiny.

- Green textured Bazzill was diecut with a S/Binder classic oval. The image shape didn't lend itself to a good die, so I mounted it under the diecut. Worked fine.

- top overlay yellow checked mat is S/B Enchanted labels 8. Usually this cuts very nicely. I was using just regular pattern paper so did no shimming. Had to do some poke-ies and some cuts with the scissors to get some bits out. Lesson learned, and definitely Operator Error.

- Viva Décor glitter pearls around on the yellow mat, to hide a few raggedy looking trimouts. Not sure for what occasion the card will be used, but I'll do the sentiment on the insert.

Each of the elements on this card was from snippets, so you know I'm off across the pond to join those Playground girls. Com'on along!

  I've used another of the old flower frogs to display the card. I need to get a backdrop that will show this little gadget off to better advantage. Hope you like this one. I think I do.

I had a couple questions about the Joanna Sheen Britannia dies. Here's the link: Apologies for not providing it before.

Here's the links to my newest followers' blogs:
Pat N. of
Carla Prediger

When you have some blog surfing time available, check out these blogs. Some fantastic cards & projects to see at each blog.

Have a wonderful afternoon, and remember, we are halfway through the week now! Come again soon, and Hugs.


Christmas, Crafty Hazelnuts Christmas Challenge

Good morning Friend Bloggers, & at my house we have a sunshine morning. Welcome to a new follower, Stephanie ( whom I just met at the Friday Fun Day Challenge. Stephanie does some beautiful cards using her Cricut & Silhouette, so give her a look-in, if you have the chance.

Today's card is for the Crafty Hazelnuts Christmas Challenge #128, to use a diecut. I've had this image cut out for a while (recycled Christmas card), but just didn't get rountoit for making a card. Last evening I did a few more diecuts to mat it, embossed the background with a Crafts Two Pine Tree Scene.

Focal image -  diecut with a classic S/B oval. First gold mat (snippet) was cut with the S/B floral oval and the mirror gold (snippet too) was cut with the ornate oval.

Green textured Bazzill base was embossed, then I rubbed some Snow over the trees, and IRL it looks nice. Doesn't show up well here however. I added a bit to the image as well (where the texture shows), plus a bit of Glossy Accents on the stream. This was a small scene on a larger card, and fit my S/B oval perfectly.


Hello For Maddy

Good afternoon, and welcome to Pat a new follower I met at Outlawz. Thanks for coming by to chat as I always enjoy meeting new friends.

We've had a some good rains in our area, thankfully no flooding in our least outside! I had a boo-boo with the washing machine on Saturday. Flooded our laundry room, but the worst was it leaked through the flooring down to the basement. We have a dropped ceiling in the basement rooms, so the area under the washer got the insulation all wet, plus damaged the ceiling tiles, got on the laminate basement floor. PLUS I had stacks of papers setting around on the floor, and they got wet too. Oh woe was me. We're trying to dry out things but I have a call in to someone I hope can fix things if we can't dry out sufficiently to avoid mildew problems. Definitely Operator Error!!! A big mess.

I read on Bonnie's blog about a young lady who is dealing with some real serious health issues. I'll copy & paste what Bonnie wrote, as she said it so well:
"Yesterday one of my commentors, Melissa,  left me a message about cards for Maddy.  I went to the link above and my heart was wrenched and warmed at the same time.  Briefly, Maddy is struggling with her second onset of  Acute Myeloid Leukemia and is again undergoing treatments.
The Simon Says Stamp is sponsoring a card drive for this remarkable young lady.  Do follow the links and read about her yourself and think about sending her a card.
                                                             St. Jude Children's Hospital
Maddy Justice - Patient
262 Danny Thomas Place
Attntion Mail Stop 108
Memphis, TN 38105
Oh, and both Simon Says and Melissa are offering prizes if you link your card to their blogs.  Not as good a reason to send a card as Maddy herself, but it is added incentive."
Thanks Bonnie, for allow me to borrow your words.
Here's my card which was inspired by this color challenge photo at Fun Friday Challenge #3


- yellow scored background - a snippet 
- black  embossed circle - snippet
- Memory Box diecut daisies, colored with copics - snippet
- butterflies & ribbon - snippets too!
- Elizabeth craft die sentiment - one last snippet
I hope that Maddy will like the card & feel cheered that someone is thinking of her and I hope you will like it as well. If you can, perhaps you can join Blogland in sending a card to this very courageous young teenager.
This card is being submitted to the following:

Gosh that is a record submission for me. I sure hope I got all the linking done up properly. If I have, it is a big thank you to Miss Pixie at the Playground for her patient tutoring in the art of linking. And if I didn't get it right, I have to accept the credit for that!

Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful afternoon. Hugs.



Happy Saturday, and I hope ya'll are so ready for the weekend. Welcome to a new follower, Miss Suzanne. I'm so happy to have you join me here; hope when you can visit, you'll find something you like and just enjoy having a good ol' chat! Maybe ya'll might want to check out Suzanne's blog if you can.

I had seen a stamped rose image done in oranges, and thought I'd give that color a whirl. I love roses, but tend to stick with pinks & reds. (Red is a hard copic color to do, for me tends to bleed. That's one reason I stick with the Copic Xpress paper, as it seems to work better for me than other papers I use). I had meant to use copics when I stamped this, but then realized I had used GP paper - not good for copic coloring. If I have bits of papers on the desk, sometimes I will start stamping without insuring it's right for copics.  I'm also trying to learn to work better with pencils. Grabbed up the Derwent Inktense Pencils & started with the smaller buds, using the pink-red family; then got brave enough try the orange-y look on the big rose. Blended the colors using a water brush. I kinda liked the way it turned out.

- after coloring the buds & leaves, I mixed some glossy accents with Rangers Diamond stickles onto a cd disk, swirled them together with a toothpick and painted over the flowers. IRL they have a lot of sparkle & shine. Let that dry (the GP paper did warp a bit. Not pleased with that). Airbrushed Copic B0000 & B000 for the mottled background.


All Occasion

Good morning, and welcome. Today's share was inspired by this card done by Lynn at the Die-namites blog. I discovered this site after making this card with the Die-Namites Daisy Bunch die. When I saw how Lynn used the negative piece, I thought "Hmmmm". My negative piece was still in the top layer of mess on my desk. I don't have the silk acrylics used on the inspiration card, so decided to outline the edges of the negative die cut with Chromatix markers. This card is one that is totally from bits & pieces, and quite a bit out of my comfort zone!

Click to enlarge
 - Die-Namite Daisy Bunch negative, edged with markers, adhered to a snippet of Dylusions experiment on watercolor paper. Stamped the colored mask using Memento Desert Sand with a script stamp before placing on the w/c paper. Added some very old buttons from my button bucket after placing the pieces together.



Good Morning, fellow bloggers, and it's a dreary, rainy one around our area. We're getting some residual off Storm Andrea or so our weather people tell us.  This was a previously colored image that appeared in my pile last evening, and I decided I wanted to do a pink card! Once I got started on the search for papers I knew exactly to whom this card would go. I have a sis-in-law whose birthday is in August, and she loves pinks & mauves.

- think the stamp was probably an Inkadinkadoo; definitely colored with copics, die cut with a S/Binder Petite Oval. This had been stamped with several images on the paper, so I didn't have a wide choice of what die to use, as I had not left enough space between the stamped images. The petite oval fit perfectly. Used the appropriately sized petite scallop oval to die cut a mat.  The mat paper is the same as the trim on each side of the card, which was from an 8x8 K&Company stash pack.



Good afternoon, and welcome to Roxann a new follower. Thanks for joining me here, as I'm always delighted to make a new craft/card friend.

There is a pretty sketch challenge going on at Jo's Scrap Shack. By the way, Jo is having
 some nice blog candy for her 200th followers goal- see pic in sidebar. Now for the  Funday Friday's Challenge. I'm not very good with sketches but this looked like one I could manage, so I made a card last night. Surprisingly, the sketch made it easier for me to think about how to arrange the card (DUH! Who knew?), but also helped me to think about what design papers to use.

I've got some snippets on this one too, so you know it's going over to Pixie's Crafty Workshop Playground to enter my 3rd card entry for a chance to win this lovely Ryn Water Droplets stamp. Woo Hoo...wouldn't it be a lovely texture stamp to have in your bag of tricks??? I've seen a Ryn water stamp used on some lovely cards at Paper Creations by Shirley. This particular post is not the same prize water droplets stamp, but a similar one by Ryn, and Shirley has done a lovely card.'s the card: (even with the sentiment on the front, I think it will work for Birthday, Thank you, or whatever...depending on what I do on the inside.)

- diecut is a new Die-Namites Daisy Bunch. This was my first try with this brand, and it cut like butter. Loved it! I used copics to color white cryogen paper diecut- which was a snippet from my rather unsuccessful water coloring adventure earlier this week. Copics worked much better on this paper.

- yellow snippet dsp diecut with a S/B small circle.

- red mat is S/B Stately Circle die on a red snippet (this dsp has a stars pattern, but you can't see it on the part that shows. Daja Vu from an earlier project.


Oh Happy Day and Hello! This will be my 2nd entry into the Pixie's Playground snippet challenge, where there is a marvelous texture stamp (water droplets by Ryn) being offered as a prize. Please do check it out. This card has a few snippets on here goes.

- cardbase is a Bazzill textured - rather hot pink colored - cardstock (which I'm calling a snippet, cause it was used on another project, and was still in my snippet pile!). It was large enough I could squeeze this cardbase out of it.

- green flowered dsp used for mat, also a snippet, large enough to fit as a mat for the white embossed Cryogen paper (also from another project- so snippety!) The Cryogen paper was about the same size as the green piece, until diecut, embossed, scored & trimmed to fit over the other 2 layers.

- positive image from the M/Box Hibiscus was layered over a small piece of water color (I trimmed this from a full size, so I can't truthfully say this was a snippet. )<g>. I had taken TH DI pens to try to create a watercolor background for the flower underlayer; not real happy with my results using Cryogen paper first go-round. So I decided to pop the positive dicut over the underlayer, and shape the petals. I used Derwent Inktense pencils on the positive diecut, then a waterbrush.



Good morning. Hope that you had a relaxing, wonderful weekend. Here to start off my week, is another attempt at a very special anniversary card for DH.  I had made one, wasn't all that happy with it. DH has been a great encourager in my attempts to learn to use copic markers. He's always complimentary about my efforts, no matter how dreadful something turns out. After looking at the first card, I thought I should do a card with something 'copic' on here it is.


All Occasion

Happy June & welcome to Miss Darcy, a new follower. I'm pleased that you found time to visit here today, and new folks are always welcome to come sit a spell. I've seen links provided for new followers' blogs at other websites, so I'm going to try to start doing that.  (If I'm able to find the link!). Maybe we can all encourage folks to visit other blogs and see some inspiration
Summer has arrived in our Upstate SC area. Yesterday afternoon it was 90. I had been doing some heavy housework (for me anyway - cleaning the basement floor  which was especially dirty where we usually come into the house). The basement was still quite cool & comfy - even with no air - but when I came upstairs, it was like walking into a blast from the oven. Windows were open, ceiling fans running, but I was HOT! Started closing windows and the air conditioning system went on. It took a while to cool down but this morning, it feels lovely & cool. So of course, it has cooled down outside now. Looks a bit like a thunderstorm might be coming, and those are predicted today for our area. Thankfully, nothing like what our Oklahoma folks (and surrounding areas) are getting. edit: while I was typing this post, it has started to drizzle, so my new plants will enjoy a nice little drink.I'm hearing a few rumbles too.

Here's the card and everything on it - except for the white cardbase - was a SNIPPET!

- image was stamped on a lavender design paper once, then moved slightly, restamped without reinking. I think this is a SU image, but done some time back and I'm not certain. I found it in a box of things I had stamped, didn't use, put in a clear box. I was looking for an image to use on another idea. Didn't find 'that', but I liked this one so pulled it out.