Hi, and it's been so many  months since I did a post. Bad, bad me! We've had a lovely fall, with occasional days of rain, which we needed. For the most part, however, we've had sunny days that were fairly warm for the time of the year. Our foliage was absolutely gorgeous this year. Most of those glorious leaves are now on the ground (I mulch them up with the mower) either blown down by the wind, or else the rain pulled them down. 

I am doing fairly well most days, definitely better than I did for some time. That's not to say, I don't still have times when my emotions get the best of me. I realize I am still so blessed in my life, and that so many other of my blog buddies are going through their own rough times. I got my 2 covid shots, my flu shot and then finally the booster. I'm thankful I've not succumbed to any 'bad' stuff so far this year. 

Thanksgiving was a day I dreaded, but I got through it. Had some invitations, but decided since DD & her DH couldn't be here with me, I really thought I'd be best on my own. Ordered a Thanksgiving dinner from one of our local restaurants (Cracker Barrel for those who know this chain). Picked it up, then drove down to spend a few minutes with Sweetie. I know he's not really there, but it was time to change out the small vase of flowers we can place there in remembrance. I don't stay long. It's a peaceful chapel, and I try to go by every few months. Came home, got my plate and sat to watch an old British series, called Taggert. One I'd never seen until I subscribed to Britbox. Boy, am I loving that subscription. 

I hope all my American buddies had a happy and healthy Thanksgiving, and that you had the same lovely weather for the day as we did. It was coolish, but not cold. For those not celebrating the day as such, hope you had a nice Thursday!

Here at this house, I'm trying to get a few Christmas decorations down from the storage area, and have a few Christmas cards made. I seem to stay very busy most days. At present my #2 brother who is 91, is staying with me. He lives down the street and is having some new flooring put down to replace his musty smelling carpet, and also some other remodeling house stuff. He had bronchitis a few months back, and just can't seem to shake the effects of it. He was coughing, wheezing, having breathing difficulties. Saw several specialists but nothing concrete found. I suggested he come stay here where there is no carpet, and I don't have curtains or drapes. (not to say I don't have dust though! ) He's been a lot better here, but it's been an adjustment having somebody in the house with me. We have different lifestyles. However, he was there for us when we needed help, and so far we're muddling along. The fella doing the work has been having health problems. Don't know what it is like where you live, but it's very difficult to get someone reliable to do projects, show up when promised, and do a job that you feel is what you paid for! This guy is good about all that, except he's not always reliable to show when promised. He's worked for the families before, tho, so we know he'll do a good job, and will give value for the dollar. Anyway, that's it for me. Ya'll have a good weekend, and prayers for all my blog buddies who are in need of them. I know those prayers kept me going for a long time, and uplifted me when I sorely needed it. Big Hugs. Thanks for visiting.


Good afternoon, and a very Happy Easter wish for all who may read this latest post. Sad to say I've not kept my New Year's resolution to be more pro-active with this blog and visiting other blogs. In my defense, I HAVE tried! On the positive side, I have kept some of the other resolutions I made. 

We have a beautiful day, with temps in the low 70-s here in SCarolina, but the air still has a cool-ish feel to it. Things are beginning to bloom and it's quite pretty. The redbud tree that I've shared pictures of on past posts is blooming in such a lovely pink. The lilac bush has some lavender blossoms on it;  I noticed that the old iris that DH had planted one little blade of the plant in an old tube had about 5 buds on it. This was a very old plant that had come from my aunt's place up in North Carolina. My late SIL had dug up some bulbs after our aunt passed away, and shared a couple bulbs with us. DD planted these by the corner of his shed, and oh did they multiply. It got a bit snaky looking, as the dead leaves of the plant fall down, and when I'd try to clean up the area, I was always a bit wary. He finally dug them up, and was gonna pitch 'em, but he decided to take just one bulb and put in an old wooden tub I'd bought. Well, that tub has gotten full and at least I can clean out the dead leaves without too much fear. The thrift (or as some call it, creeping phlox) that is along the driveway and walls is also a nice pink. I am pretty sure the dogwood trees have some buds on them, but not had time (or when I was in the mood!) to walk out for a closer look. The old rose bush that came from my Mom's homeplace, has turned green. I am watching that for blossoms. Her birthday would be April 24, and it's always been full of buds and blooms close to then. We've always said that's Mama saying Hello!

Life seems to stay fairly busy for me. I go to bed very late, and get up just as late if I have no appointments. I turned in all the cable DVR boxes, and saved some money on the cable bill. Decided to use some of that to subscribe to Britbox streaming, and I enjoy watching the British programs. Nothing else exciting happening around here, but I try hard to count my blessings. Still haven't done anything with regard to making cards either. I've received some beautiful ones from lovely bloggers who are so kind to remember me! Also love getting emails as well, although I'm rather slow at responding. I'm goes on, and I'm learning to do pretty much those things I must do.

Got both my Covid shots (or as my 90 yr old brother refers to it - the WuHan shot). When I check Facebook to see if I've got a message from DD, I see these cooking videos, so I watch those sometimes. There's 2 ladies who have - I guess it would be youtube videos that come in on my facebook feed - Brenda Gant and Mama Sue. They cook like I might (when I do cook!) with ingredients most of us would have on hand. Lots of crockpot recipes show up too, so I've tried a couple of those. I got an Instant Pot - which I've used quite a few times, but still learning about it. I like it so far. Bought an air fryer when I was in Costco, after my neighbor was saying how much she liked hers. Still trying to use that appliance. Took the old toaster oven down to the garage, and if I participate in the community garage sale in May (IF it's held...last year it wasn't due to the virus problem)...I have some appliances of that sort to put in it. 

I hope those of you dealing with family or health issues are still managing to face each day. I KNOW it gets so hard. I hope that you will have a Blessed Easter. I'm thankful to be allowed to see another spring, and I'm trying very hard to remember all the blessings I've been given (my sweet DH and DD) and the ones I still have! I count my blog pals among those blessings too. God Bless and many hugs. 


 Good Evening, Bloggers. It's been so long since I posted, I didn't even remember how to do a new post. Took some scramblin' around to get to the correct place to post! Then had to search through computer files trying to find the signature a sweet blogger created for me. 

It's been an awful 2+ years while I was MIA, and I expect quite a few of you know that my sweet DH left us on June 30, 2020. I miss him terribly, but I am thankful that God was merciful and took him home, where he is now out of the misery that became his/our life for 20 months. I feel very hollow and like most of me is no longer there. I also know that some of you have been through this Life experience and understand what I'm feeling. 

Thanks to you all who sent beautiful cards that were so uplifting, and the prayers so many of you said for him and for both of us. Believe me, we sorely needed those prayers. I've been alone now for 6 months, as of yesterday. Facing a brand new year, that I hope will bring some smiles and ease of heartache. Our daughter (along with her husband) has been my rock and honestly, is what is keeping me going. DD was here with us the last month of her Dad's life, and I truly don't think I could have made it without her. I was exhausted, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. She stayed for a few weeks after, and then was back in late Sept, again for Thanksgiving, and they came for Christmas. It helped me get through, and we had a lot of  'business stuff' to get handled, and SIL was a huge help with that. Both were great moral support for me as well. My brother who lives down the street (and lost his wife nearly 4 yrs ago) came for 2 months and stayed with me at night. That was a big help as I'd never really been 'alone' in that sense before.  I've still got so many blessings in my life.

 I am having to learn to do so many tasks that I never had to contend with before the sickness. And it ain't easy!!! But it's one foot in front of the other, one day at a time. As I have said to folks, some days are diamonds, some days are stones (re: the John Denver song). I just go along as best I can and keep praying God to keep me strong. I know He's listening, but I sometimes suspect He thinks I need to do some of this on my own, and not be a weakling wallowing in self-pity. I also know that DD is with me too, I just can't hug him and see him like I did, but I still talk to him a lot. I'm trying to do things as I think he would wish me to do. He wanted me to be happy and keep living for the both of us he said.

I am going to make a New Year's resolution to try to start visiting some blogs. And leave comments. I have some wonderful cards that people sent that I want to share. I'd like to say I'll share some cards I've made. Alas, I've not made very many. I did make a Christmas card for the DD and SIL, but oh, am I rusty! When you don't use copics regularly, it's hard to get the coloring to look 'right'. I don't know yet if I'll get back into card making, but gosh, with all the 'stash' I have, what a waste if I don't. Just not motivated as yet to want to make cards.

I wanted to try to make this post so that it goes live for New Year's Day (part of my resolution, don'cha'no?) and I'll make a few more private resolutions for myself. Still got lots of clearing out to do. I work on that and then have to stop. Not making too many decisions for a while, other than those I absolutely had to do.

I wanted to send to each of you that may read this post, heartfelt wishes for a much better and healthier New Year, for yourselves and your families. I know so many others have health issues, family problems, etc, and it helps to know that someone - somewhere - is thinking of you, and saying a little prayer each day for you. At least it did for me. Believe me that I'm doing so for my many blog buddies where I know there is a need for prayer. Thanks to ALL of you for being my blog buddies!!! Hugs.

Til later....God Bless. 


Merry Christmas

Good afternoon, and I hope everyone is caught up on their Christmas prep. Sorry to have been MIA for a while, and since there is a rare quiet moment, I'd like to wish all my blog followers a Very Merry Christmas. For those who have sent Christmas cards, Get Well Cards, and emails of encouragment, I want to say a heartfelt thank you.

For those of my followers who don't know why I have been away from Blogland and will continue to be away for a time, I will try to update you.

The October scan that DH had, showed a 4cm mass in the upper left quadrant of his intestine...Very likely malignant.We found to our distress, a colonoscopy nor an Endoscopy, show that area. (or so we've been told!) He was faithful in getting the tests we were told responsible people should have. He had surgery to remove that mass on Nov 7, and it was discovered he had other places in his intestines, plus the problem has metastized to both lungs. A 4-5 day surgical stay ended up being 14 days, of sheer misery.

A hospital oncologist saw him and was very brutal in delivering the news that if he does nothing, probable life expectancy of a couple months. With chemo, he  might gain a few additional months. But the condition is terminal, and he didn't mince words in saying so. Very difficult to hear this. This was shortly after the Nov 7 surgery. He was released on Nov 21, home for 4 days, began vomiting uncontrollably, so we had to rush him back to the hospital, as he had dehydrated. We think a lot of that was because the intravenous nutrition food he was being provided once home, was the wrong stuff (not what was given in hospital, and I DID question the difference in what I saw. Additionally he was on a clear liquid diet per his surgeon, and we had been told he could have 'shakes' made with whey powder, almond milk, baby food fruit - to build him up for chemo. Also WRONG!). So next time home, he was on the clear TPN (the liquid nutrition) & only clear liquid diet and that has seemed to work better. Additionally, we asked for anti-nausea meds, which (fingers x'd) so far have kept the vomiting away.

It's been a hellish several weeks, as I know nothing about how to take care of someone in this condition, and I'm having to inject vitamins, insulin into this prepared TPN, flush iv lines, connect & disconnect to a pump that feeds this stuff, and empty a belly drain bag too. My brain is in such a state, I didn't retain info, and most of the time, felt as though I'd break into 10 million tiny pieces from sheer nervous upset. I've pretty much learned how to do the TPN, still get scared doing it, afraid I'll do something wrong. But we are trying to take it day by day...and praying constantly

He is scheduled to get a chemo port on 12/27, and try to start chemo on 1-2. DH has a very low threshold for nausea, and I worry that he won't be able to tolerate it. Additionally, we've used up a lot of the 'couple months do nothing' scenario so not sure if the time that may be gained, if the tumors can be shrunk, will be worth the side effects of the chemo.

So for all of you who have sent up prayers on his and our behalf..PLEASE keep them going upward. We've prayed for a miracle...but also pray for courage to face whatever comes. I didn't have the time (nor the motivation) to send out any cards, but have been uplifted by all the lovely cards we've been sent. And the emails so many of you have sent, to say you're thinking of us. It means more than you will ever know, unless you have to face a situation like this. I know so many others have done so, and probably with a lot more grace than we are able to put into the journey.

I hope I can return to Blogland in the future, but right now, my biggest priority is looking after #1 DH. He's very precious to me, and I'm trying my best to do all I can to help him through this journey, keep him comfortable, and let him know just how much he is loved.

Again, thanks to all of you, and I wish each of you a Merry Christmas. Our daughter & SIL arrived this morning for a few days, so at least we can spend Christmas once more as a family.

God Bless.