Good afternoon, and a very Happy Easter wish for all who may read this latest post. Sad to say I've not kept my New Year's resolution to be more pro-active with this blog and visiting other blogs. In my defense, I HAVE tried! On the positive side, I have kept some of the other resolutions I made. 

We have a beautiful day, with temps in the low 70-s here in SCarolina, but the air still has a cool-ish feel to it. Things are beginning to bloom and it's quite pretty. The redbud tree that I've shared pictures of on past posts is blooming in such a lovely pink. The lilac bush has some lavender blossoms on it;  I noticed that the old iris that DH had planted one little blade of the plant in an old tube had about 5 buds on it. This was a very old plant that had come from my aunt's place up in North Carolina. My late SIL had dug up some bulbs after our aunt passed away, and shared a couple bulbs with us. DD planted these by the corner of his shed, and oh did they multiply. It got a bit snaky looking, as the dead leaves of the plant fall down, and when I'd try to clean up the area, I was always a bit wary. He finally dug them up, and was gonna pitch 'em, but he decided to take just one bulb and put in an old wooden tub I'd bought. Well, that tub has gotten full and at least I can clean out the dead leaves without too much fear. The thrift (or as some call it, creeping phlox) that is along the driveway and walls is also a nice pink. I am pretty sure the dogwood trees have some buds on them, but not had time (or when I was in the mood!) to walk out for a closer look. The old rose bush that came from my Mom's homeplace, has turned green. I am watching that for blossoms. Her birthday would be April 24, and it's always been full of buds and blooms close to then. We've always said that's Mama saying Hello!

Life seems to stay fairly busy for me. I go to bed very late, and get up just as late if I have no appointments. I turned in all the cable DVR boxes, and saved some money on the cable bill. Decided to use some of that to subscribe to Britbox streaming, and I enjoy watching the British programs. Nothing else exciting happening around here, but I try hard to count my blessings. Still haven't done anything with regard to making cards either. I've received some beautiful ones from lovely bloggers who are so kind to remember me! Also love getting emails as well, although I'm rather slow at responding. I'm goes on, and I'm learning to do pretty much those things I must do.

Got both my Covid shots (or as my 90 yr old brother refers to it - the WuHan shot). When I check Facebook to see if I've got a message from DD, I see these cooking videos, so I watch those sometimes. There's 2 ladies who have - I guess it would be youtube videos that come in on my facebook feed - Brenda Gant and Mama Sue. They cook like I might (when I do cook!) with ingredients most of us would have on hand. Lots of crockpot recipes show up too, so I've tried a couple of those. I got an Instant Pot - which I've used quite a few times, but still learning about it. I like it so far. Bought an air fryer when I was in Costco, after my neighbor was saying how much she liked hers. Still trying to use that appliance. Took the old toaster oven down to the garage, and if I participate in the community garage sale in May (IF it's held...last year it wasn't due to the virus problem)...I have some appliances of that sort to put in it. 

I hope those of you dealing with family or health issues are still managing to face each day. I KNOW it gets so hard. I hope that you will have a Blessed Easter. I'm thankful to be allowed to see another spring, and I'm trying very hard to remember all the blessings I've been given (my sweet DH and DD) and the ones I still have! I count my blog pals among those blessings too. God Bless and many hugs.