Hi, and it's been so many  months since I did a post. Bad, bad me! We've had a lovely fall, with occasional days of rain, which we needed. For the most part, however, we've had sunny days that were fairly warm for the time of the year. Our foliage was absolutely gorgeous this year. Most of those glorious leaves are now on the ground (I mulch them up with the mower) either blown down by the wind, or else the rain pulled them down. 

I am doing fairly well most days, definitely better than I did for some time. That's not to say, I don't still have times when my emotions get the best of me. I realize I am still so blessed in my life, and that so many other of my blog buddies are going through their own rough times. I got my 2 covid shots, my flu shot and then finally the booster. I'm thankful I've not succumbed to any 'bad' stuff so far this year. 

Thanksgiving was a day I dreaded, but I got through it. Had some invitations, but decided since DD & her DH couldn't be here with me, I really thought I'd be best on my own. Ordered a Thanksgiving dinner from one of our local restaurants (Cracker Barrel for those who know this chain). Picked it up, then drove down to spend a few minutes with Sweetie. I know he's not really there, but it was time to change out the small vase of flowers we can place there in remembrance. I don't stay long. It's a peaceful chapel, and I try to go by every few months. Came home, got my plate and sat to watch an old British series, called Taggert. One I'd never seen until I subscribed to Britbox. Boy, am I loving that subscription. 

I hope all my American buddies had a happy and healthy Thanksgiving, and that you had the same lovely weather for the day as we did. It was coolish, but not cold. For those not celebrating the day as such, hope you had a nice Thursday!

Here at this house, I'm trying to get a few Christmas decorations down from the storage area, and have a few Christmas cards made. I seem to stay very busy most days. At present my #2 brother who is 91, is staying with me. He lives down the street and is having some new flooring put down to replace his musty smelling carpet, and also some other remodeling house stuff. He had bronchitis a few months back, and just can't seem to shake the effects of it. He was coughing, wheezing, having breathing difficulties. Saw several specialists but nothing concrete found. I suggested he come stay here where there is no carpet, and I don't have curtains or drapes. (not to say I don't have dust though! ) He's been a lot better here, but it's been an adjustment having somebody in the house with me. We have different lifestyles. However, he was there for us when we needed help, and so far we're muddling along. The fella doing the work has been having health problems. Don't know what it is like where you live, but it's very difficult to get someone reliable to do projects, show up when promised, and do a job that you feel is what you paid for! This guy is good about all that, except he's not always reliable to show when promised. He's worked for the families before, tho, so we know he'll do a good job, and will give value for the dollar. Anyway, that's it for me. Ya'll have a good weekend, and prayers for all my blog buddies who are in need of them. I know those prayers kept me going for a long time, and uplifted me when I sorely needed it. Big Hugs. Thanks for visiting.