Good afternoon, and a very Happy Easter wish for all who may read this latest post. Sad to say I've not kept my New Year's resolution to be more pro-active with this blog and visiting other blogs. In my defense, I HAVE tried! On the positive side, I have kept some of the other resolutions I made. 

We have a beautiful day, with temps in the low 70-s here in SCarolina, but the air still has a cool-ish feel to it. Things are beginning to bloom and it's quite pretty. The redbud tree that I've shared pictures of on past posts is blooming in such a lovely pink. The lilac bush has some lavender blossoms on it;  I noticed that the old iris that DH had planted one little blade of the plant in an old tube had about 5 buds on it. This was a very old plant that had come from my aunt's place up in North Carolina. My late SIL had dug up some bulbs after our aunt passed away, and shared a couple bulbs with us. DD planted these by the corner of his shed, and oh did they multiply. It got a bit snaky looking, as the dead leaves of the plant fall down, and when I'd try to clean up the area, I was always a bit wary. He finally dug them up, and was gonna pitch 'em, but he decided to take just one bulb and put in an old wooden tub I'd bought. Well, that tub has gotten full and at least I can clean out the dead leaves without too much fear. The thrift (or as some call it, creeping phlox) that is along the driveway and walls is also a nice pink. I am pretty sure the dogwood trees have some buds on them, but not had time (or when I was in the mood!) to walk out for a closer look. The old rose bush that came from my Mom's homeplace, has turned green. I am watching that for blossoms. Her birthday would be April 24, and it's always been full of buds and blooms close to then. We've always said that's Mama saying Hello!

Life seems to stay fairly busy for me. I go to bed very late, and get up just as late if I have no appointments. I turned in all the cable DVR boxes, and saved some money on the cable bill. Decided to use some of that to subscribe to Britbox streaming, and I enjoy watching the British programs. Nothing else exciting happening around here, but I try hard to count my blessings. Still haven't done anything with regard to making cards either. I've received some beautiful ones from lovely bloggers who are so kind to remember me! Also love getting emails as well, although I'm rather slow at responding. I'm goes on, and I'm learning to do pretty much those things I must do.

Got both my Covid shots (or as my 90 yr old brother refers to it - the WuHan shot). When I check Facebook to see if I've got a message from DD, I see these cooking videos, so I watch those sometimes. There's 2 ladies who have - I guess it would be youtube videos that come in on my facebook feed - Brenda Gant and Mama Sue. They cook like I might (when I do cook!) with ingredients most of us would have on hand. Lots of crockpot recipes show up too, so I've tried a couple of those. I got an Instant Pot - which I've used quite a few times, but still learning about it. I like it so far. Bought an air fryer when I was in Costco, after my neighbor was saying how much she liked hers. Still trying to use that appliance. Took the old toaster oven down to the garage, and if I participate in the community garage sale in May (IF it's held...last year it wasn't due to the virus problem)...I have some appliances of that sort to put in it. 

I hope those of you dealing with family or health issues are still managing to face each day. I KNOW it gets so hard. I hope that you will have a Blessed Easter. I'm thankful to be allowed to see another spring, and I'm trying very hard to remember all the blessings I've been given (my sweet DH and DD) and the ones I still have! I count my blog pals among those blessings too. God Bless and many hugs. 


  1. Lovely to see your blog post pop up in my newsfeed, Mary. Sounds like everything is starting to bloom in your part of the world. Our garden is beginning to come to life again, although a few things I planted last year looks like they might not have survived the winter. Glad to hear you’ve had both your jabs. I’ve had my first one and hopefully should get the second next month. Take care and I hope you get back into cardmaking soon. I’m sure I’m not the only one who misses seeing all your lovely creations.
    Liz xx

  2. Mary it's so nice to hear from you and I'm glad to see you've had your vaccination. I hope to see some cards when you are up to it♥

  3. Dear Mary, how lovely to see your post. I often think of you. Pleased to hear you are now fully innoculated; John is too and my second jab is due in two weeks. I am glad you are managing to keep going! Love and thoughts are with you. Hugs Christine xx

  4. So happy to hear from you Mary! I'm glad you are well!
    Here in Oslo Norway spring is slowly coming and I look forward to that.
    Happy Easter to you as well.
    Xoxo Olga

  5. Oh Mary, how lovely to 'see' you again and hear that you are starting to cope with life. We all have our grief journey's, and each one is unique. All I can say is be kind to yourself and take life one day at a time, and as you are doing, count your blessings.
    I am sure that one day you will be inspired to want to create a card again... for me it was part of my healing, but I can appreciate that for others it is not so.
    Warm hugs
    Stay safe

  6. Happy EasterMary...lovely to hear all your new...just like you my Mums birthday was in April and she was called violet...and the violets are always in bloom on her birthday in my garden...saying hello...
    We have our second shots soon and we have twice weekly COVID tests now and that gives us a lot of confidence again,we even went to see my niece and family and sat in the garden to say hello (that’s all we are allowed to do ) but after over a year it was joyful to see the great nieces.
    Things go on much the same here although I seem to have caught the spring cleaning bug and am bottoming out each room in turn...good feeling when everything is washed and clean and sparkling
    Take care ....Margaret..(Dutchess) CCC.

  7. So good to see you do a post Mary. The gardens here in the UK are sprouting too and I think all around the world the promise of new life will help lift our spirits. I know it does mine. Good to hear that your have your TV and cable to keep you company and memories on the British programs of your trip to the UK, not the bad ones though of the heat at that time hahaha. Also trying new recipes, good for you.
    Keep safe and well and enjoy whatever you are doing.
    Faith x

  8. Hi Mary...happy Easter to you....and lovely to hear all your’s cold but sunny here in England and spring is defiantly on the way....
    We are due our second jab soon and will feel much better and safer then.
    Take care xxxx

  9. Lovely to hear from you Mary and glad that spring is getting going now and you are doing OK. I know from experience that it is difficult to get the mojo going after a break but I think if you start with just one of those Northwood stamps that you love and some of your favourite colouring mediums you will begin to get the creative juices flowing, and you don't need to put any pressure on yourself to even make it into a card, just show us all what you are doing as I know we would all love to see you back even in some small way. Glad you have had both your jabs now. Hubby has his second shortly and I have my second next month. Anyway take care and look forward to seeing more from you soon. x

  10. So nice to see your post, my friend! Enjoy the beauty of Spring!

  11. Your yard sounds so beautiful and colorful. I hope you try your air fryer. I got one and love it. There are all kinds of recipes online to try and I haven't been disappointed yet. I'm hoping to see some of your cards soon. Stay safe.

  12. Hello Mary, I was so surprised to see your post pop up and lovely to hear from you. Sadly I missed your New Year's post, therefore missed your news. I am so very sorry for your loss, and all you both have been through. I am so glad that you are finding ways to live alongside your sorrow and that life is still going on for you.
    I look forward to seeing you in Blogland again, take care of yourself, hugs Kate x

  13. So good to hear from you and you always write such newsy articles. I enjoy them. The flowers in bloom around your home must be so beautiful! We are not enjoying much blooming here yet but my tulips are up so maybe something soon will be giving us some flowers too. I hope you can resume card making. Sometimes it is just a matter of doing it whether you feel up to it or not I find. Then the muse starts to working again. Take care my friend and God bless you.

  14. I have missed you . Glad you had time to bring us up to date ...Lis

  15. I couldn't believe it when I saw your blog post pop up on my reading list -great to see you back and hope we see some of your beautiful cards soon too.I also checked back and sorry I missed your last two posts but that was because I was unwell!We go for our 2nd jabs on the 9th.Your garden sounds like signs of life has started,our snowdrops have finished and now the turn of the muscari and tulips but at the moment although we have sun it is absolutely freezing!Nothing much happening here either as still in lockdown at the moment but not sure what good it is doing---still we can but hope.
    Carol x x

  16. Hi Mary, how nice to see a post from you and know you're doing as well as possible under the circumstances. Life goes on in spite of hardships and heartbreaks but those who love and cherish us carry us over the rough spots! I hope life continues being good to you and you learn more about your instant pot and air fryer. I haven't indulged in either of those and I still use the old fashioned Mr Coffee drip pot so I may be hopeless as far as moving forward in today's age :) Take care, and I hope to hear from you again soon! I hope your Easter was a pleasant one spent with loved ones :) Hugs!

  17. Hi Mary! Glad to read one post by you! :)
    Here Spring has arrived too, and I have to plant seed and young plants in my vegetable garden. All the flowers are blooming and the sun shines, even if there is a cold wind and no rain by months!
    Nature is always a blessing, isn't it?
    We are still in lockdown here, but schools with children are opened, so I go to work.
    Hope to read another post from you soon.

  18. Mary, thanks so much for the update, I think of you often and keep you in my prayers. Hugs, Donna

  19. I do love that you keep fairly busy Mama Mary. I also love seeing you pop into my feed that you have posted to your blog. Just keep taking those baby steps, you will get there and it doesn't need to be at another's pace, it should be at yours. I love hearing how things are budding out and blooming in your neck of the woods. I can picture it all! I love that you have plants from your aunt and your mother still growing, that is so nice I think. I have a pressure cooker aka instapot before it was called an instapot. I use it some, should use it more. We also got an air fryer, and I use it some as well. I'm still an old fashion cook and prefer my stove and oven. lol But these appliances do have their place in the kitchen. I am also glad you have had both of your vaccinations. Bill too! You have been a beautiful blessing in my life Mama Mary. Easter blessings to you! Love, Hugs and Prayers, Brenda

  20. Glad to hear your update Mary! Hope your Easter was a good one. Your spring blossoms sound lovely. Something I am always thankful for are the flowers that bloom in our area. Puts a smile on my face. It's good to count our blessings even the most smallest of blessing! Enjoy the spring. Let us know how you are doing occasionally. You are in my prayers! Hugs to you! (another Donna)

  21. Hello Mary, great to see you visiting bloggy land again. I have been taking a break myself from papercrafting, had family issues to deal with. Instead I have been rediscovering my love of cross stitch. I may have gone a bit mad with it though! Take care xx

  22. So nice to see you posting here and that you are beginning to enjoy the garden once again. . I do check regualerly. Hugs Mrs A.

  23. My heart did a flip flop when I saw you posted. It is wonderful to see you are posting even if only once in a while. Happy to hear you have your shots. DW and I get #2 on the 27th. That will be nice. The garden plants and the flowering they produce are a blessing to the soul this time of year. You take care and may the Good Lord bless you abundantly.


  24. Nice to see you post again. Nothing exciting to report from my end of the world. Just very impressed how we humans are able to adapt. Looking forward to the day I can go out for a meal at a restaurant again. Or visit a shop. Small steps, small wishes:)

  25. Hi Mary,
    hope you had a good Easter couln't use my blog till now as there was a problem with an entry to the Rudolf Challenge that left my site at risk.
    How it all happened is beyond me.
    Your garden sounds wonderful and the plants sound so pretty.
    Yes you don't seem to get enough time for everything when it's just you as I have found hence I blog not very often these days, just my DT commitments that I try hard to do which makes me push myself and then I am glad I have afterwards.
    I expect you talk to DH the same as me when you have managed to do something you thought you couldn't do.
    I had my first jab in Feb and am having my second one later this month.
    The end of March made it 2 years since I lost DH and I cannot believe how quick that time has gone.
    Sorry I have not emailed lately I am lazy about emailing and telephoning I suppose I should make a list that would make me get in touch more perhaps.
    DH was always making himself lists to do daily.
    Lots of crafty love and hugs from my house to yours. Jenny L.x

  26. Isn't it heartwarming to see how many people missed you, Mary, and how happy we are that you popped back into Blogland to say hello! And how we hope you will find the desire to start making your awesome cards again! I think Joe would like that. He was always so supportive of your hobby and all the dear friendships that developed because of it. I add my best wishes and love to the others. Keep in touch and keep safe and enjoy the spring blessings! Hugs, Darnell

  27. Hi, Mary! I was so happy to see your blog post appear in my email recently, and needed to wait to give it my undivided attention. It warms my heart that your health is good, and that you can get out to enjoy nature, and all the new spring time growth happening in your area. Your neighborhood is beautiful, and I always enjoy seeing the landscaping you have accomplished. It is difficult to clean out "the old" at times, and I've been doing a bit more of it myself lately, while I am able. It will be great seeing your pretty artwork again when you're ready to play with those goodies again. You always put together the most innovate techniques, and have gorgeously colored images to match those lovely dies in your stash. We received our COVID shots, too, and I experienced difficult recovery periods each time. Hopefully, I'll rally from the 2nd injection some time next week, and get back to a bit more normalish life activity-wise. I always think of you with gratitude, and am grateful that we met on-line, even though we once lived as "neighbors" without even realizing it! love, de

  28. Hi Mary so your blog while looking thru my list and thought i would stop by and say HI. Miss seeing your post and hope you are doing well.