Magenta Class (Card #3)

Happy Sunday! Here in Upstate SC we are having a beautifully sunny, warm day. A little too warm. I was just outside, to pot a few of the plants we got on Friday. Got too hot, too fast, and had to stop. Got a cool shower; will go back outside later (?) when evening has cooled off the temp a bit to try to finish the remainder. We are having a load of river rock delivered tomorrow, so you-know-who will be busy shoveling rock into the wheelbarrow to carry around to the flower beds. I'll have to be out early to avoid the heat. Those who know me, know that I don't "DO" early!!!'s the 3rd card from the Magenta class I attended last Sunday. This card used the 'ghost' & resist technique. We stamped with emboss ink on glossy white cardstock, then heat embossed with white powder. Then we inked the stamp again, with white pigment ink, to stamp the image once more on the paper. We used different Cats eye pigment pad colors to rub the ink over the cardstock, wiping off with a paper towel. The embossed image resisted the ink, so showed up very well. (on my card, the sentiment covers  most of it, the white & pink is the embossed image, also in the lower left corner).  The image that was only inked, has just a 'ghost' of an appearance. (And MY ghost is difficult to see in the picture).  Next we used a different color of pigment ink to stamp around the card with stamps of our choice to add some extra layered look. The last step was to prepare the sentiment, tear it, adhere it. This was probably the 'easiest' of the 3 cards for me. What was so interesting is that in a room of ladies, all doing the same samples, every finished card looked so different. Again, thanks to Magenta and to The Mercantile for sponsoring this class. If I'm not too tuckered out with rock shoveling, I'll try to post about the fun class I had yesterday at Scrapbook Creations in  Spartanburg with Bonnie McLain ( Thanks for visiting this afternoon.  

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