Good afternoon & thanks for visiting today. I need to say a big Thank You to 2 new followers. Ladies, so happy to see you here, and I hope you'll enjoy what you see when you drop in.

Today I am trying to do a few 'household' laundry, some bathroom cleaning (the easy stuff), and after that, maybe I can manage the electric broom to gather up some dust bunnies that I see along the baseboards. Why is it, that I am the only one who sees this kind of thing? DH said he didn't notice it needed to be cleaned a bit. Is it like that at your house? I can't say much, because he has been good about the IMPORTANT THINGS like taking care of ME! But it is getting on my nerves to see it now, so I'm gonna try to sweep 'em up.

Another one of my stamping friends came by yesterday afternoon and we had a most lovely visit. I got to catch up on all the news of our Thursday group. My friend was lucky enough to get to CHA (Craft Hobby Association) up in Chicago earlier in the month. She had an exciting time, got to see Tim Holtz demos, and talk with him. We were so busy yakking, I didn't think about asking "What new stuff did you see?" until after she had left. I've seen some of the new Spellbinder dies at some online stores, and I'm really liking some of them. We have a stamp convention coming up in our area in September, so I need to save my $$$$ for that. I'm trying to restrain myself from any more online ordering!!! (Did too much of that when I was bored in the basement the 3 wks I was confined to the recliner).

I'm hoping I can get downstairs later this evening and perhaps have a card to post later. I'm feeling much more secure with my boot now, and have sort of developed a technique on any steps I have to tackle. Got self in & out of the shower last night, and can't say how much I am ready to get back to my daily shower routine, now that it is not such a hassle. I can stand on the 'bad foot', but I hold onto the shower safety bar when I need to stand, try to keep the bulk of my weight on the 'good foot'. It is a bit easier to have the baddie down on the floor if I must, but still I'm being super careful...trying to follow dr's orders. I've done too well so far, to mess up because I'm getting impatient.

Since I didn't have a card to post, I found an image of a planter that we have on our deck, planted early this summer. It's lavendar (the smell of which I love), and some moss roses. It has been very pretty, but the intense heat our area has been through, along with lack of watering, has really taken a toll on the poor plants. Still, I enjoyed it for a while. It's what I can look out of the window to see, as I sit at the computer...The rail fence belongs to a neighbor...who really needs to fix it!
So have a wonderful Sunday afternoon. Hope to be back here later on this evening. Thanks for popping by. See ya.


  1. Hi Mary,

    So glad you are listening to Dr. orders and taking it easy with your boot. I had a total knee replacement a few years ago so I know how "impatient" waiting for things to heal can be. It sounds as if you had a great visit with your friend! It's always nice to have something to look forward to - the show in September - and it will be here before you know it!

    Take care of yourself.


  2. Oh, I wanted to say also that I love lavender and those roses. What a great combination!!


  3. The heat has been ridiculous on the plants this year, huh? I struggled really badly last week, or the week before, trying to keep my young trees and bushes and flowers from frying in the 110+ heat we were having. Its still iffy, even though its cooled down...but I hope your lavender and roses bounce back. :)Thanks for being my newest follower. I'm following you back now so I can keep up with your cards, you're very talented there! :) Thank you for the congrats, as well, it's really appreciated. Isn't it wonderful to have good news to share with others and to have others who enjoy your good news? :) And I do have an offer on my blog for free help with organizing, if you really would like some help, not that I'm promising I would be helpful, but I would try. :) You can email me with pictures and I'll have a look see. My email addy is on the Organized U page on my blog. Just let me know, I love to help! :)

  4. Hi Mary, just to let you know that I have posted my finished Koala picture. Your pot of lavender and roses must smell lovely on the decking. Hugs mrs a.

  5. Hi, just popping over from the Snippets playground to see how you're doing. Glad you're taking things one step at a time. You'll have to make a nice big wish list for that show in September!