Blogger Error

Hi, Back again with a copy of an error that I get when I go to some blogs, where I'm not shown as being signed in to Blogger, although I am. I try to join the blog as a follower, get the message I'm already a follower, to please sign in. I know that I'm using the correct sign-in info, but then I get this message.


The webpage cannot be found

 HTTP 400

Most likely causes:

  • There might be a typing error in the address.
  • If you clicked on a link, it may be out of date.

What you can try:

  • Retype the address

  • Go back to the previous page

  • Go to and look for the information you want.

This error (HTTP 400 Bad Request) means that Internet Explorer was able to connect to the web server, but the webpage could not be found because of a problem with the address.
For more information about HTTP errors, see Help.


I've googled and checked different help forums. One suggestion was to clean out the registry on my computer. I don't know a lot about the Registry, but I do know that if you aren't sure of what you're about, this is not the place to experiment!
I've refreshed my browser, I have the latest IE software, but if I use Chrome, I'm getting the same error. This happens when I try to log in at someone's blog where I don't see myself as a follower.
Anyone got any ideas that are not too difficult to try (as in I don't want to screw up my pc real badly to where I have to call in expert help to fix it).  Thanks in advance if you've had this same problem, and have an easy fix! Hugs






  1. I too am having weird blogger issues. I can'tleave a commments on more than one post without going out and goin back in. Kind of a drag as I like to catch up on what i have missed when life gets in the way.

    I am also having problems signing onto new blogs I want to follow...but Christine from CCC showed me how to click option extras and follow that way.

    What about putting in a help request to blogger?

  2. No idea Mary. I have heard several ladies say that they have IE or Chrome and are having all sorts of problems. I use Firefox and haven't had them - yet! Knock on wood!

  3. Me? I have been using IE v10 and all my little orange boxes on my dashboard are grey and I get an error message each time I navigate from and back to my dashboard .... guess this means bloggers having an epi! I sent a screen print and the error code to blogger help (three times in three weeks) but have yet to receive a response! GOOD LUCK with yours, Mary


  4. I haven't seen this error (yet). I was having problems following other blogs, telling me there was a problem to try later. I finally discovered when I click on "more options" it brings up another window with a follow button and I can follow there. I used to have tons of problems when I used IE but after switching to Mozilla Foxfire I haven't had as many. But lots of people are having trouble right now with different issues. I hope blogger gets them fixed soon!! Have a wonderful evening :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  5. I've experienced different blogger issues lately too, but I haven't encountered the ones you have! Most of my problems are not being able to leave comments on Google+ users unless I create my own Google+ account. I tried to follow a blog using blogger follow that I use for mostly everyone, but it won't allow me to follow unless I create a separate account! UGH! It's enough to make you consider giving up blogging some days!

  6. Hi Mary. Will send you a site to download a program that Jill and I are both using. It will clean up the junk and the registry safely.

  7. I am having the very same problems in Firefox too. It is definitely a blogger error. I am also finding it takes 3 or 4 attempts to see the blogs I am following. As my dashboard comes up it says I am not following any blogs. I so wish that they had never messed with it in the first place. I never had all these problems with the old interface

  8. Well, for once that is an error I'm not having, but I've probably jinxed myself now and will get it. I have all sorts of other errors.

    At home I can't upload photos if I'm using Firefox but it works fine at work (not that I would *ever* blog at work). So at home I use IE and it gives me all sorts of other error messages but I just plow through and my posts show up fine.

  9. Oy, Mary, it is all so scary. I think I need to do a backup! I haven't had this particular message and I've no idea what a registry even is. Should I have? Eep. Please keep us posted and thank you for sharing! Hugs, Darnell

  10. I am having problems too Mary, sounds like you are not alone. I am unable to follow any new sites with friend connect :0( xx

  11. Mary I too arm having problems like Sally H. My dash board keeps saying I don't follow any blogs or it's a thing saying to let folk advertise on my blog page, some times it comes up every time it try to get the dash board up. Your card is gorgeous I had a problem commenting on it last night. Hazel xx

  12. I get an error like this too at times when I'm trying to go to a blog from like "bloglovin". I also have problems on a blog or two leaving comments when I come from my list in "bloglovin". Not many just 2 I think. I thought it was just a problem with Bloglovin but maybe not. At first I didn't understand what kind of problem you were having but now seeing it I do. lol I know it can get pretty frustrating as we all don't have tons of time to try to get through this stuff to comment. I haven't been able to comment on Candee's blog in forever. I'm afraid some people will think I'm ignoring them but I'm not. Hugs

  13. When receiving the page cannot be found error, I usually click up on the blog's home page tab (or the title) to get to the home page. Then search for that particular item. Usually, the permalink was changed either by the author, or by blogger in cases of scheduled publishing for a different month than the month in which the blog post was written. HTH

  14. Hi Mary, I am having trouble with trying to follow blogs, not sure what's happening....Good luck, take care, Shirleyx

  15. Hope Irish Cherokee helps your problem. It is maddening, I know.

  16. Ohh no Mary !!! I am not sure what is or actually has been going on with blogger , but it is very frustrating !!! My comments are all gone on my posts , for the exception of yesterdays and today's I was very sad and upset . I hope you are able to find a solution my friend :)


  17. Me is 'avin probs too! Just have to look out for each other I suppose!