Happy Easter

Happy Easter and welcome on a lovely sunny afternoon. I hope you've been having a wonderful day so far. First, I'd like to say welcome to a new follower, Maria K. whose link I found at Miss Shirley D's. (There's a language translator at the top of Maria's blog). Maria has some marvelous inspiration for us all using those fabulous Chocolate Baroque stamps. Maria has 2 blogs, so I hope I've provided the proper linking to her website. Thanks Shirley - for the link to this lovely blog, and thanks Maria, for becoming a new follower.

Next there are 2 more lovely Easter cards from some sweet blog friends, that I wanted to share for all of you to enjoy right along with DH & me.

Darnell's card


Brenda L's card
What a blessing Blogging has been, allowing me to make these friends, who are so talented & kind enough to share their talents to brighten our lives. Thank you both, ladies, because you can't possibly know how much we enjoyed these beautiful cards. All the Easter cards plus the recent birthday ones are lined up across our mantel.

Now here's the card that Mr. DH got for the holiday.

- Our Daily Bread Designs image, die cut with a new S/Binder Decorative Labels 34 (found this on sale at Molly's Square).  The die cut nicely, considering the edge trimming details.

Papers were from a sale pack of K&Co and Paper Studio Sunbeam Meadow.

- Card base was trimmed with a die from the set of A2 Scalloped Borders One.

- glitter twig is a snippet discovered when I was sorting scrap paper yesterday afternoon. Tucked in quite nicely, didn't it?

Costco has some colored plastic bins (5 for $19.99) which I purchased, thinking to sort scrap(snippet)
with each color in its own plastic container. Currently I have file folders that started with each color in that folder, in a larger clear bin. Well, one gets in a hurry, and things get jumbled ...or perhaps it doesn't at _your house_! The bins have sat on the floor for weeks, and yesterday, while it was drizzly rain, Mr. was napping, I not in the mood to do much of anything...traipsed downstairs to watch some recorded stuff and sort papers. I took all the bins where I've stashed snippets and played ring toss. I had the bins open, spread in a semi circle in front of my chair, with a jumbled bin on my lap. Each paper scrap got tossed into the appropriately colored bin. At least I can hope that the pinky-red bin only has that color. These are now stacked in a Ikea fabric cube - which did not fit the Recollection cube holder that I recently purchased at 60% off. Oh well, I've plenty of other things that will. So even though only I can tell I've done diddly in that room, I did make a start at straightening out. More this afternoon - but first I am going to enjoy the treat of visiting some blogs. Oh yes, putting on the clean bed linens too.

Before I leave here's the card DH had for me....I liked it a lot.

DH's card
A little mushy - um yes - but love it! He also had my coffee ready when I rolled out of bed. Yep, he's a nice guy, definitely.

Will share one more personal tidbit before signing off this afternoon. You all know that _My_ name is Mary. His name is Joe.* Long years ago, he had an appointment with a neurologist. This young fella told us that he just had read the Christmas story to his young children the night prior to our appointment. When we introduced ourselves his reply was "Now I can tell my kids, today I met the _other_ Mary & Joseph!"  A bit corny, yes - but it often helps people remember our names! LOL.

Happy Easter, thank you to all my wonderful blog friends, and have a wonderful afternoon. Hugs.
*Our only child is Dana.


  1. Beautiful Easter cards, Mary and I love the words on your card from your husband - not mushy just telling you how much he loves you and what you mean to him. Hazel xx

  2. Hi Mary, the cards from your friends are beautiful and I do love the one you got from hubby too. Well done for starting on your sorting of paper (wish I had your resolve). I clean up and then mess it up again!

    Great story of Mary and Joseph, love that! Hope you are having a good Easter weekend. Hugs, Anne xx

  3. Lovely cards from your friends and an especially great one from Joe. When I first started nursing there were three of us became good friends - me, Molly and Mary - who was already engaged to be married to a young man called -----yep, you've guessed it - Joseph. I just don't seem able to make any headway with storing my snippets. It's just all one big mess!!! Hope you have had a happy and blessed Easter. Hugs Christine xx

  4. Great cards Mary both received and given. Glad it's sunny where you are, it's not been so nice in Dorset UK today...very wet indeed. My scraps "were" colour coded until I just started throwing the bits on top again. The stack is well overdue a sort out but I think this time I must be sensible and only keep a certain size and above otherwise we are in danger of being swallowed up!! xx

  5. These are all really gorgeous Mary, I like the images the designs and the colours.
    Kevin xx

  6. Cute Easter cards from your friends. Lovely card from your hubby

  7. Hi Mary, I hope you have had a wonderful Easter! I love the card you made for Joe - such a beautiful lamb. (I must look into whether Our Daily Bread will ship to the UK) Love the papers you used too - gorgeous! Your story of Mary and Joseph made me smile - Both Hubby and I are S. Holmes, and Steve has been asked many times if the S stand for Sherlock!

  8. Hi Mary, lovely Easter cards, the one your hubby gave you is so sweet! Well done with taming your snippets too, mine are overflowing at the moment! Cathy x

  9. You received some beautiful cards, Mary, and I love the ones you and your husband exchanged. Plus, I always love a little lamb. Your hubby sounds wonderful, Mary. I had a smile over the Mary and Joseph story....very sweet.

    We're home from what seems like being in the car all weekend, going in different directions each day. I'm tired. The weather was perfect...80-81 and sunny.

  10. Great cards you received, and I think you told us before that your DH was a keeper!
    I've tried to tame the snippets, I have a humungous basket with 'stuff'.
    When I go to make a card, I HAVE to use something out of it!
    I used a card base for a card today. Pretty sure at that rate it will take years!!

  11. You received some lovely cards to make your Easter brighter and thanks for sharing them with us! I have all my snippets in a shoebox, and I swear one of these days I'm going to do what you've done to sort them out or else do a purge! LOL So glad you enjoyed a nice Easter weekend! Have a great week ahead too!

  12. You received some beautiful Easter cards! And the one you gave hubby is beauty too!
    I barely managed to pull of two cards for the kiddies. complete with little bunnies with mini cotton puff tails! And forgot to take a picture...Will have to try to take one when I get home. Hopefully daughter has not tossed them by then.
    Usually the kids put them up in their room for a month at least! lol

    Off to catch up on your posts.

  13. You received a lot a beautiful Easter cards Mary , I love them all they are so cute!!! Thanks for mention me on your blog, my personal blog is the other link of course there you can see more then only the use of CB stamps, but it's your choice of course ,what you put on your blog!!!

    Have a great Easter time,and I hope Spring may be wonderful!!


  14. Hi Mary oh wow your cards are lovely! I don't know how I've missed your blog I'm sorry i haven't visited you recently, I must of missed the feed, I hope you had a lovely weekend and Easter thank you for your lovely comment
    Vic x

  15. Thanks for sharing these lovely cards, Mary!! They are all beautiful!!!
    I need to sort out snippets as well!!!
    Have a great week!!

  16. Darnell's Easter basket card is gorgeous!! How sweet of her to remember you and Joe on Easter. She always makes the greatest cards. I love the card you made for Joe-that sweet little lamb is so pretty in the flowers. I love the shape of your card too and the papers you used. That spellbinder frame is beautiful. You make the greatest cards too! And Joe's card to you, how sweet it is!! I think I would fall over if Dwayne ever gave me a card and would faint dead away if it said mushy stuff on it!! lol I love it too and think you have a pretty amazing fella Momma Mary! I love the story about your names, so was cute. Glad you had a great Easter! Hugs

  17. What awesome cards from your friends!! And the card you made for your hubby is so pretty!! I love the sweet image!! His card to you is so beautiful!! I love that your names are Mary and Joseph!! I hope you had a wonderful Easter my friend!! Happy Monday :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  18. I was so happy my post went through the other day. Something has changed and I don't know what it is but I'm pleased. Your cards from Darnell and Brenda are so pretty. Love the shiny eggs from Darnell and the gorgeous flowers from Brenda. I bet your hubby loved your sweet card with the lamb. How sweet that he still sends you "mushy" cards. Be happy for that. Isn't it nice to organize things. I have three baskets available since my son put up my rails for the punches. Maybe that's a project for today.

  19. Good Morning Mary! The cards you received are lovely as well as the card you made. Those paper scrapes do pile up don't they!
    Sandy xx

  20. Beautiful Easter & Spring designs, love the eggs in the basket at the top! the layers on the 2nd are fabulous, love the flowers and the lamb at the bottom is sweet. I hope you had a great Easter weekend, Shirleyx

  21. I like that you clarified that you didn't name your child Jesus. :-) What a beautiful selection of Easter cards. You are blessed to receive such wonderful treasures. The card you made is no slouch either. Such a sweet little lamb, so perfect for Easter or spring. Good job on sorting all the snippet colors into better bins! You might find that you use them more often with them sorted out nicely.

  22. Lovely cards all and I love the one you did for Joe! And didn't he pick the sweetest card to give you! Good luck with sorting the snippets. I have mine sorted by color in gallon plastic bags all standing in a bin. When they won't fit in the bin anymore, I go through and cull some out. It's amazing how those snippets keep multiplying!

  23. Hi Mary, wife of Joseph! Your cards to and from each other are so wonderful! What an inspiration you two are as a testament to a loving, long-standing marriage (and the ability to keep from killing each other!). Good luck with the snippets organizing. I have all mine by color and it does help me not having to paw through The Scrap Heap, but they still pile up like crazy! Thank you for the shoutout and for showcasing my card and sharing Brenda's lovely card!! Hugs, Darnell

  24. What lovely Easter cards you have received Mary, and I love that cute little lamb which you sent to DH - by the way hope he had a lovely birthday - and what lovely thoughts on the card he sent to you. Hope you had an enjoyable Easter weekend. x

  25. Aw what a lovely hubby :) hope your sorting is coming on well and that your food is still OK too. Love your Easter card great image.