DeeDee's Digis Says Happy 4th of July

Hi, and welcome. We're taking a short break in between cleaning out some attic stuff that the DD may want. It gets too warm up there for me, and stomachs were growling. DH & DD have gone to get some lunch. We had another little washing machine upset this morning, which didn't start our day off pleasantly. There's this trap  'thing-y' on our LG washer that is to be emptied periodically. It catches debris and sometimes has a bit of standing water. DH cleans it from time to time. You will remember my fiasco with this apparatus last year, and it caused the tub of machine water to leak all over the floor, down into our basement floor insulation and ceiling tiles...BIG MESS! Anyway, started a laundry load, had my coffee in hand and happened to walk into the kitchen to start the dish washer. I keep a rug by the machines and thought "hmm, wonder why that rug looks funny colored?" (it was wet!) and quick as a flash, "Uh-OH - it's leaked again"-- remembering that DH had cleaned the trap out Sunday evening for me. First time I've done laundry since then. Evidently something didn't get tightened properly. Oh my, he was not a happy camper at all. We've called somebody to come in and probably replace the wet insulation between the floors, as DH dried it with fans last time. Don't want to take a chance on mildew, etc this time. Plus 6 stained ceiling tiles. Anyway, at least the daughter is here to brighten & lighten his mood! Thanks for letting me whine, and on to the card...

 Now on a happier note:  let me say a warm welcome to a new follower: Grace N of Th-INK-ing of You. Grace is a designer for ODBD and has some stunning cards. I had visited her blog quite a long time ago, but just rediscovered it again, to my delight. Thanks for joining as a follower and do give yourself a treat and visit Grace's amazing blog.

The June Challenge over at DeeDee's Digi's is in its final week, but you still have some time to snag a delightful digi from the store and play along.

The featured set for June Challenge at DeeDee's is Life's a Beach,  and is totally adorable. . You can purchase this month's featured set for just $1.25, or you can get it for FREE with any $10 purchase of Deedee's Digis products from the shop. (NOTE: To receive this set for free with your qualifying order, you must enter this code, minus quotes, in the comment area of the checkout form: "DDOM-10.") Create and share any wholesome project made with this set by the challenge deadline, and Deedee will email you next month's featured set for free. Keep playing, and keep collecting freebies -- it's as easy as that!
Since I need to have some holiday cards, I chose a combination of 2 sets for today's card: Stitchy Stars and Hat's Off Stitchy Stars has some 'country stars' designs, some pretty digi papers, line images & sentiments; I liked the sentiment from Hat's Off  for this card however. Printed out both sets, and selected the elements that I wanted for today's card. Am surely loving this digi paper stuff - YAY! The remaining designs that were printed out are just waiting for another 4th of July card.

- Star & striped paper from Stitchy Stars . The Hat's Off sentiment was die cut with a sizzix die, and outlined with a red Wink of Luna pen. The blue paper at the top is Bazzill smooth, embossed with a Crafts Concept Solid Stars EF. Went over the raised stars with a clear WoS pen*, and then outlined with a white gel pen.
 *Edit: This should have read WHITE WoS.
- Glitter stars done with a small Marvy punch, and the tiny kraft heart is a snippet from the bird house die you saw on an earlier card. Added the red rhinestone just for giggles. Another very easy card & fast.
I hope you'll take time to pop over to DeeDee's and check out the June challenge and also the wonderful images available there.  In the meantime, thanks so much for taking time to stop in, and have a wonderful (hopefully cool!) afternoon. Very hot here in my area. G'bye & Hugs.
PS: I had mentioned in emails to several of you, that I'd share a picture of the printer paper that I've been using with the digi papers, that I like so much. I think I paid about $3.97 or $4.97 for this pack in Walmart. It seems to yield a much better result than the plain ole printer paper that I always use for printing. Hope this helps anyone who might be interested.


  1. Wow! Absolutely fabulous card Mary!
    Hugs, Hazel xx

  2. Excellent card Mary. Makes me want to grab one of my big flags, go out to the curb and wave it at all of the cars that pass by. LOL. Good way to get run over by distracting a driver. LOL.


  3. Sorry about your washing machine woes - I hate when things go wrong like that :(
    Very cute card with the stars and patriotic colors! I really like the background on this card! It's perfect for the July 4th holiday coming up!
    Enjoy your week!

  4. Great card Mary, love the colours lol.

    Kath x

  5. I love how you did the embossed stars in the background here. It's a great card for your American holiday.
    I can sympathise with your washing machine woes as I had a similar problem last week. The problem with our machine is that it has not got a simple method of clearing the pump and so we have to wait for "the man" to come and fix it.The good thing is that as we live in a bungalow with a solid floor there is nowhere the water can leak into to cause more damage.just a mess to clear up.
    Jean x

  6. Really! I'm surprised about that paper not hogging all the ink and absorbing it. Thank you for the tip. Love your patriotic card - it is REALLY great! Sorry to hear about your washer - is it the machine or the plumbing? Probably well be needing a new one one of these days, tho nothing is wrong with our old Energy Star Kenmore. It is 10 years old and going strong! Hope your attic is slowly cleaned out so that your daughter can enjoy those precious things! hugs, de

  7. Great card and just right in time for the upcoming holiday. Also thanks for the picture of the GP paper you have been using. I'll have to see about picking up a pack of that one. So sorry to hear of your washing machine troubles. Leaks are never fun to have to deal with. Hope tomorrow starts out better than today.

  8. Mary, your day seems to have gone about like mine has for the past week!!! Glad you caught all that in time and didn't have a major flood in the house though.

    LOVE your card!!! WOW! What a wonderful way to use the images from Deedee's and it made into a knock dead gorgeous card for July 4th! Fantastic!!!!!

    Ok, is this paper card stock or like regular printer paper?


  9. Another lovely card using a gorgeous image....beautiful designed as well...brrr cold one here today in Australia....♥aNNie x
    The Journey is the Start

  10. This is so gorgeous, Mary!! I love, love the design!! The star is fabulous!! Perfect patriotic card!!

    Ugh, sorry about your washer woes. I hope everything gets fixed. Have a wonderful time with your DD!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  11. Wow Momma Mary, I am loving this card for sure!!! Those stars in that set are awesome, looks like I need to do me some shopping. lol And I will cause I've been loving the digi's from this company that everyone is using. So sorry to hear about the washing machine mishap again. It is very frustrating and I can feel hubby's pain from it. I hope that your DD will help to keep him in a good mood, although I can't blame him for his mood. These appliances are supposed to work and not mess your house up! Big hugs, Brenda

  12. Ugh! What a terrible way to start a day. And, ceiling tiles in the mix. Not a good thing. I'm so sorry about all this but glad your daughter is there to cheer you.

    I absolutely love your patriotic creations. Fab job!!!

  13. I love your fabulous patriotic card Mary, it is brilliant! Sorry to hear about the washer though.... Hugs, Anne xx

  14. I'm lovin' that country star with the stars and stripes! What a fantastic 4th of July card!

  15. I love this 4th July card Mary with that unusually shaped star which works really well, a real beauty! Sorry to hear about your washing machine flood disaster, just what you didn't need! This is one of those things you hope never happens as it is amazing just how far water travels. Hope it is sorted now. Take care. x

  16. Oh! my goodness Mary, poor you with your wet floors etc AGAIN, hope it's not too bad and you can clear up soon.

    Wonderful card. Love the shape of that main star.

    Sorry haven't been around, I have been decorating.

  17. not a good start to the day! hope the damage isn't too bad-fabulous patriotic card looks great
    carol x

  18. So sorry about the washer. Love your card & thanks for the tip about the paper.

  19. Well.... thanks for that horrible leaky washing machine story but it reminded me to call the landlord that the garden hose has been leaking since our earth tremor on Sunday. It is a small dribble and I tossed it into the garden. The plants will appreciate it.

    Love the patriotic card. All those stars--woo!