Roses - and Colored Pencils

Hooray for Friday! Do you have plans for a wonderful weekend? Here's wishing for some super weather to enjoy whatever it is that you may be doing.

My pedicure /manicure yesterday was much better than the first one I had (at another shop). After watching on the first visit the operator just took the loose instruments from a drawer at the table, I became concerned with how the tools had been cleaned (whether they had been sterilized or sanitized properly after being used on another customer). When I called for a repeat appointment, I asked about this, and the person answering the phone said I'd have to speak with the manager - who was out just then. I thought "Hmmm, everyone in that shop should be able to answer that question." So I called another place and asked this question, got the info I hoped to hear and made an appointment. The tools used on me were taken from a sealed bag - and I was informed that the tools are cleaned with antiseptic, then put into some kind of an autoclave - in the bag, and the heat seals the bag until it is opened to use on a customer. Right answer! The technician at the 2nd shop, was much more thorough in what she did with the cuticles on hands & feet, did some wonderful treatment on my dry heel skin - so I'm glad I went to a different place.

I'm still trying to work with colored pencils now & again. Today's card is an image I colored some time ago, wasn't happy with it, but decided it would be ok on a card. Here goes:

The image did not stamp crisply, even using the stamp press. Believe this is one bought at a garage sale - in a bag with some other stamps.  I think Derwent Colorsoft pencils were used on the image, but it was difficult to see on the image just where to shade and highlight. I finally used a white gel pen to add some highlights after finishing the coloring.  On this image,I tried to touch the white to the image, then blot it with my finger so there's not a harsh white mark. This may be something others knew to do already. After moving the image out of my way for a whle, I decided what the heck, make a card with it.

- Die cut the opening of the card base with a S/B classic square & adhered the image behind the opening. Used Gold Squares One to emboss the center opening after die cutting. I'm not very successful with those gold dies that just emboss. (these are different from the S/B Imperial gold which do cut & emboss).  I've yet to have one work well to give a nice embossed edge. I like the S/B Imperial Gold dies, but not the Gold Squares or Ovals. Probably operator error, but I've viewed the S/B tutorials so many times and STILL can't get these to work well. Any suggestions???

- Swiped Memento Angel Pink over the embossing folder, and then ran the card front through the Big Shot. This covered up the previous embossing that was just around the square opening (from the Gold square failure).

- MB leaf & Dee's Distinctively swirls were cut from white snippet and sprayed with Lindy's Starburst sprays in greens and pinks. This will be a  good card to have in the stash and can be adapted for whatever occasion is needed.

Thanks for joining me today, and Big Hugs.


  1. Oohh so pretty Mary the pencil colouring is just gorgeous!!! I'm glad your manicure and pedicure went much better than last time it's nice to know they use sealed clean instruments :)
    Vic x

  2. Glad the treatment went well Mary!! Love your pretty card, beautiful colouring and the embossed frame looks super too xx

  3. Glad you found a place to get your pedicure and manicure. This day and age you have to be so careful.

    Loving card.

    Hope you have a good weekend.

  4. Your rose is so pretty. I love the delicate colours. What
    I wouldn't do for a nice pedicure right now. Just spent the past week demolishing some out buildings in the garden. Today we hired a van and did three trips to the local. tip with the debri. Feel. Utterly exhausted now but it was a good job done. Hugs Mrs A.

  5. So glad you enjoyed your pedicure Mary:) gorgeous card its really pretty have a great weekend huggles Sue xxx

  6. Glad you got all straight on the mani/pedi and you like the new place better. It's very important that those tools be sterilized!! Just ask my sister in law who ended up getting a terrible toenail infection because they weren't!

    Love your card and those flowers are just beautiful! They take center stage and love it!

  7. Beautiful card Mary and your pencil colouring is lovely. Now Mary I am glad you enjoyed having your feet done, that is where I am so lucky our oldest daughter is a trained podiatrist so I get my feet done when ever I want, she always tells people to use any hand cream you have every day ion your feet and mainly on any hard skin, it works a treat. Great way to use up all those gifts if cream we get. Enjoy your weekend. Hazel xx

  8. I'm glad you put this image on a card! It's so pretty! I think the touches of white were a great idea! Love how it's framed too! I'll have to read your comments to see if anyone has the answer to a good emboss with these dies. I've never been able to get one. You need to watch the foot bath at the pedicure places too. They should be sterilized between clients. I have a friend that bought her own tools and bath to take with her to be sure they were clean. Sounded like a good idea to me.

  9. Hi Mary,
    love your colouring of your roses stamp.
    Great designed card too.
    My that was a bit of a nasty pedicure place that first one.
    It's lucky you didn't catch something awful.
    I remember going to the hairdressers once, and the towel she used on my hair smelt awful.
    Well you guessed it, I had a terrible rash come up behind my ear.
    Never went there again.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  10. Your pencil colouring on the roses looks great to me, It's a really pretty card.
    Jean x

  11. This card is lovely so clean and fresh .......Lis

  12. Beautiful card Mary, lovely coloured image and design.

  13. Fabulous Mary, love the image and the way it inserted into the fabulous embossing folder the additions of the die cuts look terrific.

    Kath x

  14. Such a pretty image Mary ... and your coloring is fabulous!! Loll xx

  15. This is beautiful, Mary!! The flowers are gorgeous!! I love your coloring!! The leaves and flourishes are fabulous!! I'm glad you had good mani/pedi!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  16. Beautiful card Mary, I love the flowers the embossing and the foliage
    Kevin xx

  17. Beautiful card Mary - and I love the colouring :-). The embossing is fabulous too.

  18. No matter which medium you use to color, Mary, the end result is gorgeous. The die cuts on the beautifully embossed card front are so lovely. You were so right to question the mani/pedi folks. I'm glad you found a hygienic shop.

  19. Love this card, so pretty with the dies around the frame. Love the idea of the framed image. I'm not sure what went wrong with the SB dies. I see the SB Gold Squares one also cuts? So can't really offer any help there. Glad you got good service for the latest pedi. Hugs!

  20. THis is so pretty with those gorgeous roses, and wonderful coloring! I especially like the embossed background with those stems and swirls! Beautiful!

  21. Wow! Mary this is stunning. The colouring is so beautiful, love it.

    Patricia x

  22. I'd love the 'works burger' right now with massage, facial everything...just to rid of this influenza....mmmm
    You darling card is delightful, love the pencil coloured roses and your little embossing background. I love the derwent and inktense pencils but find copics are easier when I am in a hurry. Great result Mary.xx

    The Journey is the Start

  23. The rose image is so beautiful and you have done a wonderful job colouring it, I really love those touches of white, that was very clever of you! The embossing looks beautiful too. I am not able to help with your question as I do not have any of those - sorry!

    Thank you, as always, for the lovely comments you left on my latest post, they are so appreciated! Hugs, Anne xx

  24. What a clever girl to ask about the tools first! Glad all went well with your treatment.

    Love your card, so very clever and your colouring is lovely too.

  25. Your colouring of the lovely image looks great, Mary!!! The embossed bg is beautiful, as are the leaves and swirls!!! Lovely!!!

    So glad for you that you enjoyed your mani/pedi!!

    Have a super weekend!!

  26. Hi Mary, you have got some good texture going on those roses. I find that pencils work better if the image is really crisp to start with. It's so frustrating when a stamp does not print properly and does make colouring it tricky. I think you have done a great job on it. x

  27. This is beautiful Mary, the image is beautifully coloured and the embossing on the card is lovely. I love your design with the apature.

    Quite right you should change to another salon, doesn't seem as if the first one is taking responsible action to keep instruments hygenic.
    Pleased you had a super pedicure at the other salon, hugs Kate x

  28. Stunning card...your roses are so so beautiful. Enjoy your weekend.

  29. love the beautifully coloured image love the embossing and leaf dies-sounds like the pedicure/manicure went well
    Carol x

  30. Sounds like you had a lovely mani-pedi. I think you did a lovely job coloring this image. So pretty. And I really like the contrast of the soft pink on the embossed card base with the darker colored die cut shapes. Beautiful card.

  31. Oh my Momma Mary, this one is just gorgeous! I love those flowers and the way you colored them. You are a whiz at the colored pencils just like the Copics! The embossed open window mat just frames the roses perfecly and I love the flourishes and the leaves. Hugs, Brenda

  32. Nice card - your coloring is really good!
    Sandy xx