More Shipping Boxes

Hello & welcome on Saturday afternoon. To update you on my last post: I contacted Amazon via their on-line chat. Thanks to the commenter who suggested contacting Amazon - it reminded me to do just that! I did think over what I wanted to say, as I didn't feel it was Amazon's fault...just that they should be aware that it happened. Dealt with a pleasant lady, who said she understood my frustration, and would make a report of the occurrence. I've purchased from Amazon quite a bit, and this is the first time I've been this aggravated over shipping practices. Supposedly if they get complaints about this kind of vendor policy, they will 'pull the vendor'. ?Maybe? She did offer me a credit on my next purchase. Which was appreciated, but I didn't complain to get a credit...just 'cuz I was so aggravated at such foolishness. One commenter did have a good thought that perhaps the vendor assembly lines packing, with a standard size box, and whatever size the product goes in it for speedy shipment. Could be --- but if so, it's a stupid waste of resources in my opinion. But then again, the buyer pays for it.

Ok, in the mail Friday, 2 more packages was part of the Amazon purchase where I added the tiny brush to the cart. It was a dvd set that shipped directly from Amazon. Here's how it arrived:

You can see the padded envelope size compared to the dvd size. Pretty much an appropriate shipping to keep the dvd safely while in transit. {Yes, I AM a big Martin Clunes fan!}

This package from Blitzy arrived the same day as the Amazon dvd. Again, the size of the box was appropriate to the contents. The box was full. All of the bottles were placed in sealed bags - several bottles to a danger of losing anything as the box was emptied. There was some crumpled tissue paper at the very top - 2 thin sheets.

Here are the 2 boxes side by side. You can see that the Artarama box was nearly twice the size as the fully packed Blitzy box...for one tiny brush.

I'm belaboring the point-- sorry. At least I felt a bit better after I contacted Amazon to let them know this happened. Will anything come of it? Probably not! But I got it off my chest. I hope by posting this situation on the blog, that it will make my readers aware that if getting something from an Amazon 3rd party vendor, and your ship charges look more than expected...just be sure you want that product badly enough to chance this happening. Oh yes, the ship charges from Blitzy for this very full box, were barely half as much as what was paid for the Amazon order which was the DVD & the brush!!! rant about shipping boxes is ended. :-)

DH has been gone yesterday & overnight, so Mrs. has been busy doing some much needed cleaning that doesn't get done when he is home. (he either doesn't want me to do it 'then', or he comes up with somewhere for us to adventure off. And I'm very susceptible to putting off  housework!) So I have been productive at least with house chores. He should be home shortly.

Back tomorrow with a card for our Christmas Card Club, and my plans are to try to do some visiting this afternoon. Happy afternoon. Thanks for popping in, and Big Hugs.


  1. It was good to get in touch with Amazon, if you didn't tell them - they might never know. Great to get a credit too - so well done you!! Hugs, Anne xx

  2. I'm not surprised you were annoyed at the size of the box which constituted in high shipping prices. Ridiculous. So pleased you complained to Amazon.
    What is the shipping rates like with Blitzy. Just logged onto their site tonight - lots of good bargains.
    Hugs Sharon. x

  3. This is the first time I have been able to get back into the internet, so I have just read both your posts. We have similar packaging problems. I have just complained to a company about their poor packaging because an item was damaged, and wasn´t the fault of the handlers. They did apologise and send out a replacement free of charge, but these days, when so much shopping is done online, you´d think they would have got round to the best way of doing things by now!! I also get very cross about the ridiculously high extra charge for International shipping from some companies, within Europe too, when there are still some firms who ship for free. A belated Happy Thanksgiving. Kate x

  4. I am a huge Amazon fan, so I'm glad you had a good experience with their customer service. Hopefully changes will come from your experiences...that overpacking is such a waste!! I hope you have a wonderful last weekend in November!! Hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  5. I too feel your pain about poorly packaged items!
    I'm glad you got it off your chest, and am looking forward to your card!

  6. Hopefully Amazon will take your comments on board Mary and certainly don't blame you for pointing this out to Amazon. I hope you find the spatter brush good. x

  7. OMgoodness! I just read your previous post and now this one! That's absolutely nutty for them to send that brush in such a huge box! So glad you let Amazon know!!! Now, we need to see a creation using that brush!

  8. Well done on your complaint and the outcome, Mary!
    I know what you mean about getting certain jobs done when the Mr is out of the house ;-).

  9. Mary you did the right thing letting Amazon know that the vendor is ripping off their customers. As you are their customer you went on their site to order the items. I told them about my overcharge for my two bits of paper. As you say we won't know if it will do any good but at least they know how we feel. Thank you for the info on my error problem, I will a look see and try to fix.

    Martin Cliney owns big Clydesdale horses, some of which come from a farm 3 miles from my house, so he is often in this area. Hazel xx

  10. Well done on getting a credit what a silly way to pack things which adds to the cost...xx
    aNNie xx
    The Journey is the Start
    I also have candy here....,

  11. Hi Mary, I don't use Amazon much up here, they don't have the same deals, but when I do order (mainly books) their service is superior. But to ship a little brush in a big box isn't right. Have a happy Sunday! Shirleyx

  12. Mary, I'm am happy that you contacted Amazon about your problem and they were nice enough to offer you a credit. I shop Amazon all of the time and I can't remember ever having a problem with them. I rarely order anything from them unless it is Prime and it is free shipping. You do have to be a prime member though and it now cost $99.00 a year to be a member, but we figured it was worth it since we shop them all of the time.

  13. I think you did the right thing by calling Amazon Momma Mary, they can't address the issue if they don't know it is happening. I think shipping should be done the right way as to not over charge the customer and I'm afraid that the person who shipped you the brush, did just the opposite! Not fair and they are (to me) in essence stealing from you. At least now Amazon is aware of them doing this and when they get more complaints then they will do something about it. Also, when they ask for you to rate this seller, do it with honesty because it will help another buying buying from this seller. Hugs, Brenda

  14. It's great that you notified Amazon, Mary. And it was very kind of them to offer you a credit. It's just a shame when folks take advantage of their own customers.

  15. The size of the box compared to brush is ridiculous but as you say you pay for it!!!Daughter often orders from Amazon but I won't on principle-I ordered one thing two years ago and then twice they billed me an ammount -to save on postage they said-when i said i had only ordered one thing they said it was a yearly subscription-I complained to the bank and they got me a refund and said they had a lot of problems with amazon
    Carol x