Santa Chuck Says Merry Christmas

Chuck  put his Santa hat on last evening, and asked if I would allow him to convey his very best wishes to all the sweet bloggers who visit here. After looking into his soulful eyes, I could hardly say no, now could I?
So here's Chuck in his holiday hat, sending doggy Christmas kisses to all who visit here.
Now the other guys/girls weren't having any of that, so they had to get in the act too. Ogie got dressed in his holiday outfit, and after asking me to be sure to spell his name correctly this time, sends his Merry Christmas out as well. (He was quite cross with me for not knowing how to spell his name. He tells me he was famous in his racing days -  I didn't have the nerve to admit to him, that I'd never heard of him before. Oh these temperamental celebrities).
And when he is 'at home' and not posing....
Evidently this is how he likes to sleep

Dallas & Reilly said their outfits are a bit too tight this year, so they'll just send along their good wishes au naturel. Not sure which is which in this picture as their Mommy took it.

Ossie said he didn't care to dress up, he was tired of having us take his picture (he's an old man), but he would be pleased to say Merry Christmas just the same.

Now lest you think that South Florida is always warm sunshine and's a few scenes of what it looked like here Christmas Eve about 4:30pm. We watched this storm roll in and it looked fierce. These pictures were taken from inside looking out through the sliding glass doors as it was thundering.

The greenery is an island bird sanctuary, and each evening, the birds flock back for the night's roosting.

#3 was snapped just a few seconds before the rain started to pelt down along with the thunder too. It was actually much darker than these pictures show.  In Florida, it can rain & thunder and in a short while there will be sunshine again. Since this happened so late in the evening, it was rather gloomy until dusk settled.
I would like to extend a warm welcome to a new follower: Jennifer Spivey. Can't find a link to get back to Jennifer if she has a blog' so Jennifer, if you'll provide me with a blog address, I can share it with all my blog friends, and they can meet you too. Thanks so much for becoming a new follower here.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures and are having a wonderful day with your loved ones. This is a scheduled post, as I plan to spend the day with those I love most as well. Big Hugs, God Bless and Merry Merry.


  1. Hi Mary, what cute pictures of the dogs and hope you are having a lovely Christmas Day. Thank you for all our support throughout and hope you have a happy, healthy and fulfilling new year. x

  2. That storm looks fierce! Glad it didn't do damage. Your granddogs are very handsome in and out of their Christmas finery! Sending Christmas hugs.

  3. Aarf! Aarf! Woof! Woof!! In dog speak, that's Merry Christmas to you too!!

  4. Hi Mary,

    Oh, I don't think either of my dogs would allow me to put antlers or an elf hat on them. But yours is adorable! Greyhounds are the best dogs! I had a friend in Colorado that did greyhound rescue and they are definitely velcro dogs and perfect for apartment living.

    I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas!!


  5. Hi Mary, hope you are having a wonderful Christmas. Love the doggy pics, such characters aren't they! Cathy x

  6. Awesome pictures!! I am so glad that our heavy rains came the day before Christmas Eve because I knew that I was have a houseful of family Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Was a little cool but over all a great two days.Exhausted but I survived. LOL

  7. Loved seeing the dogs all dressed up and even the ones who weren't dressed up. Too cute!! The storm pics are amazing, those clouds look ominous and in the last picture you can see the wall of rain coming. Glad you were inside snug and safe! Enjoying the pictures Momma Mary!! Merry Christmas! Hugs, Brenda

  8. Oh, what sweet pictures of those precious doggies!! They are all so adorable!! And the storm pictures are amazing!! What a beautiful view!! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that 2015 be filled with so many blessings!! Have a fabulous weekend my friend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  9. So many fun doggie photos...and that weather, so my! Looks like lots of fun with the dogs. Happy New Year.

  10. Wonderful images of the storm, Mary - and great fun hearing from the dogs too :-).

  11. Wow that storm looks threatening. Love your pictures of the dogs. Hope you have a really time in California Mary. I wasn't around much because I am still finishing up my little craft space. Almost done now. Took me longer than I thought. And today I am again off to a funeral in the family. This past week 2 family members died very sudden. So that makes 5 in total in 6 months time.
    Sending you love and hugs, Veerle xxxxx

  12. CUTE love the Pics Mary and Santa Chuck looks rather handsome.xxxx

  13. What fun Mary. Love all the doggie pics. We were supposed to get thunder on Christmas Eve too, but it was very peaceful and warm (63 degrees!). We've got another beautiful, sunny day today too - though it has turned cooler!

  14. Sweet photo's of the dogs, not the weather, lol.
    We had snow here last night.
    Hope you had a good Christmas Day.

    Kath x

  15. Oh! those dogs are just wonderful in their Christmas outfits and posing too LOL.

    We saw Florida like that in 1994, what a storm we had on Xmas eve the rain was splattering up to our knees.

    We had a wonderful Xmas day, but Boxing day was horrible and wet, today it has been sunshine and lashing rain and 5C.

    That's the UK for you, enjoy the rest of your holiday.

  16. The dogs are all ready for Santa! How cute they look. Hope your storm passed quickly without incident and you had a wonderful time with your family. I also hope hubby is doing well now.

  17. Hi Mary, sweet dogs :) I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you a great 2015, Shirleyxx

  18. I love the dog pictures! They make me smile and laugh, Mary!

  19. ah, Mary, we get those kind of storms too and yep! right sunshine half hour after it pass this after noon thanks for being a blessing ... love you card below is it is really stunning :D that die is really gorgeous no idea they existed (and dont think will look further) but simply on die buying ban at moment :D just decided now been too many enter this crafty spot :D
    Every blessing of the LORD upon you and those you love this time as we look towards the coming of 2015... Shaz in Oz.x

  20. Super fun pictures!!!! Hugz