DeeDee's Digis - Chance of Showers

Hiya and happy Wednesday. It's sunny in our area, but awfully windy. I just got caught up on returning visits/comments. We've had Mr's tummy problem rear its ugly head again, and then Tuesday night-early Wed morning, thought he was having a kidney stone attack. Ergo, off to the Emergency Room we go, after a lot of cajoling on my part. He was in a great deal of pain, and I wasn't sure he would manage getting down the stairs. Never thought of that kind of thing when we built this house, as we'd never lived in a house with more than one floor. Had a CT scan, no stones showed, so what the heck caused this? He got a shot of morphine to ease the pain, during the long wait to see a doctor, prior to the scan. Then another shot of 'something' before he was sent home, and prescriptions for pain & nausea. He's allergic to codeine, and any codeine derivative - makes him deathly sick. I always explain this to the folks, and they still insist that some of this stuff is NOT codeine. Yeah, but it's in a codeine base. Anyway, we managed, he slept most of yesterday - and so far he didn't get sick; I'm scare of jinxing him, but he seems to be feeling better today. Since my poor nursing skills aren't needed now, sat me down to spend some enjoyable time looking at all the lovely cards & projects by my sweet visitors.

Had a couple cards finished, but didn't want to post again until I got caught up.

One other bit of business before sharing today's card. When I showed the MISTI on the last post, I got a very interesting email from Darnell. She brought up a very pertinent concern about the use of the magnets for anyone having a pacemaker or other electronic health device. Since the stamper would be quite close to the magnetic energy (or forcefield, what-cha-ma-call-it) using this tool, it's important to be aware of this. I'm sharing her concern with her permission, so please read & if you know someone who might encounter this situation, advise them:

"You might have seen me mention this over on Jill's blog ... I also ordered the MISTI, but then I read some warning on Splitcoast Stampers about using the strong magnets if you have a pacemaker/defibrillator. (Of course, I also ordered four of them, ha!) I checked with Iliana if it would be a problem using the magnets, but she said she honestly didn't know. She gave me the name of the magnet company and I emailed them. They told me (underlined) DO NOT use the magnets less than 12" from my device! Well, shoot. You know you lean over to work and get way closer than 12" away from the magnets! Hoping they were being overly cautious, I then contacted Boston Scientific who makes my ICD, and they sadly confirmed that I am not to use the MISTI with the magnets less than a foot away.

I'm going to play with mine anyway using tape or cling sheets someone told me about and see if it works without the magnets. I really like the idea of it so I hope I can make it work.

I'll be doing a paragraph about it in a future post, but feel free to share this caveat with your readers when you talk about it if you want. It's not worth having one's device go haywire and having to go and have it reprogrammed! I advised Iliana that she might want to put a caveat on her site. I didn't see it in the FAQs. It's hard to believe I'm the first person with a device to order a MISTI!"

Ok, here's the card with a DeeDee's Digi that is just so darn cute. Remember the monthly challenge is still open until April 26, so check it out, and get a free digi next month. Can't miss on this deal.

- DeeDee's Chance of Showers, which has lots of cute images, some good sentiments, as well as some pretty papers in the set.

- Printed 2 precolored umbrellas, fussy cut one; die cut one & used S/B deckled oval to cut the base shape out. Sponged a bit of DI around the edges. Added Glossy Accents to #2 fussy cut, and shaped it a bit after it dried well. Adhered the GAccents 'brolly to the base 'brolly. Used Black Viva D├ęcor pearls to add the little bits at the scalloped edges (and nearly messed up the first one, but decided it was ok. We'll just say that was my Amish touch: you know - where they always make a little deliberate boo-boo on quilts so that it is not quite perfect? I like that idea!)

- Sentiment is from the set. The one printed on c/s didn't print as nicely as I preferred, so used my test one done on copy paper; die cut with a MFT set of stitched fishtails. Added a stabilizing cut of c/s behind it, distressed with a similar DI as the one on the oval.

- tiny rhinestone butterfly was colored with a sharpie metallic green and plopped on to hide the edge cut with scissors - where it didn't have the stitching.

- Don't you just love that flourish background? This is a new PTI die (saw Miss Bonnie use it) & thought it was lovely, reminding me of a quilting pattern. Of course PTI was OOStock, so I have been waiting & drooling to get it. Used the debossed side & inked it lightly with DI Tea Dye, hoping to emphasize the stitching pattern. It didn't show as well on the green paper on the embossed side.

Card base is a sort of coral pink color - Bazzil. That's it. Pretty easy card & fun to make. Hope you'll like it.

Do be sure to check out all the new releases over at DeeDee's Digis and if you have time, jump in on that challenge. Thanks for popping by. Hope all is well at your home. Come again when you have time. Blessings & Big hugs


  1. Aww I love this what a fab umbrella!
    Lucy x

  2. Great image to go with the sentiment. Lovely design.

    Interesting info about the MISTI for those people it may affect. Quite worrying that it doesn't come with a warning when it's advertised or when you buy it. xx

  3. As cute as can be - and I actually had to use the umbrella today! Not for long though since it was a pretty fast moving thunderstorm. At least no damage and a little rain so that's always good.
    Love the background die you used on this and of course the cute, cute image too.
    I've never thought about the magnets and pacemakers, etc. but sounds right. I know that folks with those really have to be careful around magnetic fields, etc.
    Hope that hubby continues on the road to recovery and they can find out what's causing all that mess.

  4. Glad your hubby is feeling better. I wish they would find out what the problem is - I hate to hear of anyone suffering like this. Interesting info on the Misti - I would not have thought of this. Your card is adorable - I always enjoy Deedee's designs!

  5. What a sweet get well card, Mary! That would certainly cheer someone up! I'm so sorry to hear that Joe had kidney trouble on top of tummy trouble - or did he? I assume you'll be having a follow-up with the doctor and I hope you get some answers.

    Thank you for sharing the warning about the magnets for folks with pacemakers/defibrillators. May I suggest that you change the color of the text; it's a little hard to read the red against the blue background. Thank you!! Hugs, Darnell

  6. Glad dh is feeling better! Hopefully progress will continue, it's no fun for anyone when the man of the house is down! Love your card Mary, super little image and the background is awesome! Sending hugs from Manchester, NH!

  7. Happy to hear your DH is better Mary.

    Very creative card. Love the background. The umbrella is perfect. Nice job.

    Hugs and Blessings to both of you

  8. Beautiful card Mary.
    Sorry to hear you guys had to go to the ER.
    Hope all is ok now.
    Thanks also for the warning! What a story!

  9. Oh Mary, what a worrying time - do hope DH continues to improve - that codeine thing must be a real pain... I have allergy issues too with pain meds and antibiotics, so have some idea of what you are dealing with!
    Love your card - it is so pretty, and you are right, quilting came to mind as soon as I saw that embossing.

  10. I hope your husband is on the mend now. Love the card. Thanks for the warning about the magnets, I was considering getting one but think I will leave it. I've got enough rhythm problems without upsetting the pacemaker as well! x

  11. We are definitely in for a chance of showers today Mary, and tomorrow...and the next day :0( However, I wouldn't give a damn if I had a fab umbrella like this one, it's perfect to take out puddle jumping!! Wishing your chap well xx

  12. Gorgeous card Mary the colours are so juicy and vibrant, love the pin pricked design and the image, fabby make.
    lorraine x

  13. Great card, beautiful colours and design. I think I could cope with the rain if my umbrella was like that!!
    Patricia x

  14. Being under the weather at present myself, this card is appealing to me Mary LOL.
    Love your card and the bright colours cheer me up.
    Hugs Veerle x

  15. That's a really useful image Mary....and I love your card,the fussy cutting and glossy accents make it so dimensional......hope hubby continues to improve! xxxxx

  16. Fab umbrella Mary!
    Hope DH continues to improve too!

  17. A really super cute card, Mary.. sorry to hear of poor hubby's ills .. trust he is soon on the mend..
    and think hat was good to worn of the magnets re MISTI.
    I wont be getting one as they are way too dear .. downunder.
    Shaz in Oz.x

  18. Hello Mary, what on earth was causing the problem with your hubby?
    Poor soul, I hope he is feeling easier now., Pain comes from somewhere.
    Love your card, the bright colours are so uplifting, love the embossed background, take care, hugs Kate x

  19. Brilliant colours used here and love this image, added goodies and such a gorgeous creation.xx
    {aNNie My Personal Blog}

  20. I hope your hubby is feeling much better and the pain goes away - and they are able to figure out what's going on. Your card is adorable!! I love the colorful umbrella and the embossing!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  21. Cute card Mary!! Hope your husband start feeling better soon

  22. Hi Mary, Sorry to hear about your hubby. Hope he doesn't get that pain back.

    Can you get stairlifts there? It's a chair that takes people up the stairs. It's a big thing here, as so many people need help with stairs, but can't afford to move.

    Loving the card.

    Hope you have a lovely day. Sue

  23. What a bright and pretty umbrella, Mary! And I love that frame, "wink".
    Hope hubby is feeling much better. Scary stuff!

  24. That is a very good point that Darnell brought up! I also thought about stampers with small children. You don't want them getting one and swallowing it! That could be big trouble too for the child. As in all cases, be careful with magnets!! Especially these super strong ones. I have used my MISTI without the magnets and it is fine to just adhere down with washi tape or that tape that Jennifer McGuire uses. I didn't order the magnets when I ordered my MISTI, got them at a later date. Thanks for being this to our attention and I do think that Darnell is correct that Iliana should have a warning on this product. The things you just don't think about!!
    Your card is super cute Momma Mary! I love that cute umbrella, I also love that deckled oval mat. I am also loving that flourish background! That's where I saw it before, Bonnie used it! lol Oh to much enabling going on here! lol Hugs, Brenda

  25. Love the background, have never seen this before, its pierced look really looks special. Nice colors and a great design!

  26. Super card Mary, the umbrella is just perfect for a get well card.
    Sorry to hear about your hubby, sounds as if he's had a rough time, I do hope he's soon back to normal and feeling well.
    hugs Jacee
    Simply Paper Card Design

  27. Oh! my goodness Mary, what a trying time hubby and you have had, I hope he continues to improve, what a worry for you both.

    Isn't it funny that something you think will help, could actually prove to be, dangerous! to particular people. Who would have thought it?

    I love your card, I was surprised to see that the "stitching" was a die, it's beautiful. The colour combo is so pretty, as is the umbrella, you have done Deedee proud. :)

  28. So sorry that your hubby is feeling unwell again, I really do hope he improves soon!

    That is such great advice about the MISTI, I would never have thought of that!

    Your card is beautiful, very clever of you to use the umbrella with that sentiment. Love it! Hugs, Anne xx

  29. What an awesome brolly, Mary ... the GA makes it seem as though it's shining with new rain! Hope DH is better soon! Anita :)

  30. Fabulous card design, love the umbrella, great colors Mary.
    Hope your hubby is still doing ok..

  31. So sorry for your hubby! Hope he is feeling better soon! your card is beautiful! Love the embossed background!!

  32. This is a beautiful card Mary and an interesting image to go with the sentiment. I love the deckle oval and the pretty PTI background die and the colours are very pretty, and also what a great idea to add the gems and the glossy accents to the umbrella. So sorry your DH has been unwell again with his stomach problems and that they manage to find what is causing it. Hopefully he will be better soon. x

  33. Mary...this is just so sweet. I would love to have an umbrella as adorable as this. This is the perfect card for anyone not feeling well, it is sure to bring a smile to their face. So sorry to hear about your hubby...sending good thoughts his way.

  34. Another pretty card Mary, gorgeous colours. Haven't a clue what a misti is so better google it just in case I didn't know I needed it lol! Carol x

  35. Fabulous brolly nice and bright to use in the rain and great embossed flourishes-hope the Mr is feeling better
    Carol x

  36. Sorry to hear about your Mr. being ill. Hope all goes well and he's still feeling good. It's scary not knowing what is causing him all this pain - hopefully the dr's can figure it out.

    As for your card ... it's so sweet Mary! Love the different colours of the panels and the patchwork. So sweet!

    Thanks for sharing Darnell's message about the Misti. I have added the warning to the HLS Forum as well. Good advice! Loll xx

  37. I am sorry to hear about the magnets affecting your use of the MISTI, Mary - perhaps tape or less strong magnets can be used? So far, I have mostly used mine without the magnets LOL because they are too difficult for my fingers to fumble with.

    Love your umbrella card! Very sweet and colorful and such a fantastic sentiment! Gorgeous paper piercing in that PTI die - thanks for sharing your pretty card, and the important info about the MISTI - xo

  38. Love this card, Mary. That quilted looking background flourish is beautiful and looks great with your image.

    That Misti sounds wonderful. No pacemakers here so should be Ok to us it!