Behind again, and trying to catch up!

Good afternoon and thanks for popping in. This will be a short I just wanted to say: I am behind on commenting and visiting my buddies again. In between Life and Other Things, I am trying to catch up with all of you sweet peeps that have been visiting and leaving such sweet comments on previous posts. Will try to get myself caught up again, and post. I have some cards finished, planned to do scheduled posts, but decided I'd wait and post when I'm caught up again.

In the meantime, we are still having our glorious weather, but I'm told we're getting another heat wave in the next day or so. It's been just grand being able to open some doors and air out the house from the summer air conditioning. I hope wherever you are, that the weather is lovely, Life is good, and that you're gearing up for a pleasant weekend.

Blessings, Big Hugs, and I personally, am giving Thanks for having my family around to love and enjoy. Not all of us are that fortunate, so it's good to live every day to the fullest. Be back when things get sorted. Hope I can get caught up this evening.

**************Blogger was acting up, and I couldn't post this earlier, so back again this evening.
We took my #2 bro & SIL out for a nice late lunch, and a ride 'in the country' - since it was such a lovely day.

Started back in on the visitin' once we returned home, and hopefully I'll be caught up here in a bit. Thought I'd leave you with a view of what you'd see from the front porch...except we don't have the purple verbena in place now, and the bushes are huge, needing a good cut-back. We are told to wait until the end of the month to have that done. The trees in pic #2 are what you would see, sitting in the swing, looking out over across the street to our neighbor's back yard (or as my Brit friends would say "her garden"). This would be a late evening view, as the sun is setting - it's a beautiful sight.
 We like to see the birds flying home to roost in the late evenings.


Hugs and thanks to all who have gone over to visit Brenda and leave some supporting words. See ya.


  1. It's good to hear from you Mary.
    I love the view ;)

  2. What gorgeous pictures of your porch, Mary!! I love the purple verbena!! It's so beautiful!! And what a peaceful view you have!! When you get a chance, can you drop me an email at indymermaid(at)gmail(dot)com ...I have a question to ask and I can't seem to find your email address. I know I had it at one time!! Thanks so much my friend and have a great evening!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. We all have that behind thing going on now and then! Enjoy your pretty weather! Hugs...

  4. Lovely photos. TFS. xx

  5. That "Brit's" place looks pretty lovely too. Thanks for sharing Mary! I'm sooo enjoying our fresh (60 degree) evenings followed by gorgeous 85 (degree) days! Heavenly! On that note - have to spend some time weeding up at the church tomorrow!

  6. What a beautiful neighbourhood you have Mary, and I do love your front porch. We have been 'warming up' a bit here, but are due for another polar blast this weekend :-(.

  7. Hello Mary,,
    Love the wonderful views of your beautiful home.
    Reminds me so much of our own American relatives homes that we visit.
    I am way behind with all my comments hope to do some catching up today.
    Have a good day
    Hugs. x

  8. Such a gorgeous view you have! Mine is unfortunately not so pretty. Pebble dash buildings on one side (not at all pretty, if you are not familiar, Google will show you the hideousness, lol) and a car park on the other. It's the least inspiring view I can imagine!

    Good luck with catching up. "Behind" is pretty much where I live...

  9. Glad all is well with you Mary, I have been short on time of late too!! Great pictures xx

  10. Lovely photos. The tree is beautiful. I have a huge Yew tree outside my window and two others that I don't know what species they are and recently planted Maples, but one of the three died.

    Hope life treats you kind. Sue

  11. So glad you enjoyed my autumn tag - and thank you for such a lovely comment. I'm a real crackle fiend... I do recommend it, you'll never look back! Looks as though that lovely tree is just about to turn - how wonderful it looks catching the sunlight.
    Alison x

  12. What lovely photos Mary and I love your porch. What lovely peaceful views you have. Barbxx

  13. Hi Mary,
    I know what you mean about getting behind, and I don't have nearly as many comments as you get.
    i lost my internet while commenting the other day so I am behind too.
    Love your super photos of your house.
    Thank goodness you are experiencing good weather, as here in the UK the weather has been lets day good for DUCKS.
    Love and big hugs from my house to yours.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  14. Gorgeous pics Mary....have a wonderful weekend and many thanks for your always commenting with honest

  15. I love your porch Mary and the view from it and so nice for you to have lunch with family and go out for a nice ride. I have a few other things on myself at the moment and am in the middle of sewing some tablecloths so haven't posted anything lately. Life gets in the way sometimes. x

  16. Your home is just gorgeous and I can picture myself out there in the AM sipping my coffee and enjoying the beautiful weather! That's what I try to do here, and I'm especially liking the cooler temps with less humidity! Enjoy!

  17. This is a very beautiful place! Love your porch, so relaxing! And the hood of your neighbour is just a gift of the nature...! Enjoy them!
    Thanks for your absolutely lovely comments :)

  18. Your pics are lovely Mary, it must be so beautiful where you live.
    sometimes life gets in the way of blogging, don't worry about it Mary, it happens to us all at times, you just enjoy that lovely weather.
    hugs Jacee
    Simply Paper Card Design

  19. I am glad that you have some lovely weather to enjoy. Your porch looks a lovely place to sit and enjoy the view of your neighbours beautiful trees,and watch the birds. I hope the nice weather lasts for the weekend.
    Jean x

  20. Mary, you are so lucky having that porch and the view out to those trees. Hazel x

  21. Gorgeous photos Mary and I know just how you feel with getting behind on commenting, I think is something that happens to all of us at one time or another. Sweet photos too!

  22. Oh! I love love your porch, what a beautiful place to enjoy and sit and watch everything, with the beautiful trees in your neighbours "garden". I would love to have a porch like that.

  23. Hi Mary, the view is gorgeous and what a terrific porch, Kate x

  24. What a lovely home you have, Mary ... and such a gorgeous view! I'm more or less permanently behind (that's the major renovation effect!) ... thankfully, everyone understands! Hugs, Anita :)