On the Road Again...La La La La

Good evening, from sunny South Florida. We arrived safely on Tuesday evening, after a long ride south. About half of the drive was in rain, sometimes quite heavy. Had a very good driver at the helm, and of course my guardian angel always rides with us. Thank goodness, 'cause there's a lot of crazy drivers on the road.

We saw a gorgeous sunset as we had left the city of Tampa, on our journey out to the area where DD lives. Camera was packed so tried to see what I could capture with the smart phone (Learning to use it, but oh so slowly...we've been going to classes that Verizon sponsors for their customers. It is helping. Just a bit).

Of course the photos never capture the glorious blaze of color that the eyes see. At least my photos do not.

The kids had new front doors installed since we were here last. Since this is a beach resort area, lots of the houses have glass doors that are etched with seascapes. On one of our visits, we had visited the company that makes these doors. They are hand done, and some are done with an etching compound, and some are done by using a Dremel-like tool that actually etches the design into the glass (very expensive because of the labor involved). When the design was created (on whatever medium the designer used), it is placed on the glass, then the etching compound is used to transfer the drawing into the glass (less expensive, but still not cheap.) It took a few months for these to get made, and then installed by the company. The doors also have lights that change the colors of the doors at night - the dogs love it. Barked a lot at it, at first, but guess they are used to it by now.

Here's a picture of the green and purple changes. There's also a red & blue, but it's difficult to photograph at night, with the colors.

It's actually very impressive and looks great as one comes into the drive. Pretty from inside as well.

I'm doing my best to return visits, but won't be sharing any cards while we are away from home. I brought the Zig watercolor markers along to practice with them, and some clear stamps & EP. I find I do a bit better with staying inside the lines if I've embossed the image.

Hope you've had a good week so far. Here we are so close to the weekend, seems like time just goes faster & faster. Thanks for stopping in, and big hugs back your way.


  1. Have a great visit Mary! Enjoy! Love those windows!

  2. Wonderful photographs Mary of both the sunset and the doors - they are amazing!!
    Enjoy your break and playing with your new mediums :-)

  3. Lovely sunset on your drive to Florida.

    I love the door, especially when it goes purple:) Is it a Marlin?

    Well you have a lovely time. Sue

  4. Thank yo for sharing your photos of the glorious Sunshine State, bring back lovely memories Mary, it's a few years since we visited.

    Those glass panel doors look lovely, especially love the violet hues of the second one. Have a lovely trip with your daughter.

    B x

  5. Have a fabulous trip!
    Love the sunset photos, and those doors look gorgeous! x

  6. Pleased to hear you have arrived safely. Have a wonderful time!! Love those door panels!! xx

  7. Have a good time Mary. Those doors look amazing, I have never seen anything like them before.I wonder if they will cross 'the pond' sometime, will have to keep a look out!

  8. fabulous doors! Hope you have a great trip, Mary!

  9. Hi Mary, thanks for tbe lovely photos. A beautiful sunset and what a great way to enhance a front door, just so pretty! Have a wonderful time. x

  10. Beautiful sunsets!! And fab changing doors!! I have never seen doors as these! Incredible!
    Here in my zone of Italy it's raining and there is a cold strong wind... For us this is as a cyclon. Not of good :(
    The autumn seems almost a winter, but the last week seems summer.
    Fool weather...!!

  11. hi Mary, great photos and you have a fabulous holiday, keep safe, Kate x

  12. Great Night pictures Mary!
    Can't wait to see what you do with the Zigs!

  13. Glad you arrived safely, even with a few tough moments by the sound of it.

    The glass is amazing and how wonderful that it changes colour too.

  14. I'm glad you had a safe trip even through the rain. Your daughter's door are simply beautiful. I love the scene she chose and how cool is that changing the colors. I had to laugh at the dogs. It probably did drive the dogs nuts!

  15. Great update about your travels Mary, have a great time, rest up and enjoy yourselves.
    Great photo's
    hugs Jacee
    Simply Paper Card Design

  16. Fabulous photographs Mary, wonderful doors.
    Enjoy your trip.

  17. Hi Mary,
    so glad you had a safe journey.
    Your photos of that sunset are great, and those doors look wonderful.
    My the colour changes are so very different.
    Have a lovely time with your family.
    Love and biggest hugs from my house to your families house.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  18. I would love to see this door for real! Glad you had a safe trip. Your neck of the woods in SC I think is getting hammered with rain.
    Safe trip back home -
    sandy xx

  19. Like a band of gypsies as the song goes. Have a good time.

    Kath x

  20. Mary it is so much fun going on your trips with you
    I am however glad I view these scenes in person ( much prettier)
    It is comforting to know you have such a good driver in that seat and that you are having a great time ..Lis

  21. Happy and safe travelling and visiting, Mary! Hugs, Anita :)

  22. Love the windows and pics -enjoy your trip and thank you for the comments on my blog about the brushos
    Carol x

  23. Fabulous pics Mary and thanks for the kind words on dad. Yes it was expected but not as suddenly as it was....pretty traumatic in fact. He was unconscious for 4 days with no input or output, around 4pm I gave him a kiss, said our prayers and said it
    'was time to go home dad are you coming with me'.
    He suddenly opened his eyes, looked around. Hubby shaved him I fed him a bowl of custard, two seconds or less after he took three inhales then pain thank God. Got a lovely email from Jim too, such a lovely lovely man...xx
     {The Journey Is The Start  aNNie  my personal blog}

  24. Hello my friend!! I'm back and trying to catch up on all I've missed (I apologize in advance for inundating your inbox with emails!!)

    I hope you have/had a wonderful trip!! Wow...those doors are amazing!! I absolutely love, love them!! Wow!!

    A Mermaid's Crafts