Rudolph Day - November 2015 - LAST ONE for 2015!

Good afternoon, and welcome to the very last Rudolph Day for 2015! There's lot of flurry to get Christmas cards made - and this is a great challenge to join in to add some incentive to the effort. Plus a couple nice die prizes as well. So get a drink, pull up a chair, this is going to be a chatty post.

Last night, I had a first play with the Minc machine (a foil laminator) that is all over Youtube. After seeing in some videos, that the machine gets very hot, Mr. found a piece of wood for Minc to set upon, and we placed one of the hot oven mats over the wood. When I saw the machine heating up, a bit of smoke appeared (probably burning off the newness), so I was glad we had taken some safety precautions. The smoke did dissipate in a few seconds, but I also stayed right there with it. We have it set up so that once I'm finished with using it, it's unplugged, and I also made very sure nothing touched it after it had been used, and checked a bit later to be sure it no longer felt hot.

(Psst. nearly forgot to add in this pic!)'s the card created, using a background made here. The one used for this effort happened to have been done with glossy cardstock, 3rd small picture if you're checking the link, the sample on the left. As you can see, it's BLUE! Was made with the Tsukineko frost paint, that dried, resisted the blue product puddles when the Smooshing technique was followed. The earlier post describes how this background was created. This card is nothing like what I planned at the start!

A Jennifer McGuire Youtube showed using the Heidi Swap Minc toner ink pen, outlining the edges of a card with an edge of the Toner Pen, then place in the transfer sheet with the foil over it. (hope the video link works...Jennifer made a darling set of cards). Selected the previously created background, used the Toner Pen to draw an edge around the card. Let the Minc heat up (it took longer than I thought it would, but eventually the green light did come on). Gold foil over, into the transfer sheet, and Voila, there it goes. Let it cool, as it is quite warm when it comes out of the machine. Then removed the transfer sheet. Was expecting nice gold edging as Jennifer's card...but THIS is what happened. It looks like a pack of the Mercury Glass paper that I just bought! Very crackled. I'm wondering if it was the combination of the glossy cardstock, with the 'inks' I'd used to smoosh the piece??? It's called lesson learned, but I was pleased with the results, even though it looked nothing like what I had planned. If you look closely, the edges do show the effort!!! This is really a snippet card all the way!

- Peace Dove started the creative process. Had some tissue paper waste (?snippet?yeah) from spraying, and as the table was being (LOL) cleaned, thought the paper was too pretty to waste. Hunted up the MS dove punch, and found some spaces that had colors I liked. Punched 2, made a layer, and the wing lifts from the bottom layer. Decided Dove needed a twig, so more snippets from the crapalanche pile, with an MS twig punch. This stayed on the crapalanche pile for a while.

- a white oval in the same pile, embossed with a Taylored Expressions Lattice Folder, Mr. Dove gets adhered. (remember I said this tissue waste is what started this project!). The white did not look 'right' against the new foiled background, so what to do? A snippet of vellum from a failure - does that look? S/B Floral oval die cut the vellum, but still needed something. Just didn't look very good against that background. Another snippet of white, another Floral oval behind the vellum layer, I LIKED it! Nearly done.

- A WPlus9 Hand Lettered Holiday die set arrived yesterday, and have been loving this joy die as I've seen it around the blogs. Cut 3 layers from white snippets, Wink of Luna gold colored the top layer, and once it was adhered to the card, used glossy accents for some shine. Also the twig, and design in the Dove has G.Accents too.

Gosh I think I told you all the adventures in making this card. I love the process, but usually the results are not always something I'm happy with. This time it was.

Now for another card, that DIDN'T turn out so happily.

- first mistake: stamping, embossing on Coordinations cardstock. For me, it doesn't work. Second mistake, if you're gonna do it, make sure to use detail embossing powder. This was a WOW gold EP, and did not pick up the pretty lettering of the sentiment (from HLS Mixed Christmas set). This one nearly got the front removed, with an idea of using the back side for something. Mr. spotted the card when he was helping move some furniture around in the room, and commented on it, as in "Why don't you fix it?". So added the dimensional holly trim, and then remembered a Memory Box stitched holly die set. Snippets of white, colored with copics. That's the fix, and not sure if this still won't get in the trash, BUT if I get in a pinch...Mr's comment? "Send it".
So I hope all these links work, in case you want to see the products, the videos. Now: I'm off to link up to Rudy Day (again,... last one for 2015!) and also see if Parsnip** (at the Snippets Playground)  wants to hear the tale of Two Cards. If he's interested enough, maybe he'll let me come in and play for Week 204..I've been MIA at the Playground for a while. Gotta see what those Elves are up to..

**Edit: an Ooopsie...I didn't check that the Playground has Closed! Boo Hoo. I won't get to tell Parsnip about this card! Sorry folks! But Rudy Day is still open until the end of the month!

***Edit #2: My sweet little Parsnip sent me an email to let me know the Playground has opened again, so since I really been missin' him, I'm gonna go over & give  him a BIG HUG! Won't you come along? Parsnip likes Hugs. He is a good hugger himself too! Oh yeah, it's now Week 205!

Hope I didn't put you to sleep, and that perhaps you got a chuckle! It's a fun process, and it keeps me off the streets, outta the bars, as they say. LOL!

Thanks for joining me, and Happy Saturday. Hugs

PS...our local PBS channel is airing Seven Grumpy Seasons & Series 7, Ep 1 -  of Doc Martin tonight. Bet you know where I'll the DVR set up to record too! Also I think it's Mr. Clunes' birthday today, according to a Facebook group I browse. Bye!


  1. What wonderful cards Mary, the foil looks amazing. Now this is one technique I've not really seen before, but your doing fab makes with it, Kate x

  2. Well these may not have turned out as envisaged Mary (how often does that happen to any of us!) but there's nothing wrong with either of them. The foiling looks great and I imagine there will be some trial and error involved getting perfect results...meanwhile have fun with your new toy. Carol x

  3. I think you're going to have a lot of fun with your new Minc machine Mary. I really like how the background looks on the dove card although it's not what you'd expected. You really did use lots of different snippets. I think you've retrieved the second card well. It looks very pretty to me. Barbxx

  4. Two lovely cards Mary and the colours of the first card are gorgeous.
    I feel I will not be bothering with one of those foil laminators, I also feel that WOW EP is not all it's cracked up to be.
    Very late but hope you had a good Thanksgiving.

    Kath x

  5. I got some brushos today, yay!!
    Love the background on your first card and the blue bird stands out really nicely.
    Nice save of your second one, I do know what you mean about embossing on textured cardstock...

  6. Two really pretty cards Mary and the Minc machine will be an asset I'm sure just needs more practice to see what it can and can't do,and anyway the touches of gold are lovely and the background looks fantastic! I love the dove with the leaves in his beak and the die cut sentiment goes really well. The second is a lovely colour green and the gold goes with it beautifully and the holly and berries in each corner look great and draw the eye in to the pretty holly and sentiment in the centre. x

  7. Both of your cards are gorgeous, Mary!! I love the background of the first one!! And the bird is beautiful!! The second card is so pretty!! I've looked at the Minc but couldn't decide if I wanted one or not. I look forward to more of your projects using it!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  8. Two fab cards is what I see, but am bit exhausted now, I thought crafting was relaxing teehee xxx

  9. What a cool(sorry) technique with the foil. I love the background and the whole layout. I think you are too hard on yourself with the 2nd card-I think it looks very pretty and Chritsmassy. I love Doc Martin! So does my hubby and we are waiting for the last season to air. We are also major Downton Abbey freaks

  10. Two nicely done cards...I really like the look of gold on cards...I can see you making lots of elegant cards in the future...

  11. What an awesome new toy, Mary! I'm resisting even looking at the videos but I do love all that metallic goodness! Pretty dove too! I think your holly card is worthy of mailing! Very pretty!

  12. C'mon right over Mary - the Playground has opened up again and I wanna hug! Then Miss can take some time to read and comment properly on your lovely work :))



  13. How fun! So glad you're playing with the Minc. Looking forward to seeing the many fabulous designs you'll be sharing in the future! This one is fun and unexpected, aside from being gorgeous! Hugs, de

  14. Love your tale of trial and error and fix and fix again, Mary :-). Love the results though.

  15. Both cards are beautiful! You amaze me with how quickly you pick up new technology! Well done you... The background you created is gorgeous!

    Thanks for taking part in the November Rudolph Days Challenge and good luck in the prize draws.

  16. Two great cards, Mary and so glad you were able to play and chat with Parsnip in the playground. Well done all around
    Shaz in Oz.x

  17. Sounds like a lot of hard work went into these 2 lovely cards Mary.

    Enjoy Doc Martin!

    Happy Rudolph Day!

  18. Oh! Wow! great cards, love them.
    Have fun experimenting.
    Patricia X

  19. Jennifer makes everything look so effortless and easy. I think the cards are pretty. Rarely, if ever, does anything in my head come out like I envisioned. I love the dove card and Mr. was right to "just fix" the second one. It looks like you made it just that way.

  20. Both cards are great Mary. There's certainly nothing wrong with the second one at all. I've just got hold of the Mini Minc. You might find that the foil crinkles if the setting is too hot. My first attempt came out crinkly but was better with a lower setting.

  21. I love the blue dove on your first card Mary, and the lovely embossed oval. The gold background is great even if not quite what you were expecting. I think your green and gold card is really pretty and well worth salvaging.
    Jean x

  22. Really beautiful cards Mary!LOVE the foiling and such gorgeous designs too. Even if the foiling turned out different it's really lovely!

    Parsnip sends hugs, he's blushing bright pink here :) I think he might be a bit sweet on you :)

    Will email you back ASAP, bedtime really but am trying to catch up on playground commenting before heading to the land of nod.


    Di xx

  23. These are so pretty, love the bright green - so festive!

  24. Gosh you went through a lot to get these two cards up and running. I love that first card. The effect looks gorgeous.
    The second is pretty too. I do love WOW embossing powder.
    I am not sure whether to buy one of these Minc machines. Jenny McG makes things look easy. I bet she has had some fluffies in her time though!!

  25. Wow, Mary, you've got all the fancy gear now! Your foiling turned out beautifully, even if it wasn't exactly as you planned, this is a lovely card! I find Jennifer McGuire to be a huge inspiration too! Your second card is lovely - I don't see anything wrong with it at all! Anyone would be happy to receive this - don't you dare trash it! Nice job on both!

  26. Fabulous foiling, Mary, the Dove card is superb - and though I see what you mean about the gold embossing on the second card, I think it's great, very classic and festive!

    love Mags B x

  27. So many adventures and experiments with card making! Your cards came out great and I'll bet you had a lot of fun playing.

  28. Two wonderful festive cards Mary the background on the first one looks amazing
    lorraine x