UFO Orange Rose

Hi ya, and sorry it's been a few days since the last post. Finally...most of our bathroom renovation has been finished (a few small things yet to be done but basically finished!). Will share a few pictures at the end...but I've been slogging away trying to put things back to right.

First though, help me welcome a new follower: Megan of My Merry Card Corner. Megan, I can't comment at your blog, because I don't have Google+. When I try to comment, Gplus comes up, wanting me to create an account. Does anyone know how to bypass this, and still leave a comment at a Plus blog? Had a bad experience with plus some while back, so I don't want to go there again! I still enjoyed a good browse through Megan's wonderful work, so perhaps if you have time, you can go over & say Hi for me! And thanks for becoming a new follower Megan.

At night, have been going through boxes of early copic & air brush efforts, determining if something can be salvaged from any of this. Today's card is from that, and here it is:

Think this may have been a PSX rose. When learning to use copics, I had a few stamps I used to track my progress. Roses were a favorite motif. Long years ago, we had seen the most gorgeous orange, velvet textured rose, up in the gardens at Franklin Roosevelt's home (Springwood) in Hyde Park, New York. You just wanted to rub your fingers over the surface, knowing that it would feel like the softest velvet. (of course there are signs telling you to not do this!). This image was colored in the YR shades, but as my eye doesn't like strong contrast, as I looked at it years later, of course it was 'flat'. Tried to add stronger contrasts, and use the image. Here's the result.

- Scalloped square die was sponged in DI Green sage. IO tag, that just fits this sentiment. Ribbon was a celery green, colored with a YR copic .

- S/B vine die for the borders and a very old, very large Webster's dictionary page used to collage over a square cardfront. The dictionary was gifted by our New England friend who goes to estate sales. It's pretty ratty, so I didn't feel too badly at tearing out a page. I love books, so it's very hard to ever just tear out or destroy one!

OK, now for some of the reno pictures. Bear in mind, we don't live in a fancy style house, and we actually LIVE in this house. No decorators were harmed - ever - in anything done to this house!!!



We are discovering that we miss the glass block that surrounded the shower...the new glass surround makes the area appear much larger; however, the thicker glass brick allowed 'grab onto' if you feel the need of stability in stepping out of the shower; this thinner glass does NOT have that attribute. We do have a bar on the shower wall to hold while bathing, but the one that I've added at the exit point, is a suction cup affair, and not certain how much stability it would provide if one should slip.

New tile in Kitchen
most things back in place
 Thanks for popping in for a visit. On the weather front, we have been getting a few little showers, which the ground is loving. Always very humid after the rains though. Have a wonderful day! Hugs & Blessings.


  1. Hi Mary!! Your creation is absolutely gorgeous!! I love the elegant design with that floral image and your coloring!! The lace background really sets it off beautifully! :) Doing a renovation is a lot of work especially when it's in one of the main useful areas of the house! It looks fabulous!! It's always great when it's done to enjoy!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. This is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL rose, gorgeous colouring and card design too, love the die and the tiddly label. I know what you must have felt like about tearing a page out - ouch oh! ah! something I haven't done!

    Your bathroom and kitchen look beautiful, I suspect you are ready for a sit down to relax after all the upheaval and work to get things back in place. It has been worth the wait, they are lovely.

  3. Hi Mary, what wonderful colouring on the rose,lovely shades of orange too. Its a beautifully designed card, love it.
    Wow that's a fabulous bathroom, lovely big walkin shower too.,I know its caused you some headaches, but the end result has been worth it. Love your kitchen, I have the tiniest of kitchens so I'm hugely jealous, hope you're not knocking yourself out getting things all back together again, Kate x

  4. Yay! So happy that your bathroom renovation has been finished! So beautiful, too! And also the kitchen floor! You have again your home :D!
    Love today's card, so sweet and a bit vintage with the dictionary page. Beautiful design! The roses are fabulous and your colouring makes them just amazing! Great saving, well done!! The intricate diecut border looks sooo pretty!!

  5. I have the same experience as you with Google+ but if you learn how to bypass please share...
    Stunning coloring and image and the die cut details just make it all look even more impressive. A wow card!

  6. Fabulous card, love the image and your choice of colour, great background too.
    Your kitchen and bathroom looks fabulous.

    Kath x

  7. I love this beautiful rose image Mary and the scalloped square die cut with the pretty green round the edges goes really well over the dictionary page and the pretty vine die cut borders, and the little sentiment tag with the copic coloured ribbon finishes it perfectly. Lovely to see some photos of your ongoing renovations and look forward to seeing some more when finished. You must be so pleased to be on the final finishes now. x

  8. Gorgeous card design Mary! beautiful colours on this lovely image.
    Love the new look shower room, looks so light and airy, bet your happy it`s finished at last.
    Hugs Pam x

  9. Mary, this card is stunning!!!! Love that you used the old dictionary page on it too. Great coloring and I bet it looks just like the one you saw.
    The renovation......VERY pretty! You're going to love the new look.

  10. Lovely orange roses on your card! I really like the pretty vine die cuts over the dictionary page. It's great that you turned a discarded attempt into a beautiful creation. On another note, your renovations look great! Your kitchen has wonderful natural light and the glass around the shower definitely gives it a modern feel.

  11. Oh that is a stunning card Mary! just wow!

    And I LOVE your reno pictures. I would say I'd love to recreate it in my house, but I think my entire house would fit into your kitchen! (we have tiny houses in the UK, as we don't have as much room for building, lol) x

  12. Hi Mary!!!! Your renovations are so beautiful!!!!! A nice cheerful place you have there!!!! And My favorite flower is a Rose and this my dear is simply stunning!!!!

  13. The vibrant orange color of that rose is just beautiful! I love every little detail on that pretty card! Congrats on finally getting the bathroom finished - it's beautiful! I love all the white in your home which makes every area feel so spacious and cozy! Enjoy it!!

  14. Your card is beautiful, I love the gorgeous rose and that background mat really draws the eye in to the rose.

    Loved seeing the results of the renovations, your bathroom is beautiful and your kitchen is gorgeous! Hugs, Anne xx

  15. This card came out beautiful. I've been to Springwood and I do remember the orange roses there. Just gorgeous. Your house looks very nice with your renovations. Enjoy the rest of the week and upcoming weekend.

  16. Wow, Mary, your card is stunning!! The flowers look amazing!! They look like you could just pluck them off the paper!! The background is fabulous!! Love, love it my friend!! And your renos are gorgeous!! Your bathroom and kitchen are so beautiful!! Have a great evening!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  17. Gorgeous card Mary. That orange roses are so beautifully coloured ... love the shading you've added - it really make them look 3-D. Love the background too ... so elegant.

    So happy that almost everything is done and you can have the house back to yourselves! :) The bathroom reno looks great and so does the kitchen flooring. Beautiful house you have Mary!! xx

  18. Lovely card Mary! Your renovations are looking real good Mary! I bet you will be glad when it is all done and dusted and you can get back to 'normal' eh? Hope you have a relaxing upcoming weekend my friend! Hazel xx
    My Card Attic

  19. What a fabulous card! Those roses really pop!
    You must be so glad that your bathroom project is finished and it looks wonderful! Didn't know you also had some work done in the kitchen - the tiles look great!

  20. Hi Mary! I think your card is absolutely beautiful! The coloring looks great as does how you framed the rose.
    Great pics of your bathroom and kitchen, I'm sure your relieved that it is finished!

  21. Mary your card is beyond gorgeous the perfection of the coloring and the fabulous background you created to showcase the rose.
    I too did not have a nice time with google plus
    Dr Sonia

  22. I love your card! It is so bright yet feels Victorian in a way. Really love it. Love the renos! Your kitchen is beautiful and so many cupboards which is always needed. I love the bathroom and that shower looks heavenly. One day I would love to have a shower like that and also a jacuzzi tub which would be great for my joints. You must be happy that the renos are done.

  23. Fun seeing your remodel pictures, Mary--looks bright & beautiful! Glad you saved the rose as it made a beautiful card! Love the use of the dictionary page!

  24. What a gorgeous card Mary - love your rose, and that dictionary paper is the perfect background - I know how you feel about taking pages from a book, but I have learnt to do it. I also have an old Webster's Dictionary. only one of two volumes though, that I was given by a friend who bought it at a garage sale for $2!!
    Your new bathroom and kitchen tiles look wonderful.

  25. Wow, amazing card. Love the image and dies you used!
    Beautiful kitchen and bathroom.
    Valerija xx

  26. What a truly beautiful rose Mary and the colour is gorgeous. Lovely to see your finished rooms...what a wonderful bathroom and kitchen you have xx

  27. Hi Mary, That's a very pretty card.

    Your bathroom and kitchen look lovely.

    I went over to that blog and I couldn't leave a comment as there wasn't anything to click on. It had the usual buttons for Email, Blog this, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and G+1, which says Publicly recommend this. It's got me stumped.

    Well I hope you have a fab Friday. Sue

  28. Super gorgeous card Mary.
    Goodness me that shower looks gigantic. Your bathroom looks really fabulous. Wish mine was already done too. Kitchen also looks great love your tiles.
    Hugs Veerle x

  29. What a beautiful rose, Mary! And an awesome card! Love the background and how you've placed the rose and tiny tag! I'm glad to see your renovation is finished. I know you're glad to have your house back! It looks beautiful! Enjoy!

  30. Your rose looks very vibrant and lovely. Actually, so does your bathroom. I'm sure you are so glad to have it done. Glass walls in bathrooms scare me. They look nice and clean but one slip could be disastrous (plus I have cats who are prone to stupidity).

  31. wowowow! Love your beautiful new tiling, and the gorgeous new shown, Miss Mary! How exciting to see it coming to conclusion - LOVING that kitchen floor and the shape and color of your tiles!

    Guess I should comment on your pretty card! Lovely green inked text background (I always forget to use text and words!). Those frilly die cuts are OH SO PRETTY! they look amazing in your design - fabulous use of the "border-ish" die cuts which I plan to case. And your coloring, as always, is beautiful. Thank you for the inspiration, Mary! hugs, de

  32. Gorgeous card, Mary. The flowers are just stunning!

    Love your kitchen and bathroom. Thanks for sharing the photos. xx

  33. Your card is stunning Mary, beautifully colored orange rose, and your vintage design is striking! Glad the remodel is done, looks great!

  34. Oh wow fab bathroom hun it looks really gorgeous great work, as for your card its really beautiful love cheryl xxx

  35. Your coloring is fabulous on this Mary and your airbrush efforts are gorgeous! You achieved such a beautiful, soft effect with no splattering! Love the fade- SO well done! Glad you rescued it from your box!

  36. Mary, that rose coloring is fabulous! Beautiful card. Your renovations look lovely too. I know what a pain it is until kt's all back together again but so worth it in the end. Hope you have a restful weekend. Time to relax and restore. Hugs!

  37. LOVE your card Mary - for some reason both peach and also deep red roses seem to often have the feel of velvet! BEautiful.

    Love the results of the renovations, I know you may miss the glass block but your bathroom looks fabulous! And the kitchen floor work too. Been there and got the t-shirt, sigh.

    Hugs, and a special squeeze from Parsnip!


    Di xx

  38. Well I'm certainly happy that these beautiful roses made the cut Momma Mary! This card is stunning, I love those roses and the way you colored them, the lacy looking die cut is just beautiful on top of the dictionary page, which I am so loving! I too have a hard time tearing a book up, but when they are ratty, might as well get another use out of them. And to have one like you have, well, that is awesome!!! I love the look of the bathroom, it really does open it up and make it much brighter, but....I hear you on the stability of glass blocks. I really liked them too, and I would like being able to grab onto them. The kitchen floor looks so nice!!! Oh my, I love your big (country to me) kitchen!!! Wish I had a kitchen like that, I would be cooking all the time. Oh wait, I did cook all the time. lol But really, what a joy it must be to cook in a kitchen like that! Hugs Brenda

  39. Hi Mary, a gorgeous card, lovely colouring, thank you for visiting my blog, as a relatively new blogger I wasn't given any option when I started my blog but to use google+ for comments, I searched for several alternatives which I could not make work even with tech help from google... have a great weekend and enjoy your newly reno-ed kitchen and bathroom! ... Megan

  40. Beautiful card Mary, love the orange colour as you would know from visiting my blog. Its so pretty and shown to perfection with the background you used.
    House looks good, bathroom looks brilliant. Take care with that rail, it won't stand up to well, we put some in mum and dads bathroom and found that the suction does tend yo disappear over time and a gentle lean on can lead to it crashing to the tiles. We did the same with some different shelves etc for the shower and haven't found one yet that lasts any decent time.

    Kitchen looks so beautiful, one I dream of. Light, airy and lots of space. love it

  41. Beautiful roses, Mary ... the saturated colour is just gorgeous, and they're set against such a lovely, delicate background! Just spent a happy time catching up with your posts and cards since being MIA in blogland ... just delicious! Your new bathroom looks a haven of peace ... and the kitchen looks brilliant ... you must be so pleased (and relieved!) to see the end in sight!! Hugs, Anita :)

  42. That rose is stunning and I can almost smell it. The cut out die behind it is beautiful. Your bathroom redo is a keeper. I do love the clean look of it and so bright. Same with the kitchen. I love all the white and open space. It has been a long haul for you but so worth it. Everything is great!

  43. Gorgeous card mary love the beautifully coloured image and delicate die-cut background-beautiful bright open results in bathroom and kitchen-love that kitchen
    Carol x

  44. Hello Mary! I'm back and trying to catch up with all my blog friends!
    your card is gorgeous! and you must be thrilled that you are finished with the renovations! great results!
    xoxo Olga