Red Flowers for Easter

Hello. My name is Mary, and it's been nearly 3 weeks since I ordered online or bought any stamping products. (Do we have a Crafters Anonymous group? If so that should be our mantra! I think that's how AAA members start the meeting!!!! LOL). Being honest, I do have a partial order of reinkers that are outstanding. Have been very disciplined at just deleting the advertising emails from the places I frequent though.

Sharing an Easter card that has been received, and so ok to post it here now. When I finish the post, it's back to the Dungeon and hopefully to move some more things around. Found some polymer stamps I'd bought from a fellow stamper some years ago. These were in clear CD cases, and as I tried to lift these stamps, many of them just tore apart (and yes, I was careful too!) It's made me decide I will not buy stuff like this at garage sales nor from anyone else unless I can open the case and check that the contents are still usable. I think there's about 10 cd's with this kind of thing. This would not happen with red rubber I'm thinking. A bit disappointing...but guess I didn't spend a lot of $$$$ on the stamps.Had this happen before with stamps in CD cases -- bought at a big stamp garage sale, where stampers were selling old stuff. Live & learn. If I ever sell anything in this fashion, I will make sure that any products are still in good shape, not ready to fall apart. Not sure if this happens because the clear stamps weren't cleaned properly, or if the material just deteriorates over time and perhaps stored where it was hot. Just sayin', a word to the wise, and I know all of us are always on the lookout to score a nice set at a good price. Maybe you've had this happen too. I'll be keeping my polymer stamps on the material they originally came in. (still could stick to that surface and be difficult to remove, perhaps).

Here's the card, and once again, it's snippets that I've discovered in the housecleaning in the stamp area.

- Can't remember what company the die is from (perhaps a MBox die?). It was cut in white, then colored with copics. Had a white underlayer, then adhered another white one that had been colored.

Think the red mat is a Darice die (NBUS) and tucked some sequins around that repeated the colors in the floral motif. Thought this made a cheery happy Easter card.

Ya'll have a lovely day. Come back when you can! Hugs.

Edit: Thanks to Borqna for suggesting this be linked to Ike's World Challenges #86.


  1. Adorable card, Mary.
    Will be happy to see your card here -
    Good luck!


  2. This is a BEAUTIFUL card, love the dies and the flowers placed in the middle, is so lovely. Love the added sequins too. Shame about the stamps, hope they weren't ones you used a lot (awhile back). Good on you for not ordering, funny thing is I'm doing the same thing, deleting not to be tempted. Hope the clearing is going well.

  3. I like this kind of simple flowers. I've got a stamp which is kind of the same style as your die cut flowers. The stamp is large, but I've used it quite a few times, I really love it. I've never sold or bought used products, but I might in the future so thanks for the heads up.

  4. Lovely card Mary! I was also congratulating myself on not buying anything - then I spoil it it by succumbing to TWO SU sets on e bay!

  5. This is so bright and pretty Mary and the delicate stem of flowers as the main focus has been beautifully coloured and is shown of perfectly by that gorgeous red die cut mat. I love the sequins in coordinating colours too. My personal guess would be that the stamps just suffered natural deterioration and it is true they don't like too much sun or bright light and some polymers are better than others. It is a shame though that they are no longer any good. x

  6. It does make a cheery and bright Easter card. Love the font on the sentiment too! I went to make a baby card from a clear never used stamp set a month ago and I carefully "ripped" the image I was trying to get off the original packing to use! I don't know how long I had had that sitting there unused, but it was the boy baby set and I still have the unopened girl baby set! Was going to take it back to Michael's where I got them, but figured, I had picked them up in a sale, so wasn't worth it.

  7. Hello Mary, beautiful card, I love your design and colours, that is a beautiful floral die and I love the coloured sequins.
    Ehat a pity about your stamps, I have a feeling that somehow the material has perished, but it's the fact that you paid quite a lot of money too that's the pain. We live and learn don't we, Kate x

  8. You made me laught with your words, Mary!! I too delete commercial e-mails when I haven't a budget, so I'm not tempted to spend my little money :) There are always so much sales around the web! I'm very tempted by dies... I'm diecut addict :)
    Your card is a true delight, love soooo much these flowers! Your card has a fabulous colours combo and a lovely clean design with that frame and the sequins! Thanks for sharing!

  9. A beautiful card Mary, so pretty.
    Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

  10. I am on a no buy at the moment too-have enough stuff to last two lifetimes!!! funny thing is I am using it and it's not going down???
    Love the card and beautiful die-cut flowers
    Carol x

  11. Ha, ha, ha Mary, I think I need to join if someone sets up a group!

    Your card is beautiful, I love the red background die cut, it is beautiful and so are those lovely red flowers! Hugs, Anne xx

  12. Gorgeous card Mary, a great flower die and looks stunning coloured against the white background.

    Kath x

  13. Gorgeous card Mary! Love the bright red, green and white. Very fresh and spring like. Such pretty tulips. And I love the added dimension of your dry embossed red frame. You're finding lots of good stuff!! Sorry to hear about those stamps in CD cases. xx

  14. Hi Mary, you are not alone in clear stamp disintegrating, think it depends what is in the mix!! I have stamps never used and you can see them falling apart on the stored sheet, others I had replaced as they had been made with the wrong mix.... so annoying!!! photopolymer clear stamp seem one of the best.
    Gorgeous card for Easter, love the pretty flower spray.
    Hugs Pam x

  15. Your funny! I was sitting at my table the other day and thinking that I have so much stuff, I either can't find it, or forget I have it...that's the terrible truth!!!! I am with you! love your card, its a beauty!!

  16. I wish I were as disciplined as you with buying!! Although I've cut back for the time being (or so I thought) I did cave in and bought a new stencil and embossing folder!! I couldn't resist (tsk tsk) Yup, we need a stampers addicts anonymous group here don't we? LOL Your Easter card is so pretty! I have that Darice die and never quite knew what to do with it, but I love that sprig of flowers you put in the oval! Great card, and I love the colors too!

  17. I had a set of stamps I bought in a store do the exact same thing you're talking about. They tore no matter how careful I was trying to get them out, so ended up chunking the whole mess. Live and learn I guess.
    I LOVE this card Mary!!! So clean and simple looking and just beautiful. Love the colors you used too.
    It's so hard not to buy, buy, buy. That just makes us love crafting so much more I suppose.

  18. Oh Mary I too was going to be good this month....and then I had to go sit on the naughty step as imagination crafts brought out some new paints....still I will use them!.....
    I love your bright cheerful cards,it's so pretty and I love the die cut mats.....
    I have had the same thing happen to clear polymer stamps,they have gone sticky and then disintegrated but lucky for me mine were from a firm who were happy to replace them saying they had had a bad batch manufactured....
    Isn't it lovely finding stuff you had forgotten you had when you do a craft room tidy!
    Hugs xxxxx

  19. Very beautiful card. Love the colours and the dies you used.
    Valerija xx

  20. Hi Mary, Loving the pretty card.

    I am not buying anything at the moment, as I came across a stash of double sided tape in a cupboard and it was no longer sticky. It must have been in there for at least two years.

    What a shame about the stamps.

    Hope you have a lovely day. Sue

  21. Beautiful card Mary, love the red! Sorry to hear about the stamps you bought, so sad.
    Hugs, Sherry x
    Loose Stitches and Unraveled Threads

  22. A very stylish card - I love the pop of red :-)
    I have never had that problem with 'clings' but mine aren't really that old. I guess it could be the heat !! Here in Greece it gets hot but my 'dungeon' is in the basement so I hope things will be ok - it does dry up my inks/markers pretty quick though :-(
    Thank you very much for coming to play at IKEsWORLD CHALLENGES :-)
    IKE x

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  23. Bold and beautiful Love red on a card ..............Lis

  24. I love this happy card. The die is a great one with delicate little flowers and your coloring is pretty. I can see the lovely shading. I have never been lucky enough to even find stamps in a garage sale so I haven't had that happen yet but you are right, you should check them out first. February seems to be a month every year that I cave and buy a lot. I think I'm inside and the holidays are over and I'm just on the computer more and see all the Stuff and can't resist.

  25. Don't we all have so much STUFF!!! But we still buy more. Your card is beautiful! I love the embossed shape and the pretty die cut tulips!

  26. I think I need to join your Crafters' Anonymous group. Unfortunately I cannot say that I haven't ordered anything in the last 3 weeks and I can;t say that I'm not going to order anything in the near future. But to be honest I just won $80 in Altenew gift certificates and I can't let them go to waste, right? So off I go shopping again and my pile of NBUS is definitely growing. Between the twins and being sick I don't have as much time to craft. Excuses, excuses. I just need to get my butt in gear. Gorgeous card. Simple but very pretty for Easter. I've not had that happen to my stamps yet. But I'm sure there may be some that I haven't looked at in years and may have some problems. I need time in my craft room to go through everything. I love to organize but haven't taken the time to do it yet. Baby steps right. Just get moving. Have a wonderful day. You gaveme a lot to think about!

  27. I love these red flowers, Mary! I haven't ordered in a few days. I have a card going though. More than one to be honest.

  28. I love your pretty card with those gorgeous red flowers. Nice layout and wonderful dies used.

  29. Gorgeous Easter card...your red flowers are so pretty.

  30. Being lucky enough to see this card in real life, it's absolutely gorgeous! The colors are so bold and beautifully done. The framing compliments it so beautifully too.

  31. This is stunning Mary! Red & crisp white is one of my very favourite colour combos! LOVE your colouring on that pretty die cut too! JUst fabulous! Have a wonderful day my friend! Luv n’ Hugs. Hazel xx
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  32. Beautiful, Easter card, Mary! Very striking with the red elements against the white, too. My name is Donna, and it has been a few hours since I last ordered craft supplies. I am only slightly earnest in my pursuit to curb my appetite, because I lack the energy to really put a stop to it. LOL thanks for the chuckle along with your beautiful card! XOXO

  33. I have that flower die but have not used it in such vivid colors! It looks so pretty! Thanks for giving me the idea!

  34. I'm loving your nontraditional red and green colors for Easter, Mary! It's a really pretty card! I'm sorry that you are discovering some disintegrating stamps among your things. I have heard of that happening with some of the earlier clear stamps, but I haven't had it happen to me - yet. What a disappointment, but I'm sure you are making up for it by finding lots of fun schtuffs and NBUSes that you didn't even know you had! Hugs, Darnell

  35. Gorgeous card Mary!
    xoxo olga

  36. Thank you for visiting my blog and becoming a follower I am now following your blog.
    Ginny x
    My Blog As I do Rodos

  37. What a lovely Easter card with a wonderful CAS feel, Mary!!!!
    So sorry to hear about the stamps you bought!!! Why do we always have to learn the hard way, hey!!!??
    Sorry, I'm so short, but I have to run to get the boys from school!!!!!
    Have a great day, my friend!!!!

  38. Your card looks great Mary. Love the fiery red. Hugs Veerle xx

  39. Am using an alias as I have to own up to not buying anything in the last.......... Let me just check my watch, yes it's gotta be at least
    3 hrs! Some people crave food I crave crafting goodies the more the better. I need these things in my life . I do, I do, I do.
    Regarding the stamps tearing off the plastic casing Probably too late now but if this happens again leave the stamp in the case , break the front cover off, ink up the stamp and bring your paper/card stock to the stamp.
    I love your bright red design and so colourful for Easter too. Hugs Incognito.

  40. Hello Mary,
    my name is Jenny and I too would like to join your Crafters Anonymous Group.
    I am addicted to crafting, and buying craft items also.
    It has only been a a day since I bought some crafty stash. LOL.
    Keep telling myself to use what I already have, but that doesn't seem to work.
    I love your wonderful card and those flowers are gorgeous and your have coloured them perfectly too.
    Your frame around the flowers is gorgeous also, and I love your wonderful design.
    Hope you had a wonderful Easter.
    Love and big crafty hugss from my house to yours. Jenny L.

  41. So very pretty, Mary ... the bright red and fresh green really pop against the white! Hugs, Anita :)

  42. More than likely the stamps weren't good polymer Momma Mary. I have some cheap stamps that I put in CD cases too that have stuck down fast and I can hardly get them off without tearing them. They were the cheap squishy plastic and not the good stamps. Yes, they do stick to the CD cases and I didn't know that either, but do now! So some of mine will be going in the trash. Now I know better in what to buy, we always want to buy the photopolymer stamps. Not that other kind, so if they are sticking, you know they are the bad ones! I love, love, love this beautiful card! The red, white and green color combo is just so pretty. Loving that flowery vine, and that mat! Hugs, Brenda

  43. Your opener did make me chuckle Mary. Love the clean bright feel to your card. It sounds as if the stamps were kept at too high a temperature. I have some clear stamps that I have had for years and they are still working well. Must have been a really annoying discovery.

  44. Wow! I've not heard of clear stamps disintegrating like that but I could see it happening if they got dried out and/or brittle. I've seen people use some really harsh things to clean stamps that also dry them out. Couple that with storing them someplace warm could spell disaster.

    Anywho... good for you for not spending on stash for THREE WEEKS! That is impressive.

    Your card is wonderful! Love the happy shade of red.

  45. LOVED this post.
    I am still smiling.

    I am attempting to use a NBUS item on each and every card this year. Easy to do as i have a mountain of NBUS...many of them stamps and dies.

    I do know what you mean about the clear stamps disintegrating. I do not use CD cases cuz I read about that happening on the old Two Peas site.

    I store min in the original sheets they come stuck to, but I do store those sheets in acrylic card sleeves.
    I am so glad you wrote this post, as I am now going to write Penny Black and Lawn Fawn et and ask them what they suggest for storage...If I get an answer back I will let you know.