La Collinette Hotel

Good afternoon. Just finished catching up some comments and dog sitting my brother's toy schnauzer...who is very attached to him now, and gets anxiety attacks when she is left. So even though I'm allergic to her, she has to be held and cuddled. So we did that, while I did some catchup visiting with some sweet blog visitors. Now I wanted to do another post, while it's quiet-- (should be out finishing cleaning up the front porch railings, but I've convinced myself it's too late in the day to start it! I've become a champion procrastinator).

We've got another absolutely lovely day. More like summer again, than Fall, although it was cool this morning.  I promised to share some gorgeous cards picked up while we stayed at the La Collinette Hotel in the Isle of Guernsey. One of the managers (Veronica) is a card maker, and had some of her cards displayed in the lobby. Just had to buy a few. I think European cards are quite a bit larger than those most of us Americans make. These cards measure 7x7 - so lots of scope for design elements. Hate to think of the postage though :-).

Here's the hotel where we stayed for the 3 days we were in Guernsey.

Everyone was so pleasant to us, and it's such a lovely place. We had great weather. Our room had a balcony deck, that overlooked the pool. We took a nap with the doors and windows open each afternoon after a busy morning - cooling air wafting in, and a lightweight throw felt quite cozy over my legs. It's not a real 'fancy' hotel, but was clean, airy; the room and bathroom were roomy and well appointed. I'll tell you about the place we stayed first in London later on.

Here's the cards we purchased from Veronica. It was a tough choice, as I wanted them all!

Aren't these just so beautiful and well made? I especially loved the way Veronica used the design paper, since I'm challenged to use large designs in so many of the papers I've bought. Thought the border detail on #3 was very appealing as well.

Hope you will enjoy them. Also hope that Veronica might pay a visit to the blog, and see that I've shared her cards here. I had given her the link, and said that I would feature these on a post. I was away so long, that even if she had time to look in, she may have given up on me!

Sending wishes to all of you for a super great weekend, with happiness in whatever it is you might be doing. Thanks for visiting, and I'll get back to commenting as fast as time allows. God Bless, Hugs too.


  1. What a lovely hotel Mary. Looks wonderful. Veronica's cards are indeed gorgeous but it's not the norm in Europe to make 7" x 7" cards. As far as I know it's only in the UK and everything that belongs to the UK. Here in Belgium and at our neighbours in Holland we have to pay way too much postage for such big cards. ;-) Same as in the US. Thanks for stopping by at my blog too. Enjoy the weekend, hugs Veerle xxx

  2. What a beautiful hotel Mary, I bet it was fabulous inside.
    Super cards, we do tend to make larger cards in the UK, they also tend to be square quite often as well - these are fabulous, I especially like the last one.
    Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

  3. I usually make 7" square cards although the wedding ones and specially ordered cards are usually 8" square -a beautiful looking hotel and love the cards the last one is my favourite too-we took our sons dog on when he split wih his partner as they couldn't have pets where they both moved tooand were both at work-she is a small Yorkie/Chihuahua and she has anxiety problems-cannot be left on her own and usually sits behind me on my computer desk and also sleeps on our bed-mmmm I didn't want another dog happy with my two cats but who has she bonded with---ME !!!
    Carol x

  4. That looks a beautiful hotel you stayed in Mary, yes we do make larger cards in the UK.. my favourite being 7x7 or 8x8.. size.
    Those are beautiful cards you purchased.
    Hugs Pam x

  5. Lovely cards and hotel, glad you are finding some computer/crafty surfing time, good for the soul!

  6. Looks like a lovely hotel, Mary. What a lovely surprise to find another cardmaker! I love the cards you chose, my favourite is the middle one. Most of my cards are 5x5, 6x6, 7x5 and occasionally 6x4. I rarely make one as big as 7x7, unless it's for a lot a people to sign. Postage is fairly expensive compared to the US and the postage increases with the size, the thickness and the weight of the envelope. x

  7. I have never been to Guernsey but the hotel looks beautiful. Veronica's cards are indeed lovely, the third one is my favourite. Hope you have a lovely weekend! Hugs, Anne xx

  8. I cant imagine taking in a dog while being allergic to them! Oh my, the lengths we go to in helping others is astounding isn't it? Hopefully you're not feeling ill while looking after her. The hotel looks and sounds dreamy and I'm visualizing those afternoon naps with windows and doors open.......sigh.
    Beautiful cards too, and thanks for sharing photos of them!

  9. This looks and sounds like a lovely friendly hotel Mary and Veronica's cards are beautiful. I have just realised from reading your post that the sizes allowed for ordinary letter post are smaller than I thought and must have changed since I last checked. I have just looked on the Royal Mail website and a 7" square card is too large and cannot be sent ordinary letter post so must bear this in mind in future when making my cards. x

  10. What a lovely looking place to stay Mary!! Isn't it always nice to see how others craft, and the differing sizes of cards in different countries. Our size differs from yours, but is the same as England... Those cards certainly are wonderful.

  11. Hi Mary, Our postal system has various dos and don'ts. There is a slot system for letters. so items have to be under a certain thickness and also take into account there over all size and weight. If the item doesn't fall into the small or larger slot system, it becomes a small parcel and the price shoots up.

    The slot system took a lot of crafters by surprise.

    Maybe you could email a link to your blog for Veronica to be able to visit and see her cards, which we are all admiring.

    Hope you have a lovely day. Sue

  12. The hotel looks beautiful!! Love those cards!!

  13. Beautiful hotel. "Collinette" in italian means little hills... Lovely cards for the owner of the hotel, such a lovely surprise found a cardmaker, isn't it? :)
    Big cards are my favourite to make, because of the large space is perfect for a lot of details, bits and bobs :D LOL

  14. The hotel looks so charming and welcoming. It sounds like your room was wonderful with it's own balcony. Veronica's cards are so pretty and being that large gives you plenty of room to create a scene or use several dies cuts together. I do love that middle one with the pretty paper and butterflies.

  15. What a lovely spot to spend some time, Mary ... and how fabulous to have found a fellow card maker! Thanks so much for sharing Veronica's cards! Hugs, Anita :)

  16. Thanks for sharing some of your trip and for the lovely cards you purchased.

  17. Hi Mary,
    oh that hotel looks wonderful, and I have never visited that island even though I live a lot closer than you.
    Shame on me, but nowadays I find it very hard to travel anywhere even to see my sister.
    Those cards are so pretty and no wonder you found it difficult to choose.
    Her work is brilliantly created, and beautiful inking techniques.
    Has the hotel not got a website so you can tell her you have put them on your blog.
    Love and big crafty hugs from my house to yours. Jenny L.

  18. Wow! The cards are just beautiful - it must have been difficult choosing, Mary - and your hotel is really regal and gorgeous, isn't it? Thanks for sharing! xx

  19. The inn looks lovely! Sounds like a wonderful place to visit and to nap! I love Veronica's cards! What a bonus to stay there with a fantastic card maker!

  20. How fun to have made a new card making friend on vacation, Mary. Her cards are lovely. That hotel looks truly fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Your hotel is so quaint, Mary. And what a great place to relax and have an afternoon nap with the cool air breezing in. Your description made me feel warm and cozy! So lovely that the owner was a card maker too. I'm sure she was pleased to share her cards with another cardmaker. Veronica's cards are beautiful!

  22. What a sweet looking hotel Momma Mary! I love how it looks on the outside, so homey and welcoming. I also love the cards you bought. How pretty they are and from the sounds of it...big. All 3 are well done so I can see why you had a hard time deciding which ones to buy. Love how she used paper too as I struggle with that as well. lol I think many of us do. I've become quite the procrastinator too Momma Mary, so you are not alone there. Hugs, Brenda