Birthday Alcohol

Hi, Nope it's not what you think! It was a birthday card made with alcohol inks!
First though....big whooping shoutout to Darnell for the blogger fix on the commenting problem.  I know many of you have seen this, sent me a heads up, but just in case you've had the problem, missed Darnell's excellent instructions, here's the link above.

Now I have to say: I'd tried this very thing (deleting the email, saving, re-adding, then saving again) a couple of times. It did no good. But as I read through Darnell's post, I remembered that I'd not had the blogger email asking me to subscribe that she mentions. Soooo...very carefully, I followed her instructions. Checked my email, and there were 2 notices from blogger to subscribe. I had 2 places where I changed & re-added that email address. I subscribed to each blogger email.  And Heavenly Day, very shortly I had a comment come in to the preferred email. Oh did I holler & cheer! Hoping that things were on the mend. Today I had more comments come into that mailbox. Also had a bunch in the Hotmail, (went into a junk folder). My tech had set up the Hotmail id as a new user in the outlook program, and I'm able to see stuff when I go to the regular email I use all the time. Don't have to hunt all over to find it. So things are looking up. Mucho thanks to Our Darnell! She is one smart cookie (well, yeah, I know, she gets a lot of help from Hammy, but he was on a little family vacation, or so she said. Wish I had a helper like that!)

Ahem, on to the card:

Had seen this card by my blog pal Loll (who has just joined Penny Black on a Design team!YAY! PB will be very happy she's on their team I know).

Loll foiled the sticky places one sometimes gets as blobs are drying on an alcohol ink card. Now I had a day when I was pretty disgusted with blogging, and just generally aggravated by many other things, so I decided to drag out the AI's,  some translucent yupo paper and have a little play. Loll was right about the places that stay a bit sticky as the ink dries. You place a foil piece over it, pretty side up - and just rub it pretty well (technical term is burnish) with your finger. The foil will stick. The translucent yupo is a much lighter weight, more like a good quality vellum, than the regular yupo. First time I've tried using the translucent type.

Now my foil really IS there, and if you enlarge the photo - you may get a hint of it. IRL it shows a bit better. It's where the deep red place is on the right and then another small red spot on the left. I liked it! And will be trying this again, (inks are still out on the table!). Had done another alcohol piece using the regular yupo, but didn't have any 'sticky' places on that. Die cut a no-name die from this pink & yellow yupo piece, as it sort of complimented the pinks in the background. These inks were some of the latest Ranger colors, Coral something, and a blue one. First time I've tried these colors. 

Versamarked the background edges, heat embossed with Ranger Queen's Gold. A small sentiment was done with the same process. Tha's all Folks!

I think I've caught up commenting on the 2fer comments. I will do my best to catch up on a lot of the other posts where I was missing out because of the blogger problem. Ya'll have a great Friday, and a wonderful weekend. I think ours will be quiet. I HOPE it will be quiet! It's hot as heck here, so I'm just trying to stay inside in cool air conditioning as much as is possible.

Hugs, Blessings, God Bless and thanks for sticking with me! 


  1. Beautiful alcohol card Mary, gorgeous colours. Yes the blogger comments work fabulously with Darnel's findings, thanks.xx

  2. Hi Mary, Glad Darnell's instructions got you sorted.

    Lovely card.

    Hope you have a fab Friday. Sue

  3. What a striking card Mary - love the drama the AI's give, and I must look out for the transparent Yupo.
    Feel free to send some of your surplus heat our way :-). Have a great weekend

  4. Loving the card Mary....fabulous colours
    Sending out the subscribe e mails this morning for the Christmas card club so once you have subscribed you will get notifications again ....why blogger didn’t tell us this before!....have a great weekend xxxx

  5. I too have fixed e-mail problems about posts with Darnell's process! She always rocks (with Hammy helping, obviously!)! :D
    Your background with alcohol inks and yupo paper looks absolutely wonderful!! Love the foiled details, thanks for sharing Loll's trick! The gold edges compliment so well the whole design!
    Hugs, hope you are well with the air conditioning! Also here the weather is HOT! Summer is arrived, finally!

  6. Pretty card! Have to go try Darnells blogger fix
    Have a great day!

  7. Beautiful card, Mary. I did as Darnell suggested yesterday and it worked... for about 5 minutes. Will try it again now xoxo

  8. Guess I'm going to have to find some of that foil because I LOVE the look of it and I hate when that sticky alcohol ink transfers to something I don't want it on. Love the swirls and colors of you AI! Glad you got the Blogger thing fixed.

  9. Your card is a beautiful piece of artwork! I love the alcohol ink background and love how the pink die cut piece pops!
    So happy you got you computer glitch worked out!

  10. That background is simply gorgeous, Mary! That's such a beautiful color combination. I haven't tried this yet but you inspired me to give it a shot!

  11. Awesome technique Mary. Have never done that. Thanks for sharing the bit about the blogger e.mails too!

  12. Whoa, those colors are incredible on the background and the bright pink is a great contrast to the rich, deep, vivid blues! Wonderful creation and I'm so happy you finally figured out your commenting woes. Yep, Darnell is always so helpful with sharing that good information she gets! Happy weekend to you :)

  13. I love your card and those gorgeous colors. And, I agree that Darnell is one smart cookie and a great friend to have when these techie things happen. I also changed my email in both places and things look more like it used to now. I am a happy old lady too!

  14. This alcohol ink background is beautiful Mary and I love the die cut made from another piece which complements the background perfectly, and can see where you used the foil. I did this a little while ago and didn't think I had any sticky areas but tried the foil in several areas and it did stick and when burnished was there to stay, so I don't think it needs to be that tacky to stay put. Glad Darnell's fix has done the trick with the e-mail notifications too. x

  15. Fabulous background and I did see the foiled spots--just followed Darnels instructions-so fingers crossed
    Carol x

  16. Hi Mary,
    yes it's me after a very long time as I have been making a memory album for the Daughter who turns 50 on the 1st of July.
    Oh my word this really gets the brain working and such a very lot of work too, but you know me can't do things by halves.
    Thought I had finished Wednesday, but today I spotted some problems with a couple of pages so they had to be done all over again, as I am giving it to her tomorrow, as she is going on her hols over her Birthday, and it's too big to take with her.

    Love your wonderful card and the colours are so lovely.
    Super work with those inks on the yupo paper.
    Hope you and the Mr are keeping well.
    Lots of crafty love and hugs from my house to yours. Jenny L.

  17. A beautiful card Mary, such a fabulous background.
    Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

  18. I am so pleased you have sorted out your comment issues Mary, with Darnells help of course!! It is so infuriating when tech things don't go quite right!! I love this fabulous inkiness, the bold colours are really striking xx

  19. I'm so glad your 'puter problems are sorted Mary. Your card is a corker, love the effect and the colours. The patterns on both are so lovely.

  20. Glad to hear that the fix worked for you and the comments! Darnell is a smart one, or knows where to go looking for answers. I wish I had a Hammy too, he is a pretty smart cookie too. I am totally loving your beautiful card Momma Mary! That background is stunning. I didn't know that Yupo paper came translucent, so that is pretty cool. You got a great look with the alcohol inks and foil, loving it! I will need to get me some foil here to give this a try on maybe some old photo paper. That is a pretty cool die cut too and I love the look you got on that paper too. I love seeing what techniques Loll is doing next, as she always does really cool ones! Stay cool Momma Mary! Hugs, Brenda

  21. A really lovely card, the pink looks great against the lovely blue background.

    Just to say Mary it was me who told Darnell how to solve the problem. I told her because I saw the first idea of how to solve the problem, leave a comment on your own post, which did work in a way, on her post so I thought it was only fair that she should be one of the first to know and I also knew that she had a huge following so lots of people would get to know through her.
    Have a good weekend

    Kath x

  22. Excellent! Very special card. Art gallery quality.

    Hugs and Blessings

  23. What a lot of personality your card has, Mary! I love the background AND the foreground! I haven't tried this foil sticky bits with my alcohol, but got some foil so I can try it! Thank you for the shoutout re the commenting, but as I mentioned on my post, the credit really goes to Kathleen (Plain and Simple) who mentioned it to me. She saw it on a blogger forum. I'm so glad it works!! Have a great indoor weekend ~ hotter 'n blazes here, too, so I'm doing the same!! Hugs, Darnell

  24. Lovely card and a fantastic technique tip using the foil. It's yet another idea I will have to remember to try out one day!

  25. Lovely weather here in the UK too. Sitting in the garden whilst the installers get on with fitting the new garage door. You do know that sniffing counts just as much as drinking the stuff!! Lol. They used alcohol cleaning fluid on the new front and back door . They appollgised and said it would stink until it dried off but I liked the smell. You could get quite high on it. Card looks lovely. Not sure what you mean about the foiling. Will have to investigate . Hugs Mrs A.

  26. So glad your problems with the blogger and computers have been ha!! Love the alcohol inked background and the hint of gold foiling. I find some inks stay sticky more than others...the pinks in particular. Never tried the translucent yuppo either but it's on my list....Great that you managed to heat the edges too. Unique, artsy and fabulous card x

  27. This is one gorgeous card Mary! I'm lucky to be able to look at it in real life. AMAZING!

    I'm so happy you tried out the foiling over sticky AI and it worked for you. Not my idea, I saw it done by Kelly L. and thought it was a great idea. :) xx