What they represent. Who coined the terminology if I know who it was. At the moment, these may not be alphabetized. Once enough terms show up, will try to put in alphabetical order. Feel free to send me any you'd like to add here.

Blog-a-nition = Abbreviations or terminologies used by card makers on blogs. Same as blog-cro-nyms (Carol L (

CAS = Clean And Simple (Darnell reminded me of this one! She's Blogland's official Word Lady- (see links below)

CASE = Copy And Share Everything (or Everywhere). Thanks Darnell!
DI = Tim Holtz Distress Inks

Crapalanche = a huge mountain stack of left over supplies/paper/etc - that is threatening to overwhelm oneand/or one's crafting area. (Hettie -

DOX = Distress Oxide Ink

NBUS = Never Before Used Stuff   (Darnell Knauss -

Procraftinating = Finding many reasons to put off doing stuff because you want to craft instead.
(Sally H. -

QACAS = Quick and clean and simple (Darnell Knauss -

RAK  = Random Act(s) of Kindness. (Sarah M - who was kind enough to explain to me what RAK meant)

SABLE = Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy (Darnell Knauss - )  AND (Redanne - At Darnell's blog, she said Anne had heard the term on television. I think we all have Sable in our Stash Stable!

SNIPPETS = Scraps of design papers or card stock used to make a card (In the USA we call these scraps. The UK bloggers have a classier terminology: Snippets). There's a friendly challenge here: using any card made with a snippet or two.

SPUDDLING = Actual process of creating a project masterpiece! Courtesy of Mrs. A (or rather perhaps should say Mr. A as that is how he refers to her creative process!)

TFS = Thanks for Sharing

VOS = Very Old Stuff (or stash)  (Maureen - )

WoL = Wink of Luna

WoS = Wink of Stella - markers...I've just seen this term on various blogs, can't give any credit here.

Ya'll = Southernese for you or all of you. Singular or plural. Pronounced properly as Yawl, NOT you all! That's Yankees trying to speak Southern!! :-)


  1. Great idea, Mary! This hobby really does use a ton of acron, er, blogcronyms! Thanks for the shoutout to NBUS! The only thing I can think of is CAS (clean and simple) and CASE (copy and share everywhere or everything). I had a tough time with those two definitions when I first started blogging. Hugs, Darnell

  2. What a fab idea - I am going to copy your idea huni with these words and some others that I use! TY xx

  3. I want a signed copy when the book comes out.

  4. Thanks you for the abbreviations always good to know. xx

  5. Oh, thanks Mary! It's very claryfing for me! :D

  6. Sending you one forthwith! hugs Mrs A.

  7. For as long as I've been visiting your blog Momma Mary, I never came to the Blog-a-nitions until tonight! What a fabulous idea! I love some of the terms and now I know where to come when I can't remember what they mean. lol I'm like Irish Cherokee, I want a signed copy too when the book comes out. lol Hugs, Brenda

  8. I just happened to see this, lol. Love it and have learned some new ones. Now the last one "Y'all" is normal for me to say, being a southern and all, lol. Such fun!
    Hugs, Sherry x

  9. LOL! Thanks for the chuckle, Mary! I hadn't heard some of these before - Cute!