Hi, thanks for stopping by. Thought I would share a picture of our Christmas cactus which seems to be blooming closer to Thanksgiving. I had about 6 of these, in different colors. Due to neglect, I've only 2 left. This is the prettier one. DH is feeling better, with better being a relative term, but we think the antibiotic is doing its job, so hopefully, the root canal can get done as scheduled this Wednesday. And a big thank you to all who left good wishes for him. He took the camera out on our back deck to snap a shot of the pretty red Japanese maple that is by the shed. It is a lovely view, with the red of the maple, against the golds & bronzes of the maple tree that is showing up over the shed roof. You can see also how brown our lawn is getting. The grass is dying back for the winter, still a couple patches that send up messy weed heads that have to be trimmed so the lawn doesn't look too grunge-y. Our skies are looking like rain is coming, but nothing has happened yet. It's just been a gray, gloomy sort of day outside. I'm scheduling a card for tomorrow's post, working on putting some images onto cards, and getting inserts made for the Thanksgiving cards we need to get ready. So hope you enjoy what I have to share with you this afternoon, and that you are having a lovely Monday. It's pretty quiet around our house today. Quiet is very good I think! Hugs


  1. I miss the Japanese maple we had in upstate New York. The colors are so vibrant and brighten one's day just to see them. Thanks for sharing your DH's photo and I'm glad he's feeling somewhat better.

  2. The Japanese maple is lovely, the colour is wonderful, I bought one for DH 45 wedding anniversary, but due to neglect as you say Mary it has left our garden. This Christmas Cactus is beautiful, what do u do with it when it is not flowering?

  3. I love the pic of the trees Mary! Beautiful seeing God's handiwork, it sure makes one think looking at the beauty in our own backyards! Your Japanese maple is gorgeous!! Your cactus is beautiful, I have one the same color but it has gotten so big I don't know where to go with it. It doesn't have blooms because I put it in too dark of a place in, so I've moved it to the light and hope by Christmas is will have blooms. lol I had neglected mine for a while too and did lose some "branches" but hopefully I'm back on top of it for the winter.